2025 Meadowgate Boulevard London Ontario

    2025 Meadowgate Blvd London Ontario A Typical Unit at 2025 Meadowgate Blvd London Ontario Landscaping At 2025 Meadowgate Blvd London Ontario

    2025 Meadowgate Blvd London Ontario is an enclave of 116 one floor condominiums in a gated community in the Summerside neighbourhood of London Ontario called Coventry Walk.  These well-maintained condo townhomes in London are easy to access Veterans Parkway and Highway 401 and the ever-popular clubhouse for get-togethers.

    • 116 units
    • Gated
    • Club House
    • Well maintained
    • 5 have sold as of October 7, 2019, from $375,000-$445,000
    • Nine sold in 2018, as low as $300,000 even up to a high of $424,000!
    • Four sold in 2017 from as low as $278,900 up to $315,50
    • Six sold in 2016 averaging $262,500
    • Four sold in 2015 averaging $256,250 
    • Eight sold in 2014 averaging $233,000
    • Seven sold in 2013 averaging $235,

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    What is The Best Way to Sell a Townhouse in London Ontario?

      After Adam and Eve and their children sold their home to today, there are two ways to sell a home, the price approach or the traffic approach.

    Real estate salespeople have been taught and are still being taught the price approach. You list a property at a certain price if it doesn’t sell in a month, reduce the price, and then another month, reduce the price and so on! Then when the price gets so low, the vultures come out.

    The second way to sell a home is the traffic approach. In other words, effectively market the property to get a lot of traffic to the home. That means effective websites, blogging, social media, direct marketing, promotions, jumping up and down and acting silly, just do something every day to get enough qualified buyers to see your home so they can buy it.

    You can have the prettiest, fanciest and best home in the desert, but if nobody sees it, it’s not selling. If it is not compelling, the home is not selling!

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    2025 Meadowgate Decisions, Stay, Buy or Sell?

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