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    Fox Hollow London Ontario Homes Not All Realtors Are The Same


     Fox Hollow & Foxfield

    Fox Hollow neighbourhood is between Sunningdale Road and Medway Road (North), Medway between Denfield Road and Hyde Park Road (East), Fanshawe Park Road West (South) and Wonderland Road (West).

    Fox Hollow is a newer neighbourhood in the northwest part of London with the access off of Sunningdale & Fanshawe Park Road W. Loads of stores to shop going west to Hyde Park or east to Masonville Mall.

    All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Foxfield, Fox Hollow Neighbourhood


    Saint Andre Bessette Catholic Secondary School

    Saint Marguerite D’Youville Catholic Elementary School 

    Emily Carr

    St. Catherine of Siena

    Sir Arthur Currie Public School

    City Of London Ontario Fox Hollow Neighbourhood Profile


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        Don’t Forget These  Extra Costs When Buying a Home in Fox Field or Fox Hollow London Ontario 

    Buying a home in London Ontario will take much more money than just the purchase price of the property, and not things like moving costs, furniture, paint, rakes or shovels, blinds and all the stuff most of us never even think about!

    I’m talking about the actual costs of buying real estate, below are some prices, either hidden or included in your mortgage or money that you will have to spend right away. Of the hundreds of transactions we do, very few people even consider these.

     Now, you can!

    Home Buying Tips                    All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Foxfield, Fox Hollow Neighbourhood

      Purchase Price
    duhhhh! You say, of course, but this is just the starting point in your calculation.

      Registration Fees
    Fees paid to the provincial government for recording a title transfer, mortgage registration or other instruments.

      High Ratio Insurance (CMHC)
    Must be purchased if you are buying a home for less than 20% down. A sliding fee scale applies, depending on the percentage of the purchase price required in a first mortgage (some minor exceptions), which can be added to the mortgage. More information.

      Compliance Letter
    Obtained by your lawyer and required in many municipalities throughout Canada before a property transfer can take place. This is an acknowledgment from the building department that the property either has or is clear of outstanding work-orders. Work-orders are specific clean-up or fix-up requirements that the owner is legally required to do, and which must be completed before ownership can be transferred.

    paperwork for buying a house London Ontario

      Tax Certificate
    Obtained by your lawyer at the time of sale to confirm that local taxes have been paid and are up-to-date. If they are not up to date, the seller is required to pay them from the proceeds of the sale. If there are insufficient proceeds, then you may be legally required to pay the outstanding taxes. If, on the other hand, taxes have been prepaid, you may have to compensate the seller for them.

       Provincial “New Home Warranty Program” premiums — New Homes Only!
    A third party (provincial) warranty program between a builder and a buyer. Except for Ontario and Quebec, membership in such a program is voluntary for the builder. Through these programs, your home is guaranteed against defects for at least one year.  See Tarion. 

       Mortgage Appraisal and Application Fees
    Application fees &  appraisal fees are standard. Generally, $150 — $235 each would apply. (Be careful here, ask your lender what the costs are and if they can waive some or all of it)

      Home Inspection
    A report commissioned by the buyer, usually to verify the condition of a property before the “firming up” of a purchase agreement. The scope and detail may vary, but most reports outline any particular problems and associated repair costs. Unfortunately, home inspectors in Ontario are not licenced!

       Land Survey
    The legal written and mapped description of the location and dimensions of your land. The survey should also show the sizes and placement on a lot of any structure, including additions such as pools, sheds and fences. An up-to-date review is often required by a lender as part of the mortgage transaction, although Title Insurance is more prevalent and is usually included in your lawyer’s fee.

      Title Insurance
    Title insurance can be purchased by home buyers to protect against potential deficiencies in many areas, such as the land survey.  More about title insurance.

      Connection Charges
    Some local utility companies (hydro, gas, oil) charge a fee on closing to connect new buyers up to their service. More common, however, is an extra charge on the first billing.

    property taxes in London Ontario

      Property Tax and Prepaid Utilities Adjustments
    If the previous owner prepaid property taxes or other utilities, they will be credited with the prepaid portion on closing. If they paid all their taxes by April, expect a considerable adjustment cost on closing!

      Interest Adjustment 
    If you arrange to make your mortgage payments monthly on the first day of the month, and your transaction closes after the first day of the month, your lender will charge you interest on closing to the next interest date, called the Interest Adjustment Date (IAD), when your payment cycle would commence. This can be a sizeable amount, but it is the correct interest you should pay. For example, close on June 15th, spend 15 days’ interest on closing and start payments on August 1st.

     Property Taxes

    Depending on your down payment, your lending institution may decide to include your property taxes in your monthly mortgage payments.

    Property Insurance

    Home insurance covers the replacement value of your home (structure and contents). Your lending institution will request proof that you are insured as it protects their investment on loan.

     Legal Fees

    Shop around here; rates vary depending on the complexity issues or experience of the lawyer or the cost of their overhead and associates.

      Mortgage Loan Insurance Fee

    In the event of disability or death, your insurer will pay your mortgage or mortgage payments. *** Be very careful here; compare rates with your lending institution and your life insurance salesperson.

     Mortgage Broker Fee

    Shop around; most lending institutions will pay the mortgage broker’s fee, not you. Ask upfront, “Do I have to pay any fees by using your services?”

     Mortgages & Buying real estate London Ontario                    All The Houses & Condos For Sale in Foxfield, Fox Hollow Neighbourhood 

     Moving Costs

    $50-$100/hour for a truck and three movers, 10 –30% higher at the end of the month and other peak times

     Maintenance Fees

    Condos charge monthly fees and vary depending on the building.

     Local Improvements

    If the area you are moving to has made local improvements (such as sidewalks or addition of sewers), this could impact a property’s taxes by thousands of dollars.

     Land Transfer Tax

    This tax is applied whenever property changes hands and the amount varies on the purchase price of the property. Your lawyer or I can let you know what this amount will be — more info.

     Congratulations, you’ve read this far! Believe it or not, you are a minority and the type of person we like to work with, thorough, willing to learn, careful and prudent!

    As you can see, there are extra costs to consider before you make that purchase.

    We use a spreadsheet that we developed that comes pretty close to giving you an idea of how much extra you may need when buying a home in London.

    Do not stress yourself out! Be prepared! Let us organize your steps towards getting the house you want!

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