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Hyde Park London Ontario Houses & Condos Houses, Townhouses & Apartments For Sale Hyde Park London Ontario Neighbourhood & Sold Prices

Hyde Park London Ontario Neighbourhood Map

Where is Hyde Park in London, Ontario?

Hyde Park London Ontario houses & condos is a neighbourhood situated in North West London bordering Fanshawe Park Road West to north Hyde Park Road & Sarnia Road centres the area and east of Wonderland Road north, all the way to the south-west corner of Oxford Road W.

Schools: Thames Valley District School Board

London District Catholic School Board

Hyde Park Community Association

Hyde Park residents organize an annual group garage sale.  They also have an active Facebook page. GET INVOLVED

Sold Prices Hyde Park London Ontario Neighbourhood

Now is the time to target your home for sale and max the selling price in London Ontario

In 2022, as of May 3, 92 houses sold through our MLS system with prices ranging from $575,000 to $1,300,000, which was 120.12% of the asking price and averaging seven days to sell. Twenty-five townhouse condos sold, ranging in price from $540,00 to $875,000, which was 120.67% of the asking price; these were on the market for a median of nine days. At 1030 Coronation Drive, four two-bedroom apartment condos sold ranging from $540,000 to $625,000, which was 115.32% of the asking price, and the average price per square foot was $462.00

 In 2021, 267 Freehold houses in Hyde Park London sold through MLS, averaging nine days on the market and selling for 111.34% of the asking price, the lowest being $435,000, the highest, $1,270,000.

 Thirty-one apartment condos in the Hyde Park neighbourhood of London sold, averaging twenty days to sell for 101.81% of the asking price from $381,000 to a high of $833,500.

 One hundred ten townhouse condos and townhomes in Hyde Park sold, averaging seven days to sell for 109.11% of the asking price, the lowest being $385,000, the highest $780,000.

You can view the previous year’s numbers at the bottom of this page:

Tips For Buyers London Ontario

As a home buyer in London, Ontario and the area, being your first time or your 5th, most buyers face at least one of these situations.

  •  You’re looking to make one of the most important purchases of your life, and you don’t want to get burned because of not knowing whom you can trust or making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars later.
  • You think you know the values in the marketplace but are not sure. You know how much you are pre-approved for, but you don’t want to go that high. You really would like to be assured of getting the most that you can for your money without having any regrets after your closing.
  • You feel out of control because there are so many unanswered questions you do not have answers to, making it hard to know where to start.

     Is there a more natural way? Not really! I believe these are all prime concerns because you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would be best if you were very cautious about how you proceed.

There is no need for a buyer to have this uncertainty and fear of the unknown. If you take a deep breath and get the facts and not opinions on price and neighbourhoods around London, Ontario, the home buying process will be more transparent.

Basing your decisions on logic and controlling your emotions goes a long way in ensuring the home you buy will be a wise financial decision. The hundreds of buyers we have helped sure think so because they told us.

For buyers, is this an ideal time to capitalize on the current real estate market? It’s not the home price that matters; it’s the house’s or condo cost when you factor in interest rates. If the rates go up 1%, you lose 10% in Purchasing Power!

Don’t Wait For The Right Opportunity; Create It.

Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale in London Ontario and surrounding towns and villages

       Quality Is What We Pursue, Selling Houses Is What We Do.

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  • Prior Years Sales:
  • In 2020, 251 houses in Hyde Park sold through our MLS system, the lowest being $285,000, the highest at $1,200,000 and taking nine days on average to sell for a median of 101.89% of the asking price! For condos and townhouses in Hyde Park,  102 changed hands from $250,000 to $527,000 and took 11 days to sell for 100.71% of the asking price.
  • In 2019, 281 houses in Hyde Park sold through MLS, from $238,000 to $825,00000, taking 30 days to sell for 101.65% of the asking price. For townhouses and apartment condos, 106 changed hands from $235,500 to $630,000, selling for 101% of the asking price.
  •    In 2018, 245 houses in Hyde Park sold for a median price of 102.19% of the asking price, and these took about 22 days to change hands at an average price of $429,302. Of condominiums in Hyde Park,  including apartment-style and townhouses, 98 sold in 2018 for a median price of $299,553, 101.54%  of the asking price and took about 25 days to trade.