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    Riverbend London Ontario Houses & Condos Not All Realtors Are The Same

       Riverbend London Ontario Real Estate Market  & Hunt Club West 

    Riverbend London Ontario is a neighbourhood in the south-west part of London; take Oxford Street West to Kains Road. There is also the beautiful gated Riverbend Golf Community.

    You are just 11 minutes or less to downtown London, great shopping nearby and great nature trails, bike paths, golfing, or just not doing anything, you will enjoy the quiet.

    There are five golf courses within 4 km and for nature lovers, the walking trail along the Thames River (Kains Woods -Upper Thames River Conservation) is magnificent & there is also Warbler Woods Conservation area and Komoka Provincial Park.

    city of London Ontario Riverbend neighbourhoodCity of London Riverbend Neighbourhood


     Other London Neighbourhoods

    From January 1 to June 30, 2020, 2o houses in Riverbend were sold for a median price of $760,050, the lowest being $480,000 and the highest, $1.086,400. It took an average of 30 days for these houses to sell for a median of 99.13% of the asking price.

    For townhomes in Riverbend, eight changed hands in the first six months of 2020 for a median sale price of $525,000 with $449,000 being the lowest and $670,000 the highest. These townhouse condos averaged five days to change hands for a median of 100.01% of the asking price.

          In 2019, 51 houses in the Riverbend London neighbourhood sold through our MLS system, from $420,000 up to $1,070.000, averaging 39 days on the market and selling for a median 99.35% of the asking price.

      26 townhome & townhouse condos in Riverbend sold in the same period, from $399,000 up to $945,000, averaging 28 days to change hands and selling for 100.21 % of the asking price.  

    Property Value & real estate market        All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Riverbend London Ontario on MLS

       Fifty-six houses sold through our local MLS in the Riverbend neighbourhood in London Ontario in 2018, for an average selling price of $724,665, which was 99.4% of the asking price,  the median days to sell were 41. The lowest was $403,500 and the highest, at $1,500,000.

     Twenty-six townhouse & townhome condominium residences in the Riverbend neighbourhood were sold as well, selling for 101.54% of the asking price of $486,538, and the median days to sell were 39. The lowest sale price was $368,697 and the highest, at $1,145,000.

    Below are a few Riverbend London Ontario Townhouses & Townhomes


    1525 Jim Allen Way London Ontario N6K 0E1 aptly named “Eagles Nest” is a private enclave of high end vacant land homes in the Riverbend area of London, the last sale in 2019 was for $795,000.

    1525 Jim Allen Way London Ontario N6K 0E1


    2295 Kains Road Riverbend London Ontario N6K 5E2 is an enclave of  53 one floor condominium townhomes, there was one sale in 2019 for $480,000

    2295 Kains Road Riverbend London Ontario

    2295 Kains Road Riverbend London Ontario 2295 Kains Road Riverbend London Ontario


    Shore Road Hunt Club West Riverbend London Ontario
    Shore Road area in Riverbend in London Ontario called Hunt Club West


    1515 Shore Road London Ontario N6K 5B7  in Riverbend is a high end enclave of 35 detached vacant land homes with two sales in 2019, one at $725,000, the other $945,000.

    1515 Shore Road London Ontario in Riverbend


    1630 Shore Road London Ontario N6K 5B9 in Riverbend is an enclave of 45 one and two floor freehold condominiums, meaning you own the land, the condo fees do not include windows, doors or roofs. In 219, prices ranged from $510,000 to $552,200.

    1630 Shore Road London Ontario

    1630 Shore Road London Ontario 1630 Shore Road London Ontario


    1900 Shore Road London Ontario N6K 0B4 is in the Riverbend neighbourhood of London called the Courtyards, consisting of 28  vacant land detached condominiums, in 2019, prices ranged from $581,350 to $639,900

    1900 Shore Road London Ontario

    All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Riverbend London Ontario on MLS


    1617 Shore Road London Ontario N6K 5C3 in the Riverbend area in London is an enclave of 23 detached vacant land condominiums, there were no MLS sales in 219, in 2018, one sold for $490,000

    1617 Shore Road London Ontario


    2040 Shore Road London Ontario N6K 0G3 in Riverbend is an enclave of vacant land condos called “Amour on Riverbend” and in 2019 prices ranged from $405,000 to $485,000

    2040 Shore Road London Ontario

    2040 Shore Road London Ontario  2040 Shore Road London Ontario #2


    1170 Riverbend Road London Ontario N6K 0J7 is an enclave of eight custom built vacant land condominium town homes, adult orientated, one home was sold in $2019 for $824,900

    1170 Riverbend Road London Ontario

    The Eight at Warbler 1170 Riverbend Road London Ontario The Eight at Warbler 1170 Riverbend Road London Ontario Pagoda


    Why Overpay For a Home in London Ontario?

    Ask an Expert At Envelope Real Estate                                    All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Riverbend London Ontario on MLS

    Overpaying for real estate in London Ontario over the past few months is occurring more often than not, and I have heard the following statements from buyers and Realtors.

    • “There is nothing I can do about it.”
    • “That’s just the way the real estate market is.”


    Learned helplessness is a condition in which a buyer adapts to the scarcity mindset, the fear of loss and instant gratification and overpays for a house in London Ontario and feel that there is nothing they can do about it and that the acceptance of their offer is totally out of their control.

    Yes, the real estate market in London, Ontario, is vibrant, and as a Realtor, that is quite positive. Yet, the consequences of enthusiastic buyers and their representative’s actions will have a negative effect, as history has proven over and over that the axiom “What goes up must come down,” holds.

    As a home buyer in London Ontario, you have choices, and there are strategies you can take to ensure you do not overpay and get caught up in a frenzy.

    Contact us 519-435-1600

    Why Price Matters When Selling a Home in The Riverbend Neighbourhood of London

      Every home seller in Riverbend London Ontario would like to realize as much money as possible when selling their home.  The natural inclination is to price the house a little higher, thinking they can always come down in the future.


    sell a home with Envelope RealEstate

    But listing any house or condo in London, Ontario with a price that is too high more often than not,  nets the seller LESS money than an original price at market value.

    Why is this?

    Buyers know prices, they may have already been in 6-10 homes, they can compare, and in the long run, the buyer will decide if a home is priced right! Not you, your Realtor, your neighbour or your hairdresser or Uncle Bob, who knows everything!

    If there are no offers on a listing after 30 days, what do you think the reason was?

    Most price their home high, thinking they can always come down.  The problem is, the Realtor and the buyer community do not look at it that way.  They see it as an overpriced property.  After a few weeks or even months, go by, a few open houses, signs, agent tours and not a nibble.

    Finally, to attract attention, the price gets reduced more than ever than they thought they would, and are now getting much less than if they had priced it correctly in the beginning.

     And think about this:  The money lost is not just the lower sales price, but all the extra interest on the mortgage, the additional property taxes and other carrying costs that accrue while the home is waiting to sell.

     I’ve seen it happen time and again!    

    I call it chasing the market or more subtle, like falling off a cliff in the night, you know you are going to hit bottom, but you don’t know when!

      Real Estate Fact: The Seller Is Solely Responsible For How Much, and How Quickly Their Home Sells!

                        Price matters when selling a home in London Ontario                                      All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Riverbend London Ontario on MLS

    Overpricing almost always increases the time to sell and adds to the carrying costs.

     I wrote a seller’s guide that sheds some light on maximizing the sale price:                             

    • How to set the asking price to optimize exposure and a profitable sale.
    • How do you define and compare market value between homes?
    • How the total market performance may affect your home sale, it could be either positive or negative.
    • How to handle buyers during any showing to help yield the highest price.

    Once you can grasp these critical issues, you’ll know how to price and sell your home for the fastest, most profitable sale.  

    Also, with this information, you’ll never pay too much for any home you buy for the rest of your life.

    Why Children Like The Gated Riverbend Golf Community in London Ontario

    One child wrote the  following:

    Grandchildren in Riverbend

    We always used to spend the holidays with Grandma and Grandpa.   They used to live in a big brick house, but Grandpa got retarded, and they moved to Riverbend, where everyone lives in beautiful little homes, and so they don’t have to mow the grass anymore!

    They ride around on their bicycles and scooters and wear name tags because they don’t know who they are anymore.  They go to a building called a wreck centre, but they must have got it fixed because it is all okay now.

    They do exercises there, but they don’t do them very well.   There is a swimming pool too, but they all jump up and down in it with hats on. At their gate, there is a dollhouse with a little old man sitting in it.

    He watches all day so nobody can escape. Sometimes they sneak out, and go cruising in their golf carts!

    Nobody there cooks, they just eat out.  And, they eat the same thing every night — early birds.

    Some of the people can’t get out past the man in the dollhouse.  The ones who do get out, bring food back to the wrecked centre for a potluck.

    My Grandma says that Grandpa worked all his life to earn his retardment and thinks I should work hard so I can be retarded someday too.

    When I earn my retardment, I want to be the man in the dollhouse. Then I will let people out, so they can visit their grandchildren.