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    Summerside London Ontario Houses & Condos Houses & Townhouses For Sale on MLS

    All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Summerside London Ontario on MLS, Updated Hourly
    • In 2021, as of April 5, 68 houses in Summerside London sold through MLS for an average of 103.37% of the asking price and on the market, a median of six days and ranging from $500,000 to $1.050,000. As well, 19 townhouses sold in a median 6 days for an average of 115.45% of the asking price and ranging from $450,000 to $650,000! London Ontario remains a seller’s market!
    • In 2020, 156 houses in Summerside London were sold through our MLS system, averaging 18 days to sell for 101.9% of the asking price, the lowest being $365,500, and the highest was $963,000.  Forty-nine townhouses in Summerside were sold, averaging 101.5% of the asking price, taking 18 days to sell, the lowest for $280,000 and the highest, $481,000.
    •     In 2019, 141 houses in the Summerside London neighbourhood were sold through MLS from $333,000 up to $635,000, taking a median time to market for 33 days and selling 100.61% of the asking price. In the same period, twenty-six townhouses were sold, from $290,000 to $445,000, it was 26 days they took on average to sell, and they sold for 102.64% of the asking price!

    London Ontario Property Value

    •      In 2018, 91 houses sold in the Summerside London Ontario neighbourhood through our local MLS system for a median price of $465,122, which was 102.85 % of the asking price and took approximately 27 days to sell on average! The lowest price being $290,000 and the highest, at $780,000. For townhouses in Summerside,  35 sold for a median price of $316,177, which was 103.71% of the asking price, and the days to sell were 13! The lowest was $205,000 to a high of $424,000.

    Here are a few condominium enclaves in Summerside in London:

    Where  Summerside London Ontario Homes Are & Why

    Summerside London, Ontario, is an excellent neighbourhood for families. It has quick access to highway 401 and Veterans Memorial Parkway. It is located in South East London, east of Highbury, north of the 401, west of Veterans Memorial Parkway (Airport Road) and south on Commissioners Road East.

    Summerside London is growing with new homes built, new schools in place, parks and a community centre and best of all, some of the better-priced houses and townhouses in London.

    Summerside neighbourhood one step closer to getting a new TVDSB school

    new school for Summerside London Ontario

    The province has given the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) approval to award a tender for constructing a new school in the city’s southeast.

    The new facility is slated to take students from the Summerside community who are currently being bused to Fairmont, Princess Elizabeth, Tweedsmuir and Westminster public schools. The new school is set to accommodate 556 students and accommodate 88 child care spaces and five child care rooms and will be built at 2541 Meadowgate Boulevard.

    Current Schools:

    École élémentaire catholique Saint-Jean-de-Brébeuf
    Catholic school
    270 Chelton Rd
     (519) 963-1219
    École secondaire Gabriel-Dumont
     High school
    2463 Evans Blvd
    (519) 673-4552
    Princess Elizabeth Public School
    247 Thompson Rd
    (519) 452-8490
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