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The First 10 Days When Selling a Home in London Ontario


 What You & Your Realtor Do In The First Ten Days Will Significantly Have An Effect!

Get Your home in London Ontario sold with us

Ten days is five days before your house or condo goes live on MLS and five days once listed to take offers, or sooner if you wish; however, the five days before listing your home for sale is crucial! Those five days appropriately done will ensure your home sells and relieve any stress levels you may have!

Why five days before?

  • All the MLS listing documents are prepared accurately and thoroughly.
  • A professional photographer has taken pictures, shot a virtual tour and made floor plans.
  • The professional pictures are edited & the virtual tour is downloaded to the MLS system.
  • The floor plans & the 3D of your home are ready, along with the marketing brochures.
  • The description of your home that buyers will see even excites you!
  • A “Coming Soon” sign is installed, and the coming soon is promoted with blogs, social media and websites.
  • Keys or door codes ready.
  • Now is the time if final touch-ups, cleaning, or repairs are needed.
  • On day 5, off goes the “coming soon to MLS sign” and directional signs and a lockbox is installed.
Are You Ready For your House listed on MLS to be shown?

Day 5 to Day 9: When buyers and their realtors search the web to buy a home in London and certain streets for something new and when the excitement is the highest. You are now:

  • Prepared for all buyer showings, the marketing materials and home information are available for that one buyer or ten) who loves your home!
  • You allow one weekend to have your home listed; weekends are historically the busiest time for viewings.
  • If only a few viewings or no indication of an offer in this sellers’ market in London Ontario, the pricing may be wrong, or the marketing needs to go on steroids! Here are questions to get answers for:
  • How many showings and why?
  • What was the feedback from Realtors who had viewed your home?
  • Was the feedback consistent?
  • Can the virtual tour be improved?
  • Edit the description of your home and use a propelling CTA (call to action).
  • What other homes in your price range are you competing with?
  • Is there something you can clean, fix or paint? See my Homeseller 101
  • You overvalued your property.
  • Your listing description or pictures are lacking.
  • You’re always present at showings.
  • You’re too attached.
  • Your home improvements are to you.
  • Your home is cluttered.
  • Your home requires too many repairs.

Day 10, you are ready for offers, or you stay the course or invigorate the marketing or jump up and down or act anxious & hope it sells (hope is not a strategy!), blame the Realtor, blame your spouse, blame the dog or cat, blame the weather, blame your neighbours or blame everybody, it sure couldn’t be your price or condition of the home, could it?

The most crucial time for a new MLS listing when selling a house in London Ontario is BEFORE it gets on MLS.

What We Do When We Sell Homes in London Ontario

Choosing a Realtor To Sell a Home In London, Ontario

When selling your home in London Ontario, be it a house, apartment or townhouse condo, you have a choice of 1,900 + Realtors. Yet, we sell more homes than the average Realtor, and one of the many reasons is we have designed and implemented a 122-step process that we use every time. Getting a thorough understanding of these points will give you 100% confidence in your decision to sell your home, with whom, what to expect, and how to maximize your bottom line and minimize the hiccups!

How Much Is My Home Worth in London Ontario?

how much is my home worth in London Ontario? Get the right value now

We’ve all seen the boring, plain, everyday marketing that offers free valuations without seeing your home! Or “Free Home Valuation Reports” cards in our mailboxes or the dreaded cold call “I have a buyer interested in buying your home.” A Comparative Market Analysis is a report supposed to provide an anticipated sales price or price range for the subject property.


How can anyone value your home accurately without physically seeing your home and doing the two to three hours of research necessary? Have you ever bought anything “at ” ballpark price’? or “general price range?” “The market price?” After advising & guiding hundreds of sellers to sell their homes over the years, every house or condo sold was a price we agreed on. Semantics aside, you deserve a price that many willing, qualified buyers will pay.

Getting a property valuation in London Ontario takes more than 5 to 10 minutes, our property valuations are 2-3 hours.

A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a process Realtors use to determine the market value by comparing it to similar properties that have recently been sold and those currently listed for sale. A CMA is a crucial tool for listing Realtors as they determine the price that a seller will list their house or condo for sale, and it’s also a tool for buyers agents advising their clients to make competitive offers. Conducting accurate, consistent CMAs isn’t easy. Most Realtors are not taught this skill in their pre-license real estate classes, so many enter the business without this vital skill or lack the patience to dedicate the time to learn how to price a home correctly.

Why Our Exclusive London Ontario Home Value Analysis Is Effective

It’s a complete top-to-bottom room-by-room analysis not just of the value but every aspect of your home to identify items that may affect your sales price. Our analysis enables us to identify the selling features or what you can do to help sell quicker or receive a higher price.

       Our Process For Selling Your Home In London Ontario

the best is yet to come after we meet and we explain how to sell your house or condo in London Ontario
  • You let us know that you would like a no-obligation, no-cost valuation of your house or condo.
  • Arrange a mutual time to meet.
  • We will prepare for our meeting with the research on prices, demographics and current market conditions.
  • You will not have to sign anything or listen to blah blah blah stuff, malarky, posturing, showcasing or verbal diarrhea.
  • When we get to your home, a quick introduction and a tour of your home where we will perform a room-by-room review.
  • When completed, sit down with you and address your concerns, fears or the anxiety you may have about moving.
  • Have a conversation about:
  • If Necessary, there are a few minor things you can do at a minimal expense to show your home in the best light.
  • Why pricing your home correctly the first time will give you a better return 9 out of 10 times.
  • Why, when and where to market your home assertively attract qualified buyers who are excited to buy your home!
  • Understanding that there are four types of buyers in this market and why you want to avoid three of them!
  • Understand the difference between Market Value, Perceived Value & Appraised Value and what effects those three will have on your asking price.
  • What are your legal obligations? To your lender?  To the buyer?
  • How does being in a Sellers Market in London Ontario affect your asking price & do negotiating skills matter?
  • How to handle showings & offers to yield the best results. (In my last listing, I had 119 showings and 37 offers!)
  • Leave our research, market reports, and best practices to sell a home with you.
  • Within 24 hours, I will get back to you with “The Price.” And why!
  • You then decide to allow us to sell your home or not.


We find selling a house or a condo the easiest part of the selling process; after both parties sign the offer, we genuinely earn our money!

  • Ensuring the lawyers on both sides of the transaction are informed and followed up with during the process.
  • Cooperating with appraisers, inspections, mortgage lenders
  • In some cases, keeping the transaction on pace and solving challenges.
  • Ensuring our 81-point checklist for closing a sale is completed sequentially.

Let’s Get The Ten Days Started Now!