Real Estate Fundamentals in London Ontario

Real Estate Fundamentals in London Ontario


  Transparency, clarity & professionalism are the three basic tenets of real estate when it comes time to select a real estate brokerage and a Realtor in London, Ontario. They are:

1.  How will you focus on me?

Every buyer and seller of real estate has different requirements, and it is prudent to have someone who will listen, understands & respects your needs. Someone who will tell you the truth and not tell you just what you want to hear, all for the sake of a real estate commission!

Daily I remind our associates that we must respect & protect our client’s interests at a higher level than everyone else.


  • We know how hard it is to make a dollar
  • We understand how important it is that you don’t lose it or do something foolish.
  • We know how critical your home buying or selling it is to you.
  • We know how critical your retirement finances are to you.
  • We respect where you are in life and our approach from day 1, it should be about you,
  • We will not be held hostage to being average!

2.  What services do you offer?

   You will have access to our brokerage that has the experience, knowledge, work ethic & innovative systems that work. You will have access to trusted & like-minded law firms, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, appraisers, accountants, tradespeople, movers, cleaners & retailers.

3  How do you charge for your services?

As a buyer, 99% of the time, the seller pays the real estate fees which are disclosed to you upfront and in black and white. When you are a seller of real estate, the listing brokerage gets compensated after the brokerage, and the Realtor have successfully fulfilled their fiduciary duty to you, and you have received the proceeds from the sale of your home or investment property.

 In other words, if we do not help you get what you want, all our efforts, hard work and hours are for nought!

A Great Motivation To Excell!