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    Byron London Ontario Homes For Sale Byron London Ontario Real Estate MLS Information

    Byron Is in South West London

    In this sought-after neighbourhood of London, in the Byron core, there is a library, a fire hall, a legion, a Masonic hall, restaurants and dining, professional offices, medical, drugstores, an LCBO, jewellers, dry cleaners and a few eclectic retailers.

     Boler Mountain is a ski and mountain bike area known to the locals as “the bump.” 

    Nearby are eight public and private golf courses and walking & biking trails galore,  as it is close to Springbank Park  (300 acres along a stretch of the Thames River and has 19 miles of trails.) and the Thames River. As well, there is the beautiful Komoka Provincial Park and the Warbler Woods Trail. 

      Byron’s Optimist Club is an example of community volunteers giving back to the community with activities throughout the year.

    There are five elementary schools in Byron:

    Secondary school-age students in Byron either attend  St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School or Saunders Secondary School in the Westmount neighbourhood of London or, some currently, attend Oakridge Secondary School in Oakridge.

     Byron boundaries are Wickerson Rd in South West London to the west, Southdale Road to the south, Commissioners Road to the north and Colonel Talbot Road to the east.

    Byron London Ontario Neighbourhood Boundaries

    Byron London Ontario Sales History

    Byron London Ontario Real Estate Houses & Condos

      In 2021, as of October 1, 219 houses in Byron were sold through MLS averaging 7 days on the market and selling for 111.20% of the asking price. The low being $480,000 and the highest,$2,667,000!

    In 2021, as of October 1, 20 apartment condos in Byron exchanged hands through MLS, averaging 13 days on the market and selling for 100.01% of the asking price. The low being $375,000 and the high $835,000. The median price per square foot was $437.58.

    In 2021, as of October 1, 51 townhouses & townhomes in Byron sold through MLS, averaging 6 days on the market and selling for 111.73% of the asking price. The low being $350,000, the high $811,000.

    •   In 2020,  322 Byron houses and condos sold through MLS, with 239 homes exchanging hands, with the median days on the market being eight and selling 103.69% of the asking price. The sold prices varied from a low of $380,000 to a high of $1.650.000.  Eighty-three condominiums sold in Byron for $225,000 and up to $930,000, 12 days on the market were the median days to sell and sell for 101.7% of the asking price!

    For previous years’ stats, go to the bottom of this page

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    guide to buying a house in London Ontario & area

    What Price Do You Pick When Deciding To Sell A Home in Byron London Ontario?

       What price do you choose when deciding to put your house or condo for sale on MLS? I won’t go into the debate about “free advice,” you know what I mean, your hairdresser, co-worker, Uncle Ted, who knows everything about everything, your financial advisor, or the “Free Market Evaluation” postcard or online generalities you get bombarded with every day.

    Are You Ready & Prepared To Buy a Home in London Ontario?

     Below are a few things you may want to give considerable thought to:

    • Not choosing the right price when a property is first listed. In other words, thinking, “We can always come down.”
    • Putting the property on the market at an unrealistic price for your neighbourhood should be priced on a comparative basis to the other similar features. (I should add, everyone thinks their home is different, but buyers and their Realtor do not think so.)
    • Not relating the time your house will take to sell compared to the price you want. Generally, the quicker you want to sell, the less you should be willing to take.
    • It is calculating brokerage fees on top of the sales price. A home is worth what it is worth, with or without a commission.
    • Thinking that buyers aren’t comparing your home, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, with every other house on the market
    • Do not add up all your credit card debt, car loans, a line of credit, mortgage, that one-month luxury cruise and then $20,000 just for the heck of it, and that is the price!

                    There is a better way!

    Over the years, helping hundreds of home sellers successfully sell their homes, we designed a series of checklists, a set on pricing, a series on the process and what to expect, from start to finish, the good and the bad. Our clients love it, and I thought that you might as well.

    There are little subtle things that start to add up and, if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your home to sell, not sell or unnecessary problems that can occur!

      7 Key Points To Sell  Your Home & Get The Results You Deserve!

    How Much Is Your Home Worth?

    I want to sell my house in London Ontario, how much is it worth?

    I am amazed at all the web pages out there, you know the ones I mean, they offer free evaluations without even seeing your home or the “Free Home Evaluation Reports” cards we receive in our mailboxes or the dreaded cold call ” I have a buyer who is interested in buying your home”.


    How can anyone value your home accurately without physically seeing your home thoroughly and doing the two to three hours of research necessary? Have you ever bought anything “at a ballpark price’? “A general price range?” “The market price?” After helping hundreds of buyers over the years buy homes, every house or condo my clients bought had a price, we never looked at homes without a price. Semantics aside, you deserve a price that a willing qualified buyer will pay.

    So, what is that price?

    Home Evaluations The Right Way

    • you let us know that you would like a no obligation, no cost valuation of your house or condo
    • we will arrange a mutual time to meet
    • we prepare before our meeting our research of prices, demographics and current market conditions.
    • You will not have to sign anything or listen to blah blah blah stuff , malarky, posturing, showcasing or bs.
    • when we get to your home,a quick introduction and a tour of your home.
    • while doing the tour, we can prepare a room by room audit of the selling features or what you could do to help sell quicker or receive a higher price.
    • when completed, sit down with you and adress your concerns, fears or the anxiety you may have about moving.
    • leave with you our research and market reports and best practises to sell a home.
    • within 24 hours we will get back to you with “The Price is Right”
    • you then decide what you wish to do.

    If you decide to utilize our research and apply our marketing tips, you’ll know how to price and sell your home for the fastest, most profitable sale. Also, with this information, you’ll never pay too much for any home you ever buy for the rest of your life.

    Contact us Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Brokerage Inc

    Below are a few of the Townhouses & Apartment Condos in Byron in London, Ontario; some link with the price history, amenities, and other information.

    727 Apricot Drive London Ontario N6K 5A7 is an enclave of 14 detached vacant land homes in Byron, the last sale was for  $520,000

    777 Apricot Drive London Ontario N6K 5B3

    777 Apricot Drive London Ontario N6K 5B3 is an enclave of 34 vacant land townhouses in Byron, latest prices $735,900

    1100 Byron Baseline Road W London Ontario N6K 4M3 (aptly named Springbank Hill) is an enclave of 78 condos in Byron, a short 5-minute walk to Springbank Park floor and two storey condominium townhouses. 

    1294 Byron Baseline Road W London Ontario N6K 2E3 in Byron consists of 43 two-storey townhouse condos; the last sale was for $480,000

    1499 Byron Baseline Road West is on the edge of Warbler Woods. This 39 unit enclave of upscale detached townhome condominiums (completed in 1999) has a mix of single and double car garages. The landscaping and care of this enclave are outstanding and a very desirable neighbourhood

     2,5,6,7,9,10,14,18 Cadeau Terrace is an adult-orientated townhouse & townhome community in Byron, Warbler Woods neighbourhood of London, Ontario, an ideal location for nature lovers, golf enthusiasts, and those who travel and would like a safe, upscale neighbourhood to live in. Depending on the Cadeau Terrace address, you have a variety from detached to attached; some have walkouts, some have decks, and some have everything you would ever need in a one-floor residence with someone else to cut the grass and shovel the snow!

    Updated Kitchen

    1028 Commissioners Road W London Ontario consists of 18 townhomes, mostly one floor and with single or double car garages, directly across from Springbank Park, the last sale was for $549,000

     1180 Commissioners Road West London Ontario is a quiet and well-maintained adult-orientated pet-free building in Byron with an indoor saltwater pool, sauna, whirlpool and recreation facility with underground parking across beautiful Springbank Park, called  Parkside Terrace.

    1328 Commissioners Road W London Ontario in Byron called ‘Westwood Village’ has 75 units, has an outdoor pool and tennis courts. These units are either two, three or four bedrooms—a contemporary two-bedroom townhouse sold for $460,000

    1331 Commissioners Road W Byron Ontario one floor townhouses

    1331 Commissioners Road W Byron Ontario N6K 1E2  consists of 28 one floor townhouses, the last sale was for $811,000

    1337 Commissioners Road W London Ontario is an enclave of 17 one floor townhomes in Byron, the last sale was $425,000

    1385 Commissioners Road W London Ontario N6K 1E2 better known as Ye Old Silo consists of 53 two-storey townhouses in Byron; the last sale was for $449,900

    1399 Commissioners Road W London Ontario N6K 4G9, There are 30 units, the last sale $540,000

    1415 Commissioners Road W London Ontario N6K 1E2 consists of 31 condo-townhouse units, the last sale was $501,000

    1443 Commissioners Road West London Ontario is a private enclave of townhomes in desirable Byron, which is in the southwest area of London. Known as Stonegate, these 42 one and two-floor condominiums are well maintained and a few select townhomes back onto the Thames River ravine!

        1465 Commissioners Road W  is a  quality built enclave of 15 townhome condominiums maintained exceptionally well and a few select townhomes backing onto the Thames River.

    1311 Springbank Ave London Ontario, called ‘Springbank Mews’ consists of 11 townhouses, some with walkouts, the last sale was $527,000

      1800 Sumac Way London Ontario N6K 0G1 Evergreen at Warbler Woods is an enclave of one-floor condo townhomes, the last sale was for $651,000

     1502 Warbler Woods Walk London Ontario N6K 0A7  consists of 23 one floor townhomes, the last sale was for $570,000

    • In 2019, 234 houses in Byron London, Ontario, sold from a low of $270,000 to $1.094,000, the median days on the market was 12, and the sold prices were 100% of the asking price! For townhouses, townhomes and apartments in Byron, 77 sold from a low  $177,500 up to $640,000.The median selling price for condos in Byron was 102.35% of the asking price and took an average of nine days to sell!

    •   In 2018, 215 houses sold in Byron for an average price of $381,454, which was $103.22% of the asking price, and these Byron houses took on average 22 days to change hands.61 Condominiums in Byron sold, including apartment condominiums, townhouses and townhomes, for a median of 105.46% of the asking price. The days to sell through MLS were 16 days for an average selling price of $338,839!

    What Improvements or Additions Can I Make to This Page?

    Do you have any information or event that I could add to this page that would help someone know more about this neighbourhood?

    I will gladly post any information or event on this page if I feel it will benefit the community as a whole; I will not post rumours or prejudices.

    Please get in touch with me if you feel I can improve this page.

    Thank you, Ty Lacroix Broker of Record

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