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Buying a Home London Ontario

If You Were Involved in This Survey, What Do You Worry About Most in Buying a Home?

In that survey, what were these buyers thinking? I mean adding up 28.17% + 44.17% equals 72.34% or 3/4 of their worries! If you take that 72.34% and add the 9.67% of finding a good Realtor, we now have 82.01% of fears that most buyers have.

How Would You Feel If 82.01% of Your Concerns You Have Answers To & Gave You The Confidence To Buy The Right Home For You and Your Family?

What is my home really worth in London Ontario
These London Home Buyers Bought With Confidence Throughout the Process, Why Not You?

The Buyer’s Pyramid

The Buyer's Pyramid
The average can only fulfill one or two sides; I believe our clients deserve all three sides and then som!

Finding A Home Is Among The Least Important Things a Buyer Representative Does.

99% of all homes are on the MLS system so anybody can see them. The important work happens after “Find” happens, when it’s time to evaluate, strategize, negotiate and manage the 83 other steps before the buyer even gets the keys!

Since Adam & Eve went looking for a home, everyone has an opinion on the proper steps and timing when buying a home in London, Ontario, be it advice from well-meaning family members, pretend real estate gurus, 1000s of books, articles and Google searches, Instagram, FaceBook, you name, someone has an opinion!

We Listen:

what does this all mean?
We were given two ears for a reason: to listen to our clients, understand their needs, give guidance, and help them buy a home in London, Ontario, and the surrounding area.

We Deliver:

Thinking about buying or selling a home in London Ontario?
We have done our homework and research, and we will only show you houses that match your criteria and provide you with the pros and cons of each one!

We now know what you want, what you can afford, and your concerns. At this stage in your career or in life, you do not need drama; you want results, not excuses, not commission breath salespeople or wasting time on what you are not interested in.

You Move:

Moving couple into their one floor home Ty Helped them buy in London Ontario
This happy couple is moving into the home we helped them buy in London, Ontario.

Together, we knew what they wanted and didn’t want; they felt very confident that the property they chose was right, the price was right, and the home matched their lifestyle and comfort zone. There were a few challenges, but they were managed and solved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction!

The Next Step? Want Guidance?

  • Schedule an appointment
  • Allow us to design a custom plan to get you what you want and can afford.
  • Together, we start the process from start to finish, and you can start packing!
Ty Lacroix and Michael Theisen
Contact Ty or Michael at 519-435-1600

Below You Can See Instantly What Is For Sale Now in The Area on MLS & You Don’t Have To Sign Your Life Away To See Pictures or Floor Plans!


We Guide Buyers, Not Restrict or Annoy You!

Houses for Sale London Ontario & Area
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All apartment condos for sale in London Ontario

One Of The Easiest Ways To Save Thousands of Dollars And Heartaches!

 One of the biggest mistakes most home buyers make is that they rely solely on “local neighbourhood market analysis information” to determine the right price. Buyers rely on information provided by whom? This is a straightforward question, and I hope you fully grasp this! I believe that historical home values and current prices of sold or not sold are facts, and they should not be confused with anything having the words ‘potential,’ ‘should,’ ‘could be,’ or ‘averaging”.

Whats is the property worth Property Value in London Ontario

Family, friends, and co-workers, while meaning well, will have opinions and perspectives on what you should do! You will be living there, not them, really think this through. Facts do not lie; the question will be, what attributes determine the price you are willing to pay the home seller? Before you buy a home, insist on seeing a “total market overview” of exactly what is going on in the entire market.  Then narrow your analysis to local market information.

Why do I say this?  Because you want to know two things: 1) what is the entire market doing with values?  Are they going up, and by how much?  2) What is the specific area doing with market values?  How does it compare to what the total market is doing?  Are the growth rates the same, lower, or higher than the overall market? Understanding these parameters will save you thousands of dollars when you make an offer on the house.

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