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Inside Scoop Home Seller London Ontario

Inside Scoop Home Seller London Ontario

When thinking about selling a home in London, Ontario and the area, be it a house, condo apartment, townhouse or a townhome, many thoughts are going through your mind. Some are fears, some the unknown, it could be anxiety or all of those!

Those thoughts & feelings are every day; you are talking about your hard-earned money and equity; it could be your retirement money, memories, and comfort zone. And then, “What if” starts going through your head.

  To Get The Best Price For Your House or Condo in London, Know The Following

You all have heard about preparation, planning & execution. 37% of home sellers surveyed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) believed they did not plan or prepare properly because they did not know what to expect!

    checklist when buying or selling a home in London Ontario

Over the years, helping hundreds of home sellers successfully sell their home, we designed a series of checklists, a series on pricing, a series on the process and what to expect, from start to finish, the good and the bad. Our clients love it, and I thought that you might as well.

There are little subtle things that start to add up and, if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your home to sell, not sell or unnecessary problems that can occur!

  Find Out About:

  • Dress Up Your Home To Sell For More Without Costing You Much Money
  • Price  it Correctly The First Time
  • How Not To Limit  Market Exposure
  • Who Are The 4 Types of Buyers?
  • Know The Difference Between Market Value & Perceived Value & What That Will Mean To Your Bottom Line
  • What Are Your Legal Obligations? To Your Lender?  To Your Family?
  • How The Overall Market  May Affect Your Home Sale – Positive or Negative?
  • Can Negotiating Skills Make a Difference In Your Sale?
  • How To Handle Showings & Offers To Help Yield The Highest Price.
  • When Are The Best Times To Have Buyers Go Through?
  • What Questions Should I Ask a Realtor?

Getting a thorough understanding of these points will give you 100% confidence in your decision to sell your home, with whom, what to expect, how to maximize your bottom line and minimize the hiccups!

Now, how would you feel?

Boosting Your Home’s Value Without Breaking the Bank

Check out my latest video!
Improving your home’s value before selling doesn’t necessarily mean you need to do a ton of pricey renovations. There are a ton of ways to add value to your home with little financial investment. For example, focus on the first things a buyer will see in your home, both indoors and outdoors. The front door, landscaping, and entryway can all shine without having to break the bank. To get many more tips, watch this short video.  Click here for the 50 tips
   Where Does a Buyer Start To Look When Are Thinking About Buying a House or a Condo in London Ontario & Area?

96.7% of homes sold have been previewed by buyers on websites, either through Realtor’s sites, MLS  or social media! That is a vast number and why it is incredibly imperative when putting your home for sale in London, Ontario & the area to have a significant web presence or three!

 Below is How  Home Buyers First See a Home

  • 59%  Salesperson contact
  • 27% For Sale Sign
  • 8%  Referred by a relocation service
  • 3% Through family or a neighbour
  • 1% An advertised property in a magazine or print ad
  • 1% Through an open house, they saw
  • 1% For Sale by Owner

Knowing the above numbers and how buyers find your home among all the other houses on the market that are competing with yours will enable you to make some wise decisions when it comes time to put your home on the market.

There are many homes for sale in London, Ontario and making your home stand out & get noticed very, very important.

There should be virtual tours of your home compatible with the buyer’s desktop, tablet or handheld device; an excellent professional  Realtor will spare no expense to ensure your home is presented online in the best possible way. Social media, blogs and your home on more than one website and a recognized For Sale sign will expose your home to all buyers.

The pictures and other web-based presentation tools are now indeed the difference between a buyer seeing and potentially buying a home and a buyer merely deleting it from their search, never to be considered again as a viable purchasing option.

Sell Your Home For The Price You Are Looking For

What you will receive at no cost to you or obligation, you do not have to sign anything or listen to blah blah blah stuff, just the following:                      

  • All the recent sales in your area.
  • Compare your home to those that were sold or listed in your area.
  • Provide you with an accurate range for your home to sell.
  • How to sell your house or condo for as much as you can in your time frame!
  • When would be the best time to list your home on MLS.

 What’s Your Home Worth?

Sell House in London Ontario
What is my Home worth in London, Ontario and Area?

Are You Selling A Home Yourself, With a Discounter or With a Realtor? New changes or the same old?

There are quite a few discount real estate brokerages and for sale by owner companies now promising to sell your home, some for as low as $450!

6 considerations for valuating a property

The proposition of saving thousands of dollars is enough to catch the attention of anyone. It awakens the entrepreneur inside some of us.

The burning question private sale companies use as their hook is why you would give profits from your home sale to a Realtor if you didn’t have to?

If you are trying to decide between giving that licensed & regulatory controlled Realtor thousands of your dollars or selling your home yourself because some do it yourself real estate company says its a snap, then take a moment to learn some cold hard facts.

a satisfied client is our best strategy!

There are quite a few reasons why 96.8% of homeowners in Canada choose to use a Realtor when they sell.  I’ll share some facts and some myths with you, but please don’t just take my word here, do your research and verify what I am telling you for yourself.

Myth number one: Realtors will charge you a standard 5-6% commission to sell your house.

Fact: Most for sale by owner companies base their selling pitch on the notion that real estate companies will charge you 5- 6% to list and sell your home.

Real Estate sales are one of the most competitive industries there is. The seller set the choice of services and fee packages offered by Realtors in London, Ontario and the last word on commissions. If you can’t agree on compensation with one Realtor, there are over 1900 more you can approach in London, Ontario and the area.

There is no such thing as a standard commission.

Myth number two: “Selling your house on your own isn’t as difficult as most Joe Schmo agents make it out to be” (a direct quote from the website of the non-licensed

Fact: Less than one in five homes listed privately actually sell. Whereas over 95% of homes listed with a Realtor sell. Listing a home is as easy as banging a sign into the lawn, but it is only a first step.

Myth number three: Selling privately will always save you money over using a Realtor.

Fact: If you are listing privately in a seller’s market and or have time to wait it out, eventually, you should see offers coming your way. Every buyer that comes to you will also be looking at homes listed with Realtors, or else they believe there is a financial advantage to be had in buying a private listing.

Most buyers who hunt out private listings do so because they believe you are saving money in commissions and can discount their offers accordingly; they assume they are dealing with someone who is not a professional negotiator of real property, and chances are they know the area market better than most private sellers do.

Private sellers become quite familiar with and often weakened over time by this breed of buyer. The longer it lasts, the better the chance to take advantage. If you have listed privately in the past, you know what I am talking about. A good percentage of successful private purchases are from these buyers. Often, the difference between the original list and the final sale price is higher than the buyer’s commission costs believed they would be saving themselves.

Note: Yesterday, I just finished listing a house that was a For Sale By Owner, and this lovely couple tried it for 56 days! The sad part was they had to pay $495.00 upfront to get all this sign and marketing stuff!

Realtors don’t get paid until YOU sell your home.

And to top it off, they had 26 Realtors contact them about if the house did not sell, to list with them! ( That 26 was 14 more than the 12 people who did want to see their home! Hmmmmmmmm! Something wrong here!)

Myth number four: Any money you can save on Real Estate commissions = cash in your pocket.

Fact: If the last myth bust wasn’t convincing, then consider these facts: Marketing to the degree of most licensed  Realtors does not come cheap. Prepare to spend at least a bare minimum of $200 a week and resolve yourself to the fact that your advertising will be relegated to the classifieds along with the used bicycles and outdated computer equipment where few serious home buyers will ever look.

You could also do Kijiji, which is free. But what about, which every house on MLS is listed, and 100% of all buyers go to to check out homes for sale, and Realtor websites, both their personal and their brokerage’s site.

Also, be prepared to market your home for a much more extended period than a Realtor would need to. Your most effective selling tool will be the sign on your lawn and the open houses you do, but keep in mind that of all properties sold through licensed Realtors, about one in every ten is the result of a sign call.

The other 9 out of ten come through buyers introduced to the property by their REALTOR® and professional marketing efforts.

An Offer to buy your home

All closings require legal documentation, the search of title, transfer of funds, closing existing mortgages, and assignment of new mortgages just for starters. Proper documentation and legally acceptable contracts safeguard both the buyer and seller and without a Realtor, you are the one who is responsible should complications arise. All that documentation a Realtor handles for your sale will be left to you and your lawyer and comes at a price.

Realtors carry Errors & Omissions Insurance to protect sellers and buyers in the event of a mistake, misrepresentation or unforeseen discrepancies and deficiencies relating to the property. Individual homeowners do not. An error in the property’s square footage or some other detail or event often leads to litigation, or the sale is delayed or not at all.

A single mistake could end up costing you far more than a real estate commission.

You can bet that I hear by those who will say this is fear-mongering, and they have never had a problem in all of their private sales. The ones who have had issues likely won’t give you the benefit of their experiences here.

Other advice & things you need to consider as you make your decision to list privately are:

Make yourself available for the next few weeks –  Many showings are booked at the last minute, and though often frustrating from my perspective as a Realtor, we have to accommodate this. It’s kind of like being a firefighter on call.

Many will see you are listed private and knock at your door, expecting to come in and view your house on the spot. With the number of listings available to see, you want to accommodate showing request or risk them crossing you off the list and moving on to the next home.

hoping to sell
Good Realtors screen buyers before taking them through a home. You may have to compromise precautions as your agent, but here is some valuable safety advice for private home sellers:

·        During open houses, take people’s names and phone numbers at the door before allowing them into your home. Write down their license number and type, and the colour of the vehicle.

 ·       Put away all pocket-able items of value before showing your home IE: jewellery, watches, and cash.

·       Check to see that all doors and windows are locked after each showing. Thieves are known to use open houses to scout out valuables in a home and possible entry points then return when the home is empty.

·       Never show your home alone. Have your partner, a friend or neighbour at home with you when strangers are coming to view the property.

·       Ask neighbours to keep an eye on your home while it is for sale and report any strangers on the property to you immediately. Otherwise, neighbours might assume strangers on the property are there to view the home with your knowledge.

·       Take names and phone numbers when people call to book a viewing. Don’t confirm a showing right away. Tell them you will call back to confirm. If they refuse to share name and number, politely tell them they cannot view the home unless they do and end the conversation before calling back to confirm their name and phone number to verify legitimacy.

·       Always go with your gut feelings. If something seems odd, don’t book the showing and if they are at your door, tell them it isn’t a good time.

·       Always stay with potential buyers as they view the home and walk behind, not in front of them, as you go through the house. Insist that they stay together as you show them through. If one person wanders off, tell them you would like them to stay together.

·       Restrict all your showings to daylight hours. If someone calls or comes to the door during the evening, get their information, check it out and call them back with the appropriate times to view the home.

·       If you have pets, have someone take them for a walk or, at the very least, put them in the backyard during showings. The incidence of allergies with buyer clients seems to go up every year, and I have had many turns around and walk right back out if they sense there are dogs or cats in the home.

·       The same goes for smoking. If the home is smoked in, you eliminate a large portion of potential buyers before you start.

.  With COVID, Realtors have a safety protocol and confirmations of COVID free symptoms of everyone who views your home and is limited to two people plus your Realtor.

In the end, the convenience, exposure, negotiating skills, legal protections, personal safety and yes, ability to market your home to the highest degree to the most significant number of people are the reasons more than 90% of the public choose to hire a professional over experimenting with selling privately.

Whatever choice you make, do your homework first and don’t be taken in by anything offered by anyone you can’t first verify for yourself. As you can see, there is a price in trying to save money! If you are prepared to pay that price and know what the price is, so be it.

Read what one of my clients had to say

Dear Ty:

“Cathy and I just wanted to take some time and thank you for everything you have done for us.
I always thought buying a house would be the most stressful thing anyone could do. I now know that, indeed, selling is by far the most stressful.

As you know, we did try to sell on our own, when this failed we tried another real estate agent and had a bad experience. Due to this experience, we were very unsure about the whole thing and were very disheartened as we were so looking forward to our plans.

Ty, from the second we first met, Cathy and I were blown away by your experience and professionalism; your reputation truly speaks for itself. You sold our house for exactly what we wanted, and to top it off, you did it in 81/2 hours! Amazing!

As our family and friends heard about our success, they, of course, asked the question: ‘Who did you use?’ and I reply ‘Ty Lacroix”.
Cathy and I cannot express our gratitude enough; thanks again for everything; Cathy and I could not be happier!”

Jason and Cathy Bear