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Home Downsizing London Ontario

Relocating To or From London, Ontario And Area?

Are the stairs in your home a challenge or will be? House too big or expensive to maintain?

Honey, this house is getting too much for me!

Is there a right time to think about moving to a smaller house, an apartment or townhome condo or renting? The time I think we can all agree on is when it is too late! I am not trying to be glib, yet as a Realtor who has been working with seniors for years, it is quite sad and costly when too late!

I get it, currently, your house is right for you, you are comfortable, you enjoy your neighbours, you feel safe and you can manage. Unfortunately, time changes and challenges may become more difficult.

I will not get into all the options you have socially or financially, on Google alone you have over one million articles to read! Then, you have the opinions of your children, relatives, accountant, money manager or financial advisor, your church group, golfing buddies and the unwashed.

Downsizing Your Home In or To London Ontario

As a Realtor, a six to twelve-month timeframe at the latest is an excellent time to start thinking about a move; my most contented clients are those who planned two-three years before the move!

What Do Senior Citizens Need To Do To Age In Place?

I have a lot of clients who love their current home, the location, their privacy and their independence and, if physically possible, stay in their home. This article explores many options and offers solutions that may work individually.

Most Canadian seniors would prefer to stay in their homes for as long as possible, what is referred to as aging in place, rather than in an assisted living facility, according to recent studies that have come out this year.

Below, are some practical tips on how to age in place, so you can continue living life on your terms.

How to age in place peacefully

Compared to an assisted living facility or retirement community, aging in place in your own home has several benefits, including:

  •  You don’t have to downsize your home or possessions
  •  The comfort of living in a home where you’ve built memories
  •  No rules or schedules to adhere to
  •  Privacy

That being said, aging in place also requires seniors to be more responsible for themselves. If you’re unable to handle certain responsibilities on your own, you may need to hire assistance. Aging in place is certainly possible, though. Here are some things to consider and plan for if you want to retire and age in place.

Relocating London Ontario?

For a start, being familiar with your local real estate market and the area you may want to move is a wise decision, being familiar with the best practices of buying or selling a home. Below are a few:

Another way is to be aware of what is for sale now to get a few ideas.

Do your homework.

If purchasing a condo, research the condo fees, building condition, management reputation or turnover, and décor and pet restrictions. An essential consideration is the mix of owner-occupied vs tenant rentals and the age group of the other owners in the complex or building.

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