Buy a Home in London Ontario A Good Decision Is Based On Knowledge

         You buy a home in London Ontario for one reason and one reason only, to solve a problem!

      buy a home in London Ontario with us and relax

    • Tired of Renting? Solve the problem by buying a house or a condo
    • Is House or condo too small? Too big? Solve the problem by buying something bigger or smaller
    • Too Expensive? Solve
    • Relocating? Solve
    • Don’t like the neighbourhood? Solve
    • Divorced? Living Together? Getting Married? Cranky Spouse? Mother-in-law too close? Solve
    • Fill in the blanks ___________________? Solve

    I have been a Realtor for quite a few years and own the brokerage and have learned that people do not hire us because we are a Realtor who c help buy or sell homes, anybody can do that, that is what average does.

    People hire us because we solve problems, we identify them, take a focused view and solve the problem, end of story!

    You don’t hire  a Realtor because you need a taxi driver,  or because they are pretty, ugly, skinny, fat, bald, young or old, you have a problem(which can be good or bad), and you want someone to listen and solve the problem quickly and save some money as well.

    To Buy a Home in London Ontario, Who Gets The Biggest Bang For Their Dollar?

    The biggest bang for their dollar goes to the buyer who has the first opportunity to say yes with conviction! And, who is that buyer?

    let us help you make good decisuions


    • The buyer who has identified their needs, not their wants


    • The buyer who knows & understands how sellers and their Realtor come up with a price and why.


    • The buyer who is working with an above average Realtor


    • The buyer who understands the complete buying cycle from start to completion and even after their purchase.


    • The buyer who understands that buying a home is a process, not an event! In other words, keeping their emotions in check and aware that opinions from family, co-workers & friends, though well-meaning, may not be accurate or up to date.

    In summary, the buyer who is genuinely prepared, told the truth, knows what questions to ask & is aware of all the facts ends up with the home that matches their budget and needs.

         I read that the quality of life is dictated by the quality of the questions we ask!


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