Sunningdale London Ontario Neighbourhood Not All Realtors Are The Same

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        The Sunningdale neighbourhood in North London is between Fanshawe Park Road West, Richmond Street, Sunningdale Road West and Hyde Park Road and includes Medway Park and Hyland Estates.

    From January 1 to August 29, 2019, 42 houses in the Sunningdale neighbourhood of London changed hands through our MLS system, the majority sold were in the $879,000 to $998,900 with three being sold over one million dollars, selling for a median 97.98% of the asking price and taking 47 days to change hands.

    In the same period, 37 condominiums sold, either apartment style or townhomes from $345,000 to $1,150,000,  the average being $569,167 taking on average 34 days to sell for 99.46% of the asking price.

    In a few minutes, you are in the Masonville shopping area and dining and the big box stores in Hyde Park. Easy access to the University of Western Ontario (UWO or Western), it’s hospital and nearby research centre.

    It is five minutes to downtown London and quick access to great beaches along Lake Huron such as Ipperwash, Pinery Provincial Park, Grand Bend, Bayfield and Goderich.

    The houses and condos in Sunningdale  London Ontario are tastefully laid out with many enclaves and one of a kind homes.

    beautiful house Sunningdale London Ontario        one floor townhouses Sunningdale London Ontario

    In 2018, 84 houses in the Sunningdale neighbourhood sold through our MLS system for a median 98.85% of the asking price of $875,000 and a median time to sell was 30 days! The lowest was $466,000, and the highest was $2,150,000.

    For Sunningdale London Ontario condominiums, be it townhouses or apartment residences,  44 changed hands in 2018, taking about 33 days and selling for an average of $479,752 which was 99.84% of the asking price. The lowest was $320,000 for a one bedroom apartment at Village Walk, and the highest was $750,000.

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    How Not To Overpay For a Home in London Ontario

    Ask an Expert At Envelope Real Estate

    Overpaying for real estate in London, Ontario over the past few months is occurring more often than not, and I have heard the following statements from buyers and Realtors.

    • “There is nothing I can do about it.”
    • “That’s just the way the real estate market is.”


    Learned helplessness is a condition in which a buyer adapts to the scarcity mindset, the fear of loss and instant gratification and overpays for a house in London Ontario and feel that there is nothing they can do about it and that the acceptance of their offer is totally out of their control.

    Yes, the real estate market in London Ontario is vibrant, and as a Realtor, that is quite positive, yet the consequences of overzealous buyers and their representative’s actions will have a negative effect, as history has proven over and over that the axiom “What goes up must come down”, holds true.

    As a home buyer in London, Ontario, you have choices, and there are strategies you can take to ensure you do not overpay and get caught up in a frenzy.

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    Think Of Selling your London Ontario Home?

    Over the years helping hundreds of home sellers successfully sell their home, we designed a series of checklists, a set on pricing, a series on the process and what to expect, from start to finish, the good and the bad. Our clients love it, and I thought that you might as well.

    You see, we also work with hundreds of buyers as well and if you saw or knew what we look at some sellers do or not do is impressive, and the unfortunate thing is, those sellers do not realize they are not maximizing their sold price, their marketing and exposure of their home.

    Sell house London Ontario

    There are little subtle things that start to add up and if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your home to sell, not sell or unnecessary problems that can occur!

     Before selling your home in London Ontario & area up for sale, learn how