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    Why “if” Is Like a Four Letter Word in Real Estate in London Ontario

     Why do we, if ourselves, all the time? If I would have done that or if I had said that, and; on and on it goes.

    If, a very dangerous word in real estate

    This week alone, I heard the following.

    •  Do you see that house on the corner? If I would have bought it when I first saw it, it just sold again for $86,000 more!


    • If only I had bought three months ago?


    • If only I had put up my house for sale instead of 2 months ago.


    • If I would have seen that last week, I could have bought it, now it is sold, I loved it.


    • That was a reasonable price if I had only been ready.


    • If I could only get my wife, husband, parents, children, guru, mentor, lover, minister, cat,  to agree with me, I would have bought it!


     I if myself as well if I stand in that checkout line, will it be quicker than the other 3? If I don’t work out this morning, what are the consequences? If I do this, if I do that?

      I read that iffing is an average human (emotion) (reaction) (call for help) (uncertainty) or all of those.

     I do not have the answer, but I vow not to use the word if today!

     If I remember!


    If You Have a sec, check these homes out!


    Note: If you have more ifs you would like to add, let me know if you can!

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    Ty Lacroix

    Founder & Owner & Broker of Record of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Inc, a Grandfather, right handed, male, can't sing or dance well and have been called a workaholic

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