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Fundamentals of Real Estate Sales in London Ontario

We believe that excelling in sound real estate fundamentals is the foundation for lasting success. James Clear states, “You do not rise to your goals, and you fall to the level of your systems.” 

One of the biggest downfalls I see with most Realtors is a lack of consistency; I believe there are two reasons why:

1: No accountability by their brokerage, team leader, family or themselves.

2: Real estate sales is a business, not a hobby or a 9-5 five-day-a-week job.

Harsh comments yet so true; I have seen good people leave this business for many reasons, mainly because their financial state changed or out of frustration. For some, I did not say work habits, for they had great work habits; they were just not consistent in doing the right stuff every day.

What is the right stuff every day?

First and foremost, if you are not where you desire to be in health, income & or financial independence, you’re responsible, not the economy, your brokerage or any excuse or justification you may have. Face it, any desire you have means you are not the person you need to be to meet your desires. Look around you. Look at leaders in sports, cinema or business or family; all paid the price to meet their goals; there were sacrifices, discomfort, long hours and many frustrations and setbacks and rejection, yet, they persevered!

Any truly successful person in any field will gladly admit that they were off course at times but that inner will to succeed corrected their path to being successful. Being average in real estate is not the best for you, your family, or your clients!

It is a beautiful feeling to succeed; it makes up for disappointments, frustration, and toil of long hours.

Our Daily Vision

To know we are on track, do we know our buyer client’s expectations? Our Sellers, our vendors & support teams?

  • Clients  (Who are they? Why us? What value can we bring to each one consistently?)
  • Associates (Are our people skills, communications, technology and work ethic the best in the market and if not, why not?)
  • How do buyers and sellers perceive us
  • What is not working? How do we know?
  • Is what we are doing the most efficient way of doing it? If not, why?
  • Do their standards align with ours when we refer a lawyer, home inspector, or tradesperson?

We have outlined our values; if the above makes sense to you and you are committed to a career of financial integrity & abundance, reach out to me; your privacy we respect.

At any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or back into safety.


9 Reasons Why Realtors Fail in Their Real Estate Career

What's Your Plan

A Professionally Designed Business Plan

Less than 20% of real estate associates have a business plan. We believe without a detailed business plan to answer critical questions about your business and provide you with a platform for future growth, success in real estate becomes much more difficult. Our real estate and business plan outlines and evaluates all aspects of your real estate business and establishes a specific roadmap and process to achieve your goals.

A correctly laid out business plan is not some pie-in-the-sky dream that you do once and then look at 12 months from now. This plan is your foundation, created by the best business coaches on the planet and monitored by them! Again, we offer our associates; that you would pay up to $10,000 per year individually for this in-depth career builder.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself For a More Rewarding Real Estate Career

1 How flexible are your hours? Realtors consistently rank flexibility as a reason they got into real estate, but as they got busier, working late nights and weekends can interrupt family time because they are available whenever a client calls. What boundaries have you set for yourself? How will that affect your business? Income? Is time management an issue? You can leverage your time to offer exceptional service and maintain a balanced family and social life with our systems.

2. Do you offer value every day to your clients? Real estate is one of the most significant financial decisions your clients may ever make; it is so easy to lose sight of this with the day-to-day activities, interruptions, disruptors and servicing new and past clients. What systems do you have in place to offer value consistently?

3. What are some of the talents you have that nobody knows? If very few people know about you and your skills, you could be the best-hidden secret in the marketplace. Don’t hide!

4 Not happy with your earnings? Similar to question 2. Did you know your income is consistent with the number of skills and value you provide to your clients? Where, how, and what skills do you need to increase your revenue? Your current income equals the value you currently offer.

5. Are you running your business, or is the business running you? Your current real estate brokerage has a considerable impact on a Realtor’s success rate, career growth and exit. Is your current brokerage providing you with a financial exit plan, a mentoring or a leverage program?

6 Do you have one or two niche markets where you’re better suited? Are you a general practitioner? “I’ll take on anything, any buyer or seller, anytime, anywhere,” Realtor? If so, enjoy the struggles, disappointments and frustrations and a yo-yo income. This is a very blunt statement; the brutal truth usually hurts. What niche markets can you master? Do you know how?

Unlock Your Potential

When Choosing a Real Estate Company to Join, How Do You Know You Are Making The Right Choice?

Choices to make as a Realtor in London Ontari

Mistakes Experienced Real Estate Agents & New To the Business Make When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage & The Questions You Should Get Answered.

There are 3 phases for most Realtors in their career: The beginning, the learning and the rewarding. I did not want to say four stages, for we all know the 4th stage: frustrating, irritating, struggling, hurting, and eventually, the big quit!

The Most Valuable Asset For a Realtor in London Ontario Part 1

The most valuable asset in your business as a Realtor isn’t your cell phone, car, or brokerage. It’s your Golden List of past clients, friends, family, acquaintances, hot leads, etc., who can bring you new clients, referrals and repeat business. Your golden list will determine your market share and how well you do as a Realtor; no golden list, no market share.

London Ontario Realtor Tips: