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Pond Mills London Ontario Homes For Sale

The Pond Mills, Westminster area in London, offers a wide variety of house styles, most with larger lots than the norm and some of the best values for the dollar in London, Ontario. There are some low-rise condo buildings on Deveron at Mills Landing and some great townhouse condo complexes at reasonable prices. As you will see, Pond Mills has attractive home prices, and the neighbourhood has a lot going for it; take a drive, and you may be surprised!

What Has Sold in The Pond Mills /Westminster London Ontario Area As of March 6, 2024

Happy House Buyers In The Pond Mills / Westminster Neighbourhoods
Happy House Buyers In The Pond Mills / Westminster Neighbourhoods
Houses Sold year-to-date 34Apartment Condos year-to-date 5Townhouses/Townhomes Sold year-to-date 12
Time on Market 24 daysTime on Market 36 daysTime on Market 23 days
Price Range $310,100 – $690,000Price Range $285,000 – $347,000Price Range $375,000 – $481,000
% to Asking Price 99.56%% to Asking Price 99.59%% to Asking Price 97.77%
Pond Mills / Westminster Real Estate Market Data as per MLS London St. Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR)

You can see the previous year’s sales for the Pond Mills area by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

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Prior Years Numbers for the Pond Mills London Real Estate Market

sold by Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc
Houses Sold in 2023 145Apartment Condos Sold in 2023 25Townhouses/Townhomes Sold in 2023 59
Time on Market 20 daysTime on Market 40 daysTime on Market 22 days
Price Range $385,000 – $880,000Price Range $246,000 – $356,000Price Range $285,000 – $720,500
% to Asking Price 99.70%% to Asking Price 97.15%% to Asking Price 99.23%
Pond Mills / Westminster Area Data as per MLS London St. Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR)
  • In 2022, 159 houses in Pond Mills London area sold with the sold prices ranging from $425,000 to $1,300,000 which was 106.10% of the asking prices and the average days on the market to sell through MLS were eighteen, twice as long compared to the 2022 Spring market! Twenty-one apartment condos sold, with prices ranging from $299,999 to $485,000 which was 111.79% of the asking price and these took about fourteen days to sell through MLS. Seventy-one townhouse condos sold with prices ranging from $285,000 to $840,500 which was 113.90 % of the asking price and these townhouses in Pond Mills took on average thirteen days to sell!
  • In 2021, 211 houses sold in London’s Pond Mills London for 115.70% of the asking price and were on the market an average of nine days, ranging from $350,000 to $1,366,580. Thirty-nine apartment condos sold at Mills Landing in Pond Mills, taking ten days to sell for 114.84% of the asking prices, ranging from $279,900 to $342,716. Ninety townhouse condos sold for 119.15% of the asking price and averaged nine days on the market, ranging from$339,900 to $627,000.
  •   In 2020,  102 houses in the Pond Mills area of  London sold for a median of 108.37% of the asking price, from a low of  $325,000 and the highest at $719,000, averaging seven days on the market. In that same period, 81 condos in Pond Mills changed hands, including townhouse & apartment condos for 102.74% of the asking price, the lowest being $195,000 and the highest at $405,000 and 9 days; on the market!
  •   In 2019, 122 houses were sold in the Pond Mills, Westminster neighbourhood through our MLS system, from a low of $255,000 to $515,000, selling a whopping average of 105.31% of the asking price and taking on average 15 days to sell. In the same period, 72 apartment condominiums & townhouses sold, from $130,500 to $300,000, selling 104.94% of the asking price and taking a median of 15 days to sell
  •  In 2018 the Pond Mills, Westminster real estate set record prices with 120 houses selling through our MLS system for a median price of $307,262, 104.92% of the asking price, and to top things off, sold in a median of 13 days! 88 Pond Mills condominium residences sold in 2018, from townhouses to apartment-style, taking an average of 14 days to sell for $185.841 and get this, that was 105.70% of the asking price!

You also have 203 hectares of Westminster Ponds /Pond Mills Environmentally Significant Area(ESA), the largest publicly owned ESA in London. The ponds and the 10.5 km Westminster Ponds Trails are south of Commissioners Road, east of Wellington Road, behind the Tourist Information Centre, and across from Shoppers Drug Mart at Adelaide and Southdale eastward to Pond Mills Road.


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