Wortley Village Old South London Real Estate

    As of April 2, 2019, 40 houses changed hands in Wortley Village & Old South London from as low as $299,900 and up to $875,000 averaging 11 days to sell for a median 100.46% of the asking price

      Wortley Village Old South London Ontario real estate sales in 2018 was robust with 196 single family houses sold for an average price of $404,718 which was 102.28% of the asking price and the median time on the market was 20 days!

      13 Wortley Village condominiums sold in 2018, averaging $309,902 selling price which was 97.46% of the asking price, condos in Old South London took about 35 days to sell.

     You can receive actual sales prices, details, what sold quicker than others, taxes and get correct property values by scrolling down by contacting me at 519-435-1600 requesting that information.

    As you can see, houses in Old South Wortley Village sell in a short period & most cases, above the asking price! However, some houses took much longer to sell, the cause being condition, layout and, of course, the price!

    When buying a house in Old South, make sure your ducks are in a row, sometimes older homes can deplete your bank account or line of credit. Some houses, like people, are attractive from the outside but when you get to know more, leave you feeling depleted as well.

      The character and charm of this great London neighbourhood are what attracts home buyers, and the people who do live in Old South love the ability to walk and shop in the Wortley Village core, with tree-lined streets and very few cookie cutter homes.



                      Wortley Village  in Old South London

    Wortley Village is the heart of Old South London. The unique village ambience associated with Wortley Road is the result of a century of change and adaptation. An attractive commercial setting has developed into a unique shopping & dining area.


    Nearby is Thames Park, which provides recreational activities including four tennis courts, playground equipment, outdoor pool,  picnic areas, and access to London’s riverside bike and walking trails.

    With some buildings over 100 years old, over 80 small businesses and establishments and with an abundance of inviting parks, Old South is the only region in London which offers an enticing blend of history, shopping and nature in a few square kilometres.

    The homes in Wortley Village and Old South offer uniqueness, style and a neighbourhood belonging with quite a few events held yearly. The new YMCA has proven to be quite popular and another drawing card for Old South London

    The Old South Wortley Village Business Association does an excellent job of hosting and presenting community events.

    Old South Wortley Village Business Association


       The character and charm of this great London neighbourhood are what attracts home buyers, and the people who do live in Old South love the ability to walk and shop in the Wortley Village core, with tree-lined streets and very few cookie cutter homes.

    Old South London Wortley Village Real Estate From Start to Finish

    With the so-called information age being a window for knowledge, buyers and sellers of real estate should be aware of the misinformation age, be it embellished numbers, unbridled enthusiasm or false perceptions.

    Always ask: “Is it true?”

    One of the principles I have enforced in my career as a professional Realtor is that facts and the brutal truth about a value of a house, the market and the activity are in the best interests of our clients.

     Below are all the steps and stages that occur when buying or selling a home.

    Depending on your circumstances, some or all will apply to you. One thing I can say is that knowing these steps BEFORE you deposit any money will save you a few challenges!

    London Ontario & Area 2018 Residential Market Activity
    This 28-page report for London, St.Thomas, Strathroy and all of Middlesex & Elgin Counties covers the 2018 residential market activity, sales comparisons over the years, months of inventory of homes, prices, dollar volumes & sales to new listings ratios. Be informed!
    Step by Step Seller Chart
    This simple, one – page process chart starts with you thinking of moving and ends with you moving into your new place, hundreds of our clients have followed these steps, if you do too, it will make your life much, much more comfortable!
    Step by Step Buyer Chart
    Follow these steps from starting to think about buying a condo to getting the keys from your lawyer to be able to move in. Miss any of these steps, and you may have a few challenges!

    Old South London Wortley Village Home Seller Fears

       What are some of the fears when someone lists a home for sale with a Realtor?

    For most, its worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent Realtor, costing valuable time and exposure on the market.

    sell a house


    • How quick will it take to sell?


    • How do I get as much money as I can for the house?


    • How do I avoid paying a huge commission fee and I don’t want to go to a discount, bare bones real estate brokerage or even to try to sell it myself?


    Over the years helping hundreds of home sellers successfully sell their home, we designed a series of checklists, a set on pricing, a series on the process and what to expect, from start to finish, the good and the bad. Our clients love it, and I thought that you might as well.

    You see, we also work with hundreds of buyers as well and if you saw or knew what we look at some sellers do or not do is impressive, and the unfortunate thing is, those sellers do not realize they are not maximizing their sold price, their marketing and exposure of their home.

    making the right decisions when listing a home for sale

    There are little subtle things that start to add up and if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your home to sell, not sell or unecessary problems that can occur!


     Shouldn’t I pick an “area specialist” to sell my home?

    Some Realtors focus primarily on one geographic area or neighbourhood. But buyers come from all over the city and in some cases, all over the province, not just from that small neighbourhood. So an area specialist usually really means “listing agent” in the area.

    But MLS, social media, the web and phones have changed that aspect of the real estate business. Now the crucial points in selecting a Realtor are experience, track record, technology and marketing skills.

    Also, buyers do not care whose sign is on the lawn; they want to see your home. Oh, the one that amazes me the most ” I live in the neighbourhood.” So what, so do children, just because a Realtor lives in the neighbourhood does not make them an expert or a seller of houses.

    ‘What do you call a doctor who finished last in medical school? Doctor