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Summerside London Ontario Houses & Condos Summerside London Ontario Real Estate Page

Summerside London Ontario Houses & Condos

Welcome to your Summerside London Ontario real estate neighbourhood page, which will inform you of what is for sale now on MLS (updated hourly), including houses, apartment condos, townhouses and townhome condos. You will also see the monthly sales report with sold prices, days on the market and percentage selling price to the asking price. Even prior years!

Also, two Summerside London condo corporations from one-floor bungalow condos, two-storey and a few apartment condos with sold prices and amenities.

Summerside London Ontario Neighbourhood Map Boundaries

Summerside London, Ontario, is an excellent neighbourhood with quick access to highway 401 and Veterans Memorial Parkway. Located in South East London, east of Highbury, north of the 401, west of Veterans Memorial Parkway (Airport Road) and south on Commissioners Road East.

Current Schools:

École élémentaire Catholique Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf Catholic School 270 Chelton Rd  (519) 963-1219  

  École Secondaire Gabriel-Dumont  High school 2463 Evans Blvd (519) 673-4552    

Princess Elizabeth Public School 247 Thompson Rd (519) 452-8490

Thames Valley District School Board Website

London District Catholic School Board

About The Summerside London Ontario Community Club

Dedicated volunteer residents committed to strengthening and cultivating the quality of life and sense of community in Summerside make the Summerside Community Club what it is. They will also advocate when necessary as a collective organized voice and raise awareness to the community and for the community when issues arise. No one is to be excluded or left behind, and new faces are always welcome at the regular meetings, which can be found on the event listing on their Facebook Page.   GET INVOLVED

MLS Sold Prices Summerside London Ontario Real Estate

Now is the time to target your home for sale and max the selling price in London Ontario

In 2022, as of August 1, year-to-date, 51 houses changed hands through our MLS system in Summerside London, selling for 109.36% of the asking price, averaging twelve days to sell, with selling prices ranging from $590,000 to $1,477,657! Nineteen townhouses in Summerside London sold within fourteen days; the selling prices ranged from $516.786 to $910,000, which was 110.56% of the asking price. One apartment-style condo at 3320 Meadowgate sold for $580,000.

In 2021, 124 houses in Summerside London sold through MLS, averaging 106.77% of the asking price and nine days on the market, from $435,000 to $1,200,000. Thirty-seven townhouses & townhomes in Summerside sold as well, averaging eleven days on the market and selling for 107.51% of the asking price, with the lowest being $401,100 and the highest at $700,000. Three apartment-style condos sold at 3320Meadowgate, the lowest for $376,246 and the highest for $444,000, the average price per square foot was $331.00

If interested, you can view the previous year’s numbers at the bottom of this page.

Here are a few condominium enclaves in Summerside in London:

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  • Prior Years Numbers
  • In 2020, 156 houses in Summerside London were sold through our MLS system, averaging 18 days to sell for 101.9% of the asking price, the lowest being $365,500, and the highest was $963,000. Forty-nine townhouses in Summerside were sold, averaging 101.5% of the asking price, taking 18 days to sell, the lowest was $280,000, and the highest was $481,000.
  •   In 2019, 141 houses in the Summerside London neighbourhood were sold through MLS from $333,000 up to $635,000, taking a median time to market of 33 days and selling 100.61% of the asking price. In the same period, twenty-six townhouses were sold, from $290,000 to $445,000, it was 26 days they took on average to sell, and they sold for 102.64% of the asking price!
  •      In 2018, 91 houses were sold in the Summerside London, Ontario neighbourhood through our local MLS system for a median price of $465,122, 102.85 % of the asking price and took approximately 27 days to sell. On average! The lowest price is $290,000 and the highest, at $780,000. For townhouses in Summerside,  35 sold for a median price of $316,177, which was 103.71% of the asking price, and the days to sell were 13! The lowest was $205,000, with a high of $424,000.