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Wortley Village Old South London Ontario Real Estate Market And What’s For Sale Now

Sales History Old South London Ontario Area

Now is the time to target your home for sale and max the selling price in London Ontario

In 2022, 168 houses in Old South London sold, with the average number of days to sell being fifteen, which was twice as long as the Spring of 2022. These 168 houses sold for an average of 110.94 of the asking price, with the sold prices ranging from $359,900 to $2,100,000. Nine apartment condos sold, with the average days on the market to sell through MLS being twenty-three; the sold prices averaged 110.94% of the asking price, with the sold prices ranging from $500,000 to $1,200,000! Two townhouses sold, one at 30 Grand for $540,000 and one at 352 Ridout for $800,000.

Houses for Sale London Ontario & Area
Houses for Sale London Ontario & Area
All Townhouses & Townhomes For Sale in London Ontario and surrounding towns and villages for sale
All apartment condos for sale in London Ontario
  • Prior Year Sales in Old South London & Wortley Village
  •     In 2020, 186 homes in Old South London sold through MLS, averaging seven days to sell for a median of 102.17%% of the asking price from a low of $246,000 to a high of $1,500,000. Nine condos in Old South London changed hands in the same period; the median days to sell were 19 for $103.51% of the asking price, from a low of $139,000 to a high of $472,000.
  •    In 2019, 229 houses changed hands in the Wortley Village, Old South London neighbourhood, from $230,000 to $1,120,000, taking sixteen days to sell on MLS at a median of 103.13% of the asking price. Eight condominiums changed hands in the same period through MLS, a low of $152,100 and a high of $499,000, averaging eight days on the market and selling for 101.22% of the asking price.      
  • In 2018, in Wortley Village, Old South London, Ontario, real estate sales were robust, with 196 single-family houses sold for an average price of $404,718, 102.28% of the asking price and the median time on the market was 20 days! 13Wortley Village condominiums changed hands, averaging a $309,902 selling price, 97.46% of the asking price; condos in Old South London took about 35 days to sell.

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