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What is my apartment condo in London Ontario really worth in today’s market?

Do Not Be Lured By Submitting Your Address For a Free Home Valuation Report & Thinking That Is What Your Apartment Condo Is Worth!

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We’ve all seen the boring, everyday marketing that offers free valuations without seeing your apartment condo! Or “Free Home Valuation Reports” cards in your mailboxes or the dreaded cold call “I have a buyer interested in buying your condo.”


How can anyone value your apartment condo accurately without physically seeing it and doing the necessary two to three hours of research? I have a meticulous valuation process that involves a thorough inspection of the property, extensive market research, and a comprehensive analysis of comparable sales. This ensures that our price is not a ballpark figure or a general range, But a precise market value.” After advising & guiding hundreds of sellers over the years, every apartment condo sold was a price a willing capable qualified buyer and a will seller agreed on!

London Ontario real estate market November 2022 showing property values

I was asked to do a listing presentation to a couple whose daughter referred me. I prepared my research before going and after viewing the two bed-room apartment in a quality building, discussed my valuation of their place and got the deer in the headlights look! I got the comment “My friend sold her place identical to ours for $63,000 more” they shouted.

“No,” I replied, “This is what your friend sold her place for; here is the data.” Hmm, silence. Then “Well, four others sold way more than the number you are recommending!”

“Yes,” I replied, ” one was a corner unit with a den, two were on the south side on higher floors with a great view and the fourth had a new kitchen, two new bathrooms and quality flooring through out and freshly painted”

To make a long story short, they have listed their place twice with two different Realtors, obviously not me, and after seven months, there has yet to be an offer. This was when there was a shortage of quality listings for sale!

The opposite of that is many times I have said to a condo buyer, let’s put an offer in now. This is underpriced, and we did buy it for substantial savings!

If you are going through the stress and worry of selling your apartment condo, why not do it right the first time and in less time?

By the way, that two-bedroom apartment that was overpriced from the start is still being lived in, and they still think their place would sell for what they want, even though prices in that building have dropped $50,000 in twelve months!

Not All Realtors Are The Same!”

Ty Lacroix Broker Sutton Group Preferred Realty Inc., Brokerage

The Envelope Real Estate Group
Ty Lacroix Broker Sutton Group Preferred Realty Inc., Brokerage
The Envelope Real Estate Group
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Prudent Steps in Selling a Condo

Each year, many condo sellers needlessly lose thousands of dollars and time when selling! But they didn’t lose for reasons you might think. They lost money because they unknowingly left money on the table for the buyer to pocket or, in most cases, overpriced their condo by failing to recognize their condo’s true value or did not market correctly or assertively.


They overpriced their condo relative to the market or condition!

Selling a Condo in London Ontario

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Pricing Your Home

Pricing a home to sell in London Ontario
The Best Way To Know The Market

Please enter your apartment unit number and address so we may research and get back to you. I have asked for your phone number to eliminate improper use of information and to prevent fraud from any one imitating ownership.

I respect your privacy and confidentiality, and you can opt out of any communication at any time without any obligation!

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The Envelope Real Estate Group