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        Is a Real Estate Career For You

    New licensees or those wanting to change brokerages go out looking for a real estate brokerage to affiliate with often aren’t prepared to pick the right combination of company and management( broker of record, manager or mentor) for their particular personality.

    In truth, the residential real estate industry has a poor track record of developing systems to help new people and experienced make more educated decisions about who they ought to join.

    At the heart of all real estate transactions, there is a real estate representative who developed a relationship with their customer, who turned into their client. Real estate is a very local, “what’s going on in your city” type business. A recent CREA study indicated that buyers and sellers are more apt to choose the Realtor, not the company. There is a revolution now occurring in the industry, and many brokerages are becoming wise to the fact that, indeed, they don’t control clients, their associates’ do.

    So the goal of you, the potential associate, is to find a brokerage who believes that you are the central reason that the firm is or should be successful, not the company. Keep in mind; this is not the goal of many real estate brokerages and franchises, which might have you believe that they are the reason you have success.

    As a real estate salesperson, your income is in direct proportion to your ability to communicate with people and serve their wants. If you cannot do that, you will not go far in this business.

    Real estate is no different from any other profession.  A professionals’ income is in direct proportion to the amount of skill and ability and the value given, be it an athlete, physician, accountant or Realtor.

     At what lengths are you willing to go daily to build a sustainable real estate career that gives you the happiness and freedom you deserve?

       We Give You The Best Key To Selling Houses

    You cannot learn new skill sets if you are being taught and given the same training that hundreds, maybe thousands of real estate people have received! I have never met a great Realtor yet who was a robot, doing what everybody else is doing!

    Remember: You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

     Go To Our London Ontario Real Estate Career Website  And Get The Following:

    Strategy for Success

       1  Interactive Business Plan 

    Do you realize that over 90 percent of all agents don’t have a written business plan? This online tool will allow you to enter your INCOME GOALS based on your experience level. You will also have the option of selecting the New Agent Business Plan or Top Agent Business Plan. These powerful tools will generate a printable report that will contain your specific targets towards your goals.

    This report is our gift to you to help you sell more real estate!

        2   Business Assessment

    Your exclusive business assessment is designed to take you through a process of evaluating where your business is currently. By addressing the questions here, you will gain insight and self-discovery as to how well your business is positioned in today’s internet-empowered, consumer-driven market.

    The Payoff: You will gain insight as to “what’s missing ” from your business, and we are better prepared to guide you to your extraordinary career. You will find the couple minutes it takes to complete the form will be well worth the effort

    Time is Money

        3  Time Money Assessment

    The growth of your business is inside your business, not outside of your business.

    What we mean by this commentary is by looking closely at all aspects of your business and constantly adjusting towards what gets results and away from those things that don’t, far outweighs any fancy new tool, etc. you can add to your business.

    It is critical that you look at the budgeting in the form of dollars you are spending, but how much measurement do you take of the time you are investing and its actual cost to you? Few do, so we have created a Time/Money assessment tool for you to evaluate your business better.

    In the form, you will enter information based on your current business, and you will be emailed a report providing you with what you are earning per hour and the dollar value of your time invested per transaction. We find most are very enlightened by this exercise and stimulates action to reevaluate your focus of time and money invested.

    Complete the form, and you will be automatically emailed your report. Also, you will receive some follow up business building tips around your time and money you invest in your business

    ask an expert

      4  Become The Expert

    The expectations of today’s consumers are higher than ever. They want the most competent and skilled agent, market data, information fast and communication. Also, you have to deliver marketing expertise,  negotiation skills and home enhancement skills. As the expectation levels of the consumer continue to rise, the responsibility to continually grow in your skills and knowledge are critical.

    Are you committed to being the most competent and skilled agent that provides the highest quality experience for your clients?

    Take the time to read through our real estate mini-courses to gain helpful tips that will position you above the rest. We are committed to continually supporting you in your growth as a top agent.

       5 Free Reports

    One of the most exciting parts of the real estate business is that every day brings a new experience.  You will also have challenges daily that can be avoided with just a little bit of information. To minimize the obstacles that you will experience in the real estate business, these reports cover over 100 challenges that a Realtor might face in their career.

    Why not take advantage of our FREE REPORTS that will help your career regardless of which brokerage you are with!

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