Westmount London Ontario Neighbourhood Not All Realtors Are The Same

     Westmount London Ontario Neighbourhood

     As of September 30, 2019, 101 houses have sold through our MLS system in Westmount London Ontario, from a low of $375,000 up to $1,299,900, taking on average 12 days to sell for 99.78% of the asking price. The average price in Westmount London in 2019 is $562,969!

    For townhouses and apartment condos, 71 changed hands as well, from $157,500 up to $475,000, selling for a median 102.81% of the asking price in about nine days!

    In 2018, 168 houses sold in the Westmount neighbourhood of London for an average price of $486,522, which was 102.38% of the asking price and took on average 21 days to change hands.

    For condominiums in Westmount in London Ontario in 2018, 84 sold, from a low of $110,00 and as high as $473,900, taking approximately 16 days to trade for an average 105.69% of the asking price!

    Property Valuation

    The Westmount London Ontario neighbourhood is a combination of newer and older homes and condominiums from townhouses, townhomes and apartment buildings. There are three very distinct areas, being east of Wonderland Road to Andover, west part of Wonderland Road to a little past Barclay and south of Commissioners Road West.

    Westmount Mall has had a considerable change from a retail shopping mall to a combination of medical/offices on the second floor and services & retail on the main level & a Cineplex theatre.

    Further south of Southdale and along Wonderland Road South, are the big box stores, services, restaurants and recreational activities, a library, and along Southdale West, the new YMCA is scheduled to open soon.

    Westmount has a broad variety of schools and churches for all denominations.

    As you can see, the Westmount neighbourhood is a convenient area to live in, and with the extension of Wonderland Road, South to the 402 make travelling west or east of London along the 401 much more convenient.

    City Of London Ontario Neighbourhoods  City of London Ontario Neighbourhood Guide

    There are some lovely condo townhouses and townhomes in Westmount in London Ontario, here are just a few:

    665 Commissioners Road W

    680 Commissioners Road W

    681 Commissioners Road W

    93 Pine Valley Gate

    163 Pine Valley Drive

    211 Pine Valley Drive


                    Selling a Home In Westmount London Ontario? There are Two Ways

      From the early ages on to today, there are two ways to selling a house in London Ontario, the price approach or the traffic approach.

    Most real estate salespeople have been taught and are still shown the price approach. You list a house at a specific price, if it doesn’t sell in a month they want you to reduce the amount, and then another month,  they ask you to reduce the amount again and so on! Then when the price gets so low, the vultures come out.

    hoping to sell

    The second way to sell a home is the traffic approach. In other words, expose your home to get a lot of traffic (qualified buyers). That means useful websites, blogging, social media, direct marketing, an abundance of buyers already out looking and promotions to get new qualified buyers to see your home so they can buy it.

    You can have the prettiest, fanciest and most beautiful home in the desert or the jungle but if nobody sees it, nothing happens.

    Selling a house in London and South West Ontario  takes more than putting a sign on your property and pretty pictures on a website

    How well and quickly your home sells takes a combination of the traffic approach and the reality of the market!

     If I want:

    • My shoes repaired, I go to a shoe repair place
    • my car fixed, I go to a professional & qualified mechanic
    • my health cared for, I go to a doctor or a related health practitioner, not the internet or watch medical TV shows or ask Dr.Google.

     If you want real estate advice & guidance, who do you go to? 

    • How would you know if they are any good?
    • How would you know if they can get the results you would like?
    • How would you know if they can negotiate for you and think about your bottom line and not theirs?
    • How would you know that well-meaning and caring family members who are giving you advice, co-workers or friends are misinformed?
    • How would you know that what your neighbour said they sold their house for is correct?

      What Is My Point?

    We sell homes period! That is what we do.

    What’s A Good Deal When Buying a Home In Westmount London Ontario?

    Save when buying a home in London Ontario

    When buying a London Ontario home, everyone that I have ever helped in buying a house or a condo, want a good deal!


      What is a good deal and for whom?

    • Gobs of money off the listing price?
    • A little off the listing price?
    • The seller lets you have his lawn mower and snow blower? Their cat?
    • The house or condo is what you wanted, is in the neighbourhood you wanted and in an excellent condition?
    • You bought something bigger & more beautiful than your friends have?
    • Was it listed at a fair price?

       So how do you know its a good deal?

    • Do you think it is (perspective)?
    • Do you feel it is?
    • Your Realtor said it is?
    • Your hairdresser said it is?
    • Do facts and neighbourhood history say it is?

    Buying a home and deciding on one is an emotional ride that you get to slow down with logic, but whose philosophy?

    When buying a home, use logic first in whom you choose to help you, not only a Realtor but a lawyer, a home inspector if needed and a mortgage provider. Choose those first before you even go and look at a house or a condo.

      That way, you will get a good deal!

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