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Kilworth Ontario Homes For Sale on MLS Not All Realtors Are The Same!

You Are Not a Home Seller Until Your Home Sells And The Money Is In Your Account!

Putting Your Home on MLS & Selling It Quickly & For What You Want Are Two Distinct ActionsWhich One is the Easiest?

I don’t think you want easy; you want results!

Below are some helpful tips, money-saving ideas and home seller strategies to help you sell your home in the Kilworth area quicker, for more money and less stress! These strategies and tips are from my experience selling hundreds of homes.

Home Seller 101

If you don’t want to read further, remember these 14 words: get as many qualified buyers to see your home for sale!

You Are Not a Home Seller Until Your Home Sells And The Money Is In Your Account!

In today’s market, buyers are increasingly savvy. This means the competition is stiff! That means your home will sell at the highest profit and quickly when all the ingredients are combined correctly. If only one element is left out of the formula or is out of proportion to the others. Remember, how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Selling a Condo Apartment or Townhouse The Right Way Takes Patience & Smart Choices. Here’s Why

Every apartment or townhouse owner I have ever met wants their condo to sell for as much as possible. That’s understandable, and it’s not luck that makes that happen; it’s applying proven strategies, marketing and experience that will encourage condo buyers to reach for their cheque books or call their mortgage provider or call Grandma!

50 Inexpensive Tips To Enhance The Value of Your Home!

Here are 50 inexpensive things you can do to enhance the value of your house or condo. Time and time again, when I show homes or list them, some or all of these tips would have dramatically sped up the sale or received more money. Over the years, the little things a buyer sees may be the stumbling block in making an offer on your home. You have one chance of making an excellent first impression when a buyer walks into your home; try one or ten of these, and you will sell quicker and, in most cases, feel better!

Home Seller’s Guide To Moneymaking Fix-Ups

An informative guide to help you realize the most profit from your home and avoid costly repair rip-offs. Each year thousands of homeowners needlessly lose thousands of dollars when selling their homes.  But they don’t lose the money for reasons you might think. They lose money because they unknowingly left it on the table, for the buyer to pocket, by failing to recognize their home’s hidden profit potential.

Those hidden profits exist in two areas. First, most homeowners never discover that minor, even inexpensive, repairs to their existing home could generate many times their cost in additional home value.  But on the other hand, other repairs and improvements can cost you dearly.  Knowing what repairs and improvements to spend money on and which ones to leave alone is critical.

How Much Is My Home Worth in London Ontario
We do not use AI or some pie-in-the-sky internet-based robot that trolls the internet and then comes up with a price! Not only do we do our deep dive research, but we also have five reliable sources of information.

How Much Is Your Home Worth in the Kilworth Area?

What your house or condo is worth differs from what a buyer perceives it is worth! For example, a two-story, four-bedroom house with a large backyard is of little interest to someone downsizing or a single person, or, for that matter, a one-floor bungalow townhome has little value at this time for a young family with pre-schoolers or a one-or-two bedroom apartment condo.

A home’s value is what a qualified buyer is willing to pay and a willing seller is willing to sell for. Very simple, it then comes down to perceptions, beliefs, biases, prejudices or emotional choices or fear of loss! Or, in some cases, stubbornness!

When we meet with a home seller, not only do we consider all the above, we back numbers with facts and not opinions or prejudices, we may not tell you what you want to hear, but you will hear the brutal truth! We sell homes; we don’t just list homes and hope they sell; hope is not a strategy. For a personal in-home valuation with no strings attached or obligations, give me, Ty Lacroix, a call at 519-435-1600 or by email.

Ty Lacroix Broker of Record
Ty Lacroix 519-435-1600 Broker/Owner

Thinking About Buying a House Or a Condo in Kilworth, Ontario & Area?

One Floor Houses , Bungalows                 London Ontario & Area

You will save more money, time and reduce stress if you follow these tips before you even go out and start to look at a home. I know, boring and more boring, so being bored or saving $5000, $10,000 or more, you choose!

Most home buyers only think about price, style and location. But there’s more than that! For most, buying a home can be an emotional toss and turn and topsy turvy bejeebies, excitement and fear simultaneously!

Over the years, through experience working with hundreds of buyers and sellers in South West Ontario, we have been able to help clients overcome the conflicting misinformation about real estate and apply sound common sense so that our clients are assured they are making prudent decisions and avoiding emotional overzealousness to buy!

If you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home and whether you are a first-time buyer or buying your 5th, a few minutes of informed insights will be well worth your time and thousands of dollars in prevention and a few less tense days & nights!

Six Free Real Estate Guides To Help You Sleep Better!

Thinking about how to sell your home in London Ontario

Report # 1 Buying a House

What price do you offer a seller? Is the seller’s asking price too high? Is it ideal? Without research on the market and comparable homes, you are bidding blind. A professional Realtor who represents you should offer an unbiased opinion on a home’s value based on market conditions and the house and neighbourhood conditions. I said it should, but how would you know if it is unbiased, what comparables are used, and in what time frames? Without this knowledge, you could quickly bid too much or miss out on a great buying opportunity. Why? There are ten other great tips in this report.

Report# 2 Buying a Condo

Buying a condo , be it an apartment, a townhouse, or a townhome, takes much more care than purchasing a house. Due diligence is required to understand the condominium corporation’s bylaws, financial status, rules and regulations, and by-laws! These notes will give you several helpful, straightforward tips for buying a condo in London, plus answers to a condo corporation and valuable links. 

Report # 3 Who Else is Going To Be Involved When I Buy Real Estate?

Many other professionals or non-professionals are involved in your real estate transaction. An excellent, thorough Realtor will ensure you are working with qualified professionals. 

Report #4 Role of a Lawyer in a Real Estate Purchase

The purchaser’s lawyer’s purpose is to protect you, the purchaser, throughout the transaction and ensure that you obtain a good title to your new property. The purchaser’s lawyer also represents your mortgage lender’s interests in preparing and registering the mortgage documents—tips on what to ask a lawyer.

Report # 5 Role of a Home Inspector

There are several reasons for having a home inspection, but the most compelling reason is that the inspector looks at the property differently than a purchaser. They look for significant problems visible on the home inspection day to help you reduce your risk. A good home inspector will also educate you on operating your home’s systems. A great Home Inspector will explain how to solve the problems found that day, giving you enough information to make the right buying decision with everything you have learned. Read more about how to choose a home inspector & what to be careful of.

Report # 6 What Do All These Real Estate Words Mean Anyway?

What do all these real estate words mean? Learn a few; never will a lawyer, Realtor, economist, mortgage lender, politician or hairdresser ever confuse you again! If they do, say good bye, Au Revoir, adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Yasou, Arrivederci, Żegnaj, Do svidaniya, Do pobachennia, Tạm biệt, Ma’a as-salaama!

A Good Decision About Real Estate Is Based on Knowledge
Success Leaves Clues!
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If We Were Around When Noah Was Moving, He Would Have Asked Us!

Kilworth Ontario Real Estate Market Update

In 2023 as of May 15, nine-teen homes have sold from $480,000 to $1,650,000 which averaged out to 95.225% of the asking price and on the market an average of fifty-three days.

In 2022, 43 houses sold in Kilworth ranging in price from $630,000 to $2,875,000, with the average days on the market to sell being nineteen and selling for an average of 103.33% of the asking price. Two condo townhouses sold on Winlow Way, one for $695,000 and the other for $702,000.

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