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      As a real estate professional, you have taken a leap of faith to create your own income. You have taken a risk that 96% of people on earth will never take.

    You have given up security, a regular job, a regular paycheque, set hours when and how to work & responsibilities, maybe 2-4 weeks holidays in exchange for unlimited opportunity. Any freedom will be consistent with the quality of service you choose to provide to your clients.

    Our immersion process will have you earning income in a short period of time, how much is up to you!

        Join Our Team Of Realtors in London Ontario

    The majority of real estate brokerages attract and recruit the new and the experienced the same way! We have the best splits, we have the best training, mentors, nicest offices, national recognition, prettiest signs, most fun office, teamwork and blah blah blah!

    The residential real estate industry has a poor track record of recruiting & developing systems to help new people and experienced Realtors succeed, an 85% attrition rate does not lie.

    At the heart of all real estate transactions, there is a real estate representative who has developed a relationship with their client. Real estate is a very local, “what’s going on in your city” type business. A recent CREA study indicated that buyers and sellers are more apt to choose the Realtor, not the company. Buyers do not care what brokerage name is on the sign.

    As a real estate salesperson, your income is in direct proportion to your ability to communicate with people and serve their needs.

    Real estate is no different from any other profession.  A professionals’ income is in direct proportion to the amount of skill and ability and the value given, be it an athlete, physician, accountant or Realtor.

       We Give You The Best Key To Selling Houses

      You decide your fate, no one else!

    You cannot learn new skill sets if you are being taught and given the same training that hundreds, maybe thousands of real estate people have received! I have never met a great Realtor yet who was a robot, doing what everybody else is doing!

    I am looking for a Realtor who is willing to work wisely, because “busyness is cent less”!

    If that is you, contact Ty Lacroix, I am the owner and Broker of Record.

    Remember: You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!


      Interested in Being Great or Committed To Being Great?

    The expectations of home buyers and sellers are high, as they should be! They are entrusting you with hundreds of thousands of dollars!  Are you committed to being a competent and highly skilled Realtor that consistently provides your client with what they want and need?

    If someone is interested in something, it is very easy to quit or stop, but when committed, you are in the game of success, do the right things and the right rewards will come to you and for the successful, there will be a price to pay. Again, interested or committed?

     When Choosing a Real Estate Company to Join, How Do You Know You Are Making The Right Choice?

    Choices to make as a Realtor in London Ontari

    Mistakes Experienced Real Estate Agents & New To the Business Make When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage & The Questions You Should Get Answered.

    About Us-Who We Are

    Why Join Us

    At present we are a small team consisting of two Realtors and one administrative person. Currently, we use the services of Sutton Preferred for our reception, a listings administrator, a trades administrator, two accounting administrators, 2 offices and 3 client presentation offices.

    Virtually we contract out :

    • An online marketing core of advisors generating a monthly average of 430 new contacts
    • The top-ranked real estate SEO advisors and coaches
    • A client care specialist for our websites
    • Two coaching platforms
    • A social marketing specialist
    • Zoom
    • Video software
    • A CRM system keeping things on track and scheduler
    • Listing Photography

    We rely on systems and the daily and weekly support of our providers that enable us to achieve results equal to a team of ten people. Our focus is to be a team of 5-6 Realtors who are part of an exceptionally active, efficient & profitable real estate team brokerage in London and South West Ontario that consistently outperforms the market with client satisfaction.


    • To ensure our clients sell their homes quickly & efficiently and buy homes effectively and efficiently.
    • To ensure our associates have a secure future, can grow and are compensated well.
    • To ensure that our support providers are respected and have the same core values that we do.


    Our Daily Vision

    Our brokerage attracts, we do not chase.  Excelling in real estate fundamentals is the foundation for lasting success; we are more a councillor than the traditional salesperson.

    To stand out as unique to clients, staff, agents, vendors and support & competition, we must ensure value-added perception to everything we do and to everyone we meet.

    To know we are on track, we have the following benchmarks

    • Financial
    • Emotional (the impact the brokerage will have on everyone who comes in contact with it)
    • Performance
    • Clients  (Who are they? Why us? What value can we bring to each one consistently?)
    •  Associates (Is our people skills, communications, technology and work ethics the best in the market and if not, why not?)

    What do we need to know? What is the brutal truth we ask each day?

    • How do buyers and sellers perceive us?
    • How do prospective real estate agents perceive us?
    • Who are our competitors?
    • What is not working? How do we know?
    • Is what we are doing the most efficient way of doing it? If not, why?

    What are our Buyer client’s expectations?

    • To be understood
    • To be appreciated & respected
    • To be fully aware of everything that will enable them to make the right choice
    • We work for them
    • We have the negotiating skills
    • We have the same high standards when we refer a lawyer, home inspector or a tradesperson to them

    What are our Seller client’s expectations?

    • That we can sell their home quickly and for the best price
    • Confidence
    • Convenience vs inconvenience
    • Skills in Marketing
    • Negotiating skills
    • Safety

    What are our Employee expectations?

    • To belong, to be appreciated
    • To be compensated well
    • Security
    • To be able to contribute
    • Pleasant work environment, both physical & emotionally

    What are our Support expectations?

    • We refer good people
    • We refer lots
    • We are not too demanding or expect miracles

    What are our vendors’ expectations?

    • We pay them on time
    • We are not overly demanding
    • They can expect more business from us

    Well, now you know about us and what our values are. If the above makes sense to you and you want a career with financial integrity & abundance, reach out to me, I do not bite and your privacy is protected.



    what our customers are saying


    I’ve been involved in the real estate profession for almost ten years now on the administration side. I’ve worked for three different brokerages, a little over eight years in one office, a short time working as an assistant from home and now as an assistant in an office. I truly appreciate all the knowledge I have gained from my former colleagues and the hundreds of agents I have had the opportunity to work along with.

    However, it is just now ten years later that I finally found my ‘place’ in this business. By place, I mean the amount of support, training and impeccable programs Sutton Envelope has to offer its team is nothing I have ever seen before.

    We have all come across the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ agents, who are struggling to close the deal, not living up to their potential and ultimately making costly mistakes, and not just in dollar value. If this is you and you are happy with that then please stay where you are. If this is you and you are ready to drop your old ways and learn how to dominate this fantastic career, then you would be crazy not to meet our team and see what we have to offer you.

    I have full confidence in saying I am 99.999999% sure you will never see anything like it. We can’t wait to meet you!!!

    Rena Foster Client Concierge

    Rena Foster Client Concierge

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    There are 3 phases for most Realtors in their career: The beginning, the learning and the rewarding. I did not want to say 4 stages for we all know what the 4th stage is, frustrating, irritating, struggling, hurting and eventually, the big quit!

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