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    Byron London Ontario Real Estate

     Byron London Ontario is in the southwest area of London, a very sought after neighbourhood is close to Springbank Park  (300 acres along a stretch of the Thames River and has 19 miles of trails.) and the Thames River.

    Boler Mountain London Ontario        All Houses & Condos For Sale in Byron London Ontario

     Boler Mountain is a ski and mountain bike area known to the locals as “the bump.”  In the heart of Byron, there is a library, a fire hall, a legion, a Masonic hall, bistros and dining, professional offices, medical, drugstores, an LCBO, jewellers, dry cleaners and a few eclectic retailers.

    Nearby are eight public and private golf courses and walking & biking trails galore, beautiful Komoka Provincial Park with its many trails along with Warbler Woods Trail. 

    Beautiful Springbank Park

      The Optimist Club of Byron is an example of community volunteers giving back to the community with activities throughout the year.

     There are five elementary schools in Byron:

    Secondary school-age students in Byron either attend  St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School or Saunders Secondary School in the Westmount neighbourhood of London or, some currently attend Oakridge Secondary School in Oakridge.                

    Wickerson Rd borders Byron in South West London to the west, Southdale Road to the south, Commissioners Road to the north and Colonel Talbot Road to the east


    London Ontario Real Estate Market Prices      All Houses & Condos For Sale in Byron London Ontario

    From January 1 to March 14, 2020, 25 houses in Byron, Warbler Woods and Wickerson Heights area sold through MLS, a low of $392,4000 up to $765,000, averaging 8 days on the market and selling close to the asking price.

    20 condominiums sold in the same period, 10 apartment condos in Byron and 10 townhouses, a low of $225,000 and up to $930,000, 10 days on the market and just like houses, selling for near the asking price!

        Below are a few of the Townhouses & Apartment Condos in Byron in London Ontario, click on the link below each picture and get the price history and amenities.

    1100 Byron Baseline Road London Ontario Condominiums

    1180 Commissioners Road W London Ontario

    1443 Commissioners Road W London Ontario


    Ye Old Silo An enclave of 53 townhouse condos in Byron London Ontario 1385 Commissioners Road W London Ontario N6K 1E2 Townhouse Condos at 1385 Commissioners Road W

    1385 Commissioners Road W London Ontario N6K 1E2  Ye Old Silo consists of 53 two storey townhouses in Byron , the average sold price in 2019 was $292,000.


    1465 Commissioners Road w

    1499 Byron Baseline Road W London Ontario

    Cadeau Terrace London Ontario    18 Cadeau Terrace Warbler Glen


    1800 Sumac Way London Ontario N6K 0G1    1800 Sumac Way Evergreen at Warbler Woods one floor condo townhomes in Byron

      1800 Sumac Way London Ontario N6K 0G1 Evergreen at Warbler Woods is an enclave of one-floor condo townhomes, one sale in 2019 $600,000





    ____________________________________________________________________________________      1502 Warbler Woods Walk London Ontario N6K 0A7      1502 Warbler Woods Walk one floor townhouses in Byron London Ontario

     1502 Warbler Woods Walk London Ontario N6K 0A7  23 one floor townhomes 1 sale in 2019 at $490,000


    In 2019, 234 houses in Byron London, Ontario, sold from a low of $270,000 all the way to $1.094,000, the median days on the market was 12, and the sold prices were 100% of the asking price! For townhouses, townhomes and apartments in Byron, 77 sold from a low  $177,500 up to $640,000.The median selling price for condos in Byron was 102.35% of the asking price and took an average of nine days to sell! 

      In 2018, 215 houses sold in Byron for an average price of $381,454, which was $103.22% of the asking price and these Byron houses took on average 22 days to change hands. 61 Condominiums in Byron sold, including apartment condominiums, townhouses and townhomes for a median 105.46% of the asking price and the days to sell through MLS was 16 days for an average selling price of $338,839!You can request a breakdown of these sales or receive current properties for sale, with descriptions, asking and selling prices and other useful information to help make significant decisions by giving us a call or contact us.


          How To Maximize The Sale Price Of Your Home in Byron

    How do you, as a homeowner in London, Ontario, able to maximize the sale price of your home in this very active real estate market in London, Ontario and area?

    Get Your House Noticed in London Ontario

    Being prepared ahead of time before your home goes on MLS can be one of the best advantages you will ever have to get what you want.

    I do not mean testing the market with a price that a reasonable buyer would never consider, I mean, factually align your arsenal with quality information, such as up to date factual sales history( not what your neighbour said she got), the neighbourhood desirability and most important, is your home in what Realtors call ‘show ready’?

    As well, what is the process if you did get an offer, or two or three?  It could be, in some cases, that the highest price offer may not necessarily be the best for you!

    What would you do if you did not receive an offer in 2-3 weeks? Would you know the reason, or would your first instinct be to blame something or any one person?

    Being prepared will allow you not to make impulse decisions that could cost you.

    Over the years helping hundreds of home sellers successfully sell their home, we designed a series of checklists, a set on pricing, a series on the process and what to expect, from start to finish, the good and the bad. Our clients love it, and I thought that you might as well.

    You see, we also work with hundreds of buyers as well and if you saw or knew what we look at some sellers do or not do is impressive, and the unfortunate thing is, those sellers do not realize they are not maximizing their sold price, their marketing and exposure of their home.

    Selling a House in Byron London Ontario

    There are little subtle things that start to add up and, if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your home to sell, not sell or unnecessary problems that can occur!

    Do not leave money on the table, call us now 519-435-1600

    What's your home worth today
    What’s your home worth in today’s market, you may be surprised!

      Preparing To Buy a Home in Byron London Ontario

    When thinking about buying a home in Byron or other neighbourhoods of London, the first few thoughts are usually about money and the layout of a house, then, where is it located and how far away is it from work, schools, the park, the golf course, your doctor, your health club and your friends?

    All are pretty easy to get information for, but what about the buying process itself? Below I have made a checklist of questions, statements, and comments that past clients have asked me over the years which led me to prepare my “Market Education Buyer Profile” which has helped my clients save a considerable amount of money and time.

    Check list before buying a house in Byron

    • Five simple ways to make the home buying process easier
    • Four essential questions to ask a mortgage lender BEFORE you sign any of their documents
    • What about a lawyer, a home inspector, a pool maintenance company, electrician, plumber, flooring company, painters, landscaper or a roofer?
    • Three things that scare  most about buying a home
    • Eight steps to follow when purchasing a home to ensure a smooth closing
    • Four quick tips that could save you thousands
    • Get the home you want. Just what is it that you wish to
    • Six things to ask yourself when looking at a home
    •  Four ways to beat the stress of buying a home
    •  How can I remember each house when I’ve seen so many?
    •  Seven money-saving secrets you can use when you buy a home
    •  Five questions you should ask your real estate representative at every house you visit.
    •  Six things most builders hope you never hear
    • Six signs that could mean expensive (hidden trouble)
    • How do sellers price their homes & how much should I offer?
    • How to avoid being beaten out by other buyers who may be competing with you for that home you love
    • A no-fail guide to finding a mover that won’t take you to the cleaners
    • Planning what to do now that you’ve bought your dream home?

    From experience, we know that if a buyer is comprehensive and understands the home buying process better, the odds of buying the right home, in the right neighbourhood, for the right price is much, much better!

    Don’t gamble! Contact us today or call 519-435-1600

    All Houses & Condos For Sale in Byron London Ontario