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Home Downsizing London Ontario

Relocating To or From London, Ontario And Area?

Are the stairs in your home a challenge or will be? House too big or expensive to maintain?

Their Home is sold in London Ontario
Honey, this house is getting too much for me!

Is there a right time to consider moving to a smaller house, an apartment, a townhome condo, or renting? We can all agree on when it is too late! I am not trying to be glib, yet as a Realtor working with seniors for years, it is pretty sad and costly when it is too late!

I get it, currently, your house is right for you, you are comfortable, you enjoy your neighbours, you feel safe and you can manage and if that is the case, stay where you are, maybe with a few renos you could stay longer. Unfortunately, time changes and challenges may become more difficult.

I have been working with estate lawyers and planners for years, and there is a right and wrong way. Unfortunately, the wrong way leads the pack from disgruntled siblings, jealous siblings, broke siblings, know-it-all siblings or greed. The goal should be what is best for the estate, nothing else!

Downsizing Your Home In or To London Ontario

Watch this one-minute video; “Want to move to a smaller home?”

As a Realtor who has helped hundreds downsize, I recommend a six to twelve-month timeframe at the latest. It is an excellent time to start thinking about a move; my most contented clients are those who planned two to three years before the move!

Do your homework.

You’ve got this far in your life, why jeopardize all you’ve accomplished now? You have many options, choices and decisions to be made, the better informed you are, the better. The question I always ask myself when seeking information.

  • Is it true?
  • The source?
  • Unbiased?
  • Competency of the source, for example, is the advice scholarly ( teach but don’t do) or from experience?
  • Is the information fear-mongering, coming from lack or too good to be true?
  • What is the objective of the author, writer, or poster? To sell you or guide you?
Happy Couple enjoying their one floor condo they just bought
Happy Couple enjoying their one floor condo they just bought

For example, when I Google “downsizing a home in London, Ontario,” I got ‘about 6,380,000 results (0.34 seconds)’! For a start, being familiar with your local real estate market and the area you may want to move to is a wise decision, as well as being familiar with the best practices of buying or selling a home.

Ty Lacroix Broker
Ty Lacroix Broker Sutton Group Preferred Realty Inc. Brokerage
Net worth by Decade For Those Born Before 1970

The kings and queens of real estate 

Boomers take a lot of flak, especially when it comes to real estate. They get blamed for taking homes away from young families, blocking new development, and clinging forever to low property tax bases. That may not be fair, but as John Burns Real Estate Consulting points out, this generation has ridden an extraordinary wave of wealth creation that keeps building. No wonder, then, that in 1000WATT’s own survey of Millennial and Gen Z renters, 38% of respondents said they anticipated getting financial help from parents when buying a home. Another 37% said this was a possibility. 

Note: Though John Burns Real Estate Consulting and 1000WATT are USA companies, their view points and insights are mostly in tune with us in Canada!

Testimonial About What Our Clients Say About Envelope Real Estate Group
Testimonial About What Our Clients Say About Envelope Real Estate Group
The Envelope Real Estate Group
The Envelope Real Estate Group