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Lambeth & Talbot Village London Ontario Real Estate House & Condos For Sale in Lambeth, Talbot Village & Southwinds Village in London

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Lambeth, Talbot Village, Southwinds London Ontario Neighbourhood

Welcome to your Lambeth London Ontario real estate neighbourhood page, which will inform you of what is for sale now on MLS (updated hourly), including houses, townhouses and townhome condos. You will also see the monthly sales report with sold prices, days on the market and percentage selling price to the asking price. Even prior years!

Lambeth, Talbot Village London Ontario Neighbourhood Boundaries

Lambeth is a neighbourhood in the southwest of London, about 10 minutes to downtown on a good day, a bad day, 12! The 401 and 402 highways are 3 minutes away, and six golf courses are within a 20 KM drive! There is a shopping plaza at Colonel Talbot Road and Southdale Road West with groceries, a pharmacy, dining and fast food, banking etc.

Schools and churches are bountiful, along with professional services. Lambeth has homes from entry-level to executive properties and condos. Drive through Talbot Village for new houses and condos or off of Pack Road, Southwinds Village for some sprawling dwellings, or the Outer Drive area going south on Colonel Talbot Road or the heart of Lambeth, some quaint shops and a multitude of services.

Elementary Schools

Lambeth Public School

St. George Catholic School

High Schools

Saunders Secondary School

Regina Mundi Catholic College

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School 


Lambeth Minor Hockey

Lambeth Youth Soccer


Forest City Community Church

New Hope Community Church

St.George Roman Catholic Church

Trinity Anglican Church

Lambeth Community Association

Lambeth Community Association coordinates and channels the skills, talents, and abilities of Lambeth-and-area residents and its allies toward preserving and enhancing the experience of living and working in London and Lambeth.

Sold Prices Lambeth London Ontario Neighbourhood

Now is the time to target your home for sale and max the selling price in London Ontario

As of August 1, 2022, year to date, 102 houses in Lambeth London sold through MLS, averaging 14 days to sell for 107.88% of the asking price, ranging from $580,000 to $2,320,000. Two townhouse bungalows sold at 4067 Colonel Talbot Road for $715,125 and $781,000, and none sold for $870,000 at 3278 Colonel Talbot Road.

In 2021, 235 houses in the LambethTalbot Village neighbourhoods of London sold through MLS,  averaging 15 days to sell for a median of 107.82 % of the asking price, the lowest being $450,168 and the highest $2,250,000. Six townhouses or townhomes in Lambeth sold, averaging eight days on the market and selling for 110.79% of the asking price! The lowest being $556,000 and the highest at $800,000. 

If you are curious about the previous year’s stats and how prices have risen, you see the facts at the bottom of this page.

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  • Prior Years Numbers For Lambeth.
  •  In 2020, 223 houses in the Lambeth & Talbot Village neighbourhood in southwest London sold on MLS, averaging 23 days on the market, from a low of $346,000 and up to $2,700,000 and selling for 99.36% of the asking price! In the same period, five condos in Lambeth changed hands; the median days on the market were 3, selling for 102.91%of the asking price and from a low of $400,000 to a high of $535,000.
  • In 2019, 170 houses were sold through MLS in the Lambeth neighbourhood, from as low as $299,900 and $1 850,000. Thirty-seven days was the average time on the market to sell for 99.94% of the asking price! Twelve condos sold from $395,000 to $910,000 for an average of 100.01% of the asking price and were on the market for 21 days.
  •  In 2018, 149 houses were sold in the Talbot Village,  Southwinds &  Lambeth neighbourhood of London for a median price of $591,504, which was 99.08% of the asking price and took 21 days on average to change hands. Twelve condominium townhouses and townhomes in Lambeth sold in 2018 for an average of $479,900, 99.22% of the asking prices and sold within 16 days.
  • In 2017,  Lambeth London, Ontario, houses & condos,  including Talbot Village and Southwinds, set a record with 232 homes selling for close to the asking price and taking about 20 days to sell on average; for condos in Lambeth, eight sold, a median time to sell was 25 days and these sold for 98.62% of the asking price.