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“Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.” Heraclitus c.540-c.480 BC

This was written over 20 centuries ago and holds more so today. Heraclitus would have made a great Realtor and leader because you can only have the results of a successful Realtor once you do the activity that makes you successful, and you can only do that if you think you can. Every person who got their real estate license wanted to be successful, yet the attrition rate is 80% in the first two years, and five years is 91.5 %!

I made a mistake getting into real estate as a Realtor
I made a mistake getting into real estate as a Realtor

Why is that?

If you Google “How to be a successful Realtor,” you get about 18,400,000 results! The how-to is there. Google real estate coaches, you get about 38,000,000 results! The coaches are there as are our real estate board instructors, articles, how-to’s and then all the franchisors and their “stuff” and then the real estate website sellers and all their stuff and then the real estate brokerage and all their stuff! That’s a lot of stuff!

So what’s the problem?

As Myron Golden wrote: “One of the most amazing discoveries I’ve ever made in my life is understanding that every human being is already doing 100% of everything they are capable of doing while they are walking and working in their current identity.” He goes on to write: “If we desire to do more than we are doing right now ( and to do more than we are doing in the past), then we have to become more than than we are being right now, and we have to become more than we’ve been doing in the past. Then, and only then, will we ever do more than we’ve been doing and have more than we’ve ever had in the past.”

People want to have success, the big bank account, the house, but all that comes after being, then doing. Doing the right things, and that is what we are about. Know who you are, be who you are and not what someone says you are. own the ‘identity of being the best Realtor for your clients, do the right things in sequence and consistently, and you will have what you want, and so will your clients!

The sages teach “Who am I?” Henry Ford said: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, they are both right!”

Fundamentals of Real Estate Sales in London Ontario

Is a real estate career for you in London Ontario?

Just as you reboot your computer or phone, if it is not giving you the results you want or expect, by restarting and reloading, you may need to reboot your career! I have had to reboot myself many times and boot myself in the butt until I found the proper operating modalities and habits, and I am continuing to upgrade to keep up or get ahead of the changes in the market and trends.

We believe excelling in sound real estate fundamentals is the foundation for lasting success. James Clear states, “You do not rise to your goals; you fall to the level of your systems.” 

One of the biggest downfalls I see with most Realtors is a lack of consistency; I believe there are three reasons why:

1: No accountability by their brokerage, team leader, family or themselves.

2: They think real estate sales is a 9-5 five-day-a-week job or part-time.

3: They do not treat their real estate career as a business

Harsh comments yet so true; I have seen good people leave this business for many reasons, mainly because their financial state changed or worsened. If you try to do without being, you are living in frustration!

It Doesn’t Matter What The Real Estate Market is Doing!

As a Realtor in London Ontario, Tip The Scales in Your Favour
As a Realtor in London Ontario, Tip The Scales in Your Favour

It doesn’t matter if this is the best estate market in London, Ontario or not, the best or worst time, or if any obstacle we face is intimidating or troublesome. Read More…


These eight, or any combination, affect success in sales not only for Realtors in London but for any salesperson. What matters is that right now is right now!

rejection because of no-nos
Why does everyone say no to me?

1. Poor attitude

2. Not enough people in the funnel

3. No control over the transaction

4. Poor to no phone skills

5. Afraid to ask the hard questions

6. Using price to negotiate

7. Poor closing skills or afraid to close

8. Poor to no follow-up.

Disclosure: I did not come up with these and do not remember where I got the above eight. Since 1992, I have written in my journals, words, quotes or thoughts that would help me in sales and life. In doing so, my ego at that time was that I did not write who composed most of my journal posts, and it was only a few years ago that I wrote who quoted or wrote what. So, in full disclosure, the 8 no-nos above most likely are plagiarized by me!


As a realtor in london ontario, are you chasing the market or is the market chasing you?

There are four deterrents that I have seen over the last twenty years.

1. Severely underestimating the action, the time, and the effort to be above average.

2. Underestimating the adversity they will face and what it will take to overcome.

3. Comparing themselves to everyone else, it takes time and the market can use another me-too Realtor.

4. Being a Realtor is not a job; it is a business, and successful businesses have systems and consistent hours. You are responsible for your success, not your Broker, company, spouse, friends, neighbours or social media; you own your

Why Are You Paying For Leads?

Why are you paying for leads?

I know why you are paying for leads because I did for a few years until I smartened up or somehow became wiser. I was spending read more…

Unlock Your Potential

What is the right stuff every day?

Realtors that solve needs and provide value! Add value first and foremost; if you are not where you desire to be in health, income & or financial independence, you’re responsible, not the economy, your brokerage or any excuse or justification you may have. Face it; any desire you have means you are not the person you need to be to meet your desires. Look around you. Look at leaders in sports, cinema, business or family; they all added value and all paid the price to meet their goal:; sacrifices, discomfort, long hours and many frustrations and setbacks and rejection, yet they persevered!

Any truly successful person in any field will gladly admit that they were off course at times but that inner will to succeed corrected their path to being successful. Being average in real estate is not the best for you, your family, or your clients!

It is a beautiful feeling to succeed; it makes up for disappointments, frustration, and the toil of long hours.

a Clear Road Ahead For Realtors Who Are Proactive
a Clear Road Ahead For Realtors Who Are Proactive
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