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    About Us-Who We Are

    Why Join Us

    We rely on systems and the daily and weekly support of our providers to achieve results equal to a team of ten people. Our focus is to be a team of 6-10 Realtors who are part of an exceptionally active, efficient & profitable real estate team brokerage in London and South West Ontario that consistently outperforms the market in income & client satisfaction.


    • To ensure our clients sell their homes quickly & efficiently and buy homes effectively and efficiently.
    • To ensure our associates have a secure future, can grow and are compensated well.
    • To ensure that our support providers are respected and have the same core values that we do.

    Our Daily Vision

    Our brokerage attracts; we do not chase.  Excelling in real estate fundamentals is the foundation for lasting success; we are more a councillor than the traditional salesperson.

    To stand out as unique to clients, staff, agents, vendors and support & competition, we must ensure a value-added perception of everything we do and everyone we meet.

    To know we are on track, we have the following benchmarks.

    • Financial
    • Emotional (the impact the brokerage will have on everyone who comes in contact with it)
    • Performance
    • Clients  (Who are they? Why us? What value can we bring to each one consistently?)
    •  Associates (Is our people skills, communications, technology and work ethics the best in the market and if not, why not?)

    What do we need to know? What is the brutal truth we ask each day?

    • How do buyers and sellers perceive us?
    • How do prospective real estate agents perceive us?
    • Who are our competitors?
    • What is not working? How do we know?
    • Is what we are doing the most efficient way of doing it? If not, why?

    What are our Buyer client’s expectations?

    • To be understood
    • To be appreciated & respected.
    • To be fully aware of everything that will enable them to make the right choice.
    • We work for them
    • We have negotiating skills.
    • We have the same high standards when we refer a lawyer, home inspector or tradesperson to them.

    What are our Seller client’s expectations?

    • That we can sell their home quickly and for the best price
    • Confidence
    • Convenience vs inconvenience
    • Skills in Marketing
    • Negotiating skills
    • Safety

    What are our Employee expectations?

    • To belong, to be appreciated.
    • To be compensated well.
    • Security
    • To be able to contribute.
    • Pleasant work environment, both physical & emotionally

    What are our Support expectations?

    • We refer to good people.
    • We refer lots
    • We are not too demanding or expect miracles.

    What are our vendors’ expectations?

    • We pay them on time
    • We are not overly demanding.
    • They can expect more business from us.

    At present, we are a small team consisting of two Realtors and one administrative person. We currently use Sutton Preferred’s services for our reception, an inbound client concierge team available 24/7 handling 350 + inbound monthly leads, a listings administrator, a trades administrator, two accounting administrators and three client presentation offices.

    Virtually we contract out :

    • The #1 ranked real estate SEO advisors and coaches
    • Two client care specialist for our websites
    • Two coaching platforms
    • A social marketing specialist
    • Advanced Zoom modality
    • Video software
    • A CRM system keeping things on track and a scheduler
    • Listing Photography

    Well, now you know about us and what our values are. If the above makes sense to you and you want a career with financial integrity & abundance, reach out to me, I do not bite, and your privacy is protected.

    What's Your Plan

    A Professionally Designed Busines Plan

    Less than 20% of real estate associates have a business plan. We believe without a detailed business plan to answer critical questions about your business and provide you with a platform for future growth, success in real estate becomes much more difficult. Our real estate coaching and business planning outlines and evaluates all aspects of your real estate business and establishes a specific roadmap and process on how you will achieve your goals.

    A good business plan starts with your “Wish List” i.e. how much you wish to earn and then guides you through the process of examining the key aspects of generating real income: Revenue, Expenses and Business Development.

    This is not some pie in the sky plan that you do once and then look at 12 months from now. This plan is your foundation, created by the best business coaches on the planet and monitored by them! This is just another benefit we offer our associates, you would pay up to $10,000 per year individually for this in-depth career builder.

    6 Questions To Ask Yourself For a More Rewarding Real Estate Career

    1 How flexible are your hours?  Realtors consistently rank flexibility as a reason they got into real estate, but as they got busier, working late nights and weekends can interrupt family time because they are available whenever a client calls.  What boundaries have you set for yourself? How will that affect your business? Income? Is time management an issue? With our systems, you can leverage your time to offer exceptional service and maintain a balanced family and social life.

    2 Do you offer value every day to your clients?  Real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions your clients may ever make, it is so easy to lose sight of this with the day-to-day activities, interruptions, disruptors and servicing new and past clients. What systems do you have in place to offer value consistently?

    3 What are some of the talents you have that nobody knows about?  If very few people know about you and your skills, you could be the best-hidden secret in the marketplace. Don’t hide!

    4 Not happy with your earnings? Similar to question 2. Did you know your income is consistent with the number of skills and value you provide to your clients? Where, how, and what skills do you need to increase your revenue? Your current income equals the value you currently offer.

    5 Are you running your business or is the business running you? Your current real estate brokerage has a huge impact on a Realtor’s success rate, career growth and exit. Is your current brokerage providing you with a win-win scenario, a financial exit plan, a mentoring or a leverage program?

    6 Do you have one or two niche markets where you’re better suited?  Are you a general practitioner  “I’ll take on anything, any buyer or seller, anytime, anywhere”, Realtor? If so, enjoy the struggles, disappointments and frustrations and a yo-yo income. I know this is a very blunt statement, the brutal truth usually hurts. What niche markets can you go after? Do you know how?


     Helping You Become Everyone’s Favourite Realtor!

    Unlock Your PotentialJoin Our Team Of Realtors in London Ontario

          A Licensed Buyer’s Agent in London, Ontario

     We Are Looking For A Realtor Who Can Help at Minimum 4 Buyers a Month

    Our business model is to remove the barriers to lead generation and marketing to let you do what you do best and sell real estate. Our company volume has grown, and success breeds success; we have lots of buyers and sellers who want our help.

    If you have high standards and values, you want accountability, are licensed and ready for a fresh approach, you will love being part of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc.

    Here is what we offer:

    • No marketing outlay: that’s right, you won’t spend a dime on attracting clients.
    • No monthly office broker fees.
    • We have advanced marketing and technology systems.
    • We have proven onboarding and training programs.
    • Dedicated Team to help book your showings.
    • An extensive low-cost medical insurance plan after three months

    Did we mention we provide you with 4-9 qualified buyers every month?


    • Consult with clients to discover their property desires; then find properties that meet those needs
    • Primary duties include following ups, e-mail communication and overall management of your current and past clients.
    • Provide value to all whom you shall meet.
    • Guide  buyer clients through the home purchase process each year to effectively increase your client base
    • “Always be consulting” by providing your clients with value and advice that meets their needs, not yours.
    • Supporting and learning from other team-oriented agents


    • Current Real Estate License with RECO or in Phase 3
    • Energetic
    • Willingness to learn new tools, systems, and technologies
    • Always display a positive attitude, be an excellent communicator, both written and verbal
    • Enjoy negotiating and cultivating a rapport with clients and team members
    • Organized, resourceful, detail-oriented, with a friendly focus on adding value to your clients.
    • Ability to build meaningful connections and rapport quickly and love meeting new people
    • Morally correct.


    Under The Real Estate Council of Ontario, you are an independent contractor. Your earnings are commission-based; with our training and daily mentoring & training, your income will be above average. Not only that, there are:

    • No desk fees
    • No franchise fees
    • No coaching or training fees
    • No email fees
    • No website fees
    • No charge for photocopy or scanning

    Call me, Ty Lacroix Broker of Record and Owner 519-435-1600, for a private one-on-one call, confidentiality guaranteed.


    The Brutal Truth: Real estate as a career is a beautiful fulfilling opportunity for those with a good work ethic and who have the strength and courage to handle disappointment, rejection & the ability to keep priorities straight.

    You cannot learn new skill sets if you are being taught and given the same training that hundreds, maybe thousands of real estate people have received! I have never worked with a successful Realtor who is a robot, doing what everybody else is doing!

    If you believe you are nowhere near your potential, contact Ty Lacroix, I am the owner and Broker of Record.

     Note: You do not have to be great to start; you have to be willing to start!


           Inside Sales Representative (ISA)

    client care Envelope

       About this Position: Salary & Bonuses

       Responsibilities and Duties: 55% of your time will be spent on the phone with prospective buyers and sellers. The focus of this role is outbound calling to follow up on our 2500+ past clients and contacts.

    • Follow up with our seller and buyer leads and referrals.
    • Schedule appointments for our Listing and Buyer Specialists.
    • Build and manage the sales pipeline through the sales cycle using our CRM to free up our salespeople.
    • Provide value with exceptional customer service

       Qualifications and Skills

    We provide training, coaching, mentorship and an abundance of resources to help you succeed.

    • Superb verbal and written communications skills
    • The ability to build rapport quickly
    • Strong sense of urgency/time sensitivity
    • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
    • Stickability! Unfortunately, you will get rude people, tire kickers, time wasters, hang-ups and looky-loos! (To me, that is the best part of this position, for these people quickly and automatically eliminate themselves from you ever contacting them again, and the people that you do reach out with will genuinely want help and guidance)
    • A proven call centre or customer relations experience would be excellent!
    • Licensed or non-licensed

         Why Join The Envelope Group?

    • I am looking for quality, talented individuals who will help me build the best real estate team in London.
    • Succeeding in this position will enable you to transition to other company roles and earn more income.
    • We have a great health plan!
    • All our technology is state of the art, our tools are highly rated, and the work environment, though accountable to meet targets, will be fun and with lots of perks!
    • You will have an opportunity to make a positive, lasting impact on our clients and their families for years to come.

         Compensation:  Base Salary $45,000 plus health plan plus performance incentives.


     When Choosing a Real Estate Company to Join, How Do You Know You Are Making The Right Choice?

    Choices to make as a Realtor in London Ontari

    Mistakes Experienced Real Estate Agents & New To the Business Make When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage & The Questions You Should Get Answered.



    There are 3 phases for most Realtors in their career: The beginning, the learning and the rewarding. I did not want to say four stages, for we all know what the 4th stage is, frustrating, irritating, struggling, hurting and eventually, the big quit!

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