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Westmount London Homes For Sale on MLS Houses, Townhomes & Apartments, Updated Hourly!

 Westmount is located in southwest London Ontario.

Westmount London Ontario Neighbourhood Map

As you can see, the Westmount neighbourhood is a convenient area to live in, and the extension of Wonderland Road, South to the 402, make travelling west or east of London along the 401 much more convenient.

As well, just a short drive to beautiful Springbank Park,19 miles of trails, picnic areas and Storybook Gardens.

The Westmount London, Ontario neighbourhood combines newer and older homes and condominiums from townhouses, townhomes and apartment buildings. There are three very distinct areas, east of Wonderland Road to Andover, west part of Wonderland Road to a bit of past Barclay and south of Commissioners Road West.

Westmount Mall has changed from a retail shopping mall to a combination of medical/offices on the second floor, services & retail on the main level, & a Cineplex theatre.

Further south of Southdale and along Wonderland Road South are the big box stores, services, restaurants, recreational activities, and a library. Along Southdale West, the combination Bostwick Community Centre, Library and YMCA is open and expanding services.


.Jean Vanier Separate School Public  

.Westmount Public School Public.  

. Sherwood Fox Public School Public  

.Sir Isaac Brock Public School Public  

. St Jude Separate School   Saunders Secondary School  

.Thames Valley District School Board

.London District Catholic School Board

Below Is What The Homes On MLS  in The Westmount London, Ontario Neighbourhood Sold For.

Now is the time to target your home for sale and max the selling price in London Ontario

In 2022, as of May 2, 51 houses sold in Westmount London within seven days on the market, with prices ranging from $620,000 to$1,525,000, which averaged 120.86% of the asking price! Twenty townhouse condos sold within eleven days, selling for 119.66% of the asking price, ranging from $541,000 to $827,000. Ten apartment condos sold within nine days on the market for 124.42% of the asking price. Sold prices for apartments in Westmount ranged from $340,000 to $550,000.

In 2021, 158 houses in Westmount London sold through our MLS system, averaging eight days on the market with selling prices ranging from $495,000 to $1,170,007, which was111.81% of the asking price. Thirty-two apartment condos in Westmount London sold through MLS, averaging eight days on the market and selling for 113.35% of the asking price. The lowest is $260,000; the highest is $661,000.  Fifty-Seven townhouses or townhomes in the Westmount London area, averaging ten days on the market and selling for 113.70% of the asking price. The low is $350,000; the highest is $815,000.

If interested, you can view the previous year’s numbers at the bottom of this page.

Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale in London Ontario and surrounding towns and villages

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There are some lovely condo townhouses and townhomes in Westmount in London, Ontario; here are just a few:

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  • Prior Years Numbers
  •     In 2020, 138 houses changed hands, the low being $356,000 and the high, $1,066,000; the median selling price was 103.62% of the asking price and averaged 16 days on the market. For apartment condos and townhouses in Westmount London, 84 changed hands from a low of $172,600 up to $669,900, averaging 105.7% of the asking price and on the market a mere seven days. 
  • In 2019, 139 houses sold through our MLS system in Westmount London, Ontario, from a low of $340,000 up to $1,299,900, taking on average 24 days to sell for 100.55% of the asking price. For townhouses and apartment condos, 97 changed hands, from $157,500 up to $492000, selling for a median 104.83% of the asking price in about fourteen days!
  • In 2018, 168 houses sold in the Westmount neighbourhood of London for an average price of $486,522, which was 102.38% of the asking price and took on average nine days to change hands. For condominiums in Westmount in London, Ontario, 84 sold, from a low of $110,00 and as high as $473,900, taking approximately 16 days to trade for an average 105.69% of the asking price!