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Where Do Home Buyers Come From When Buying a House in London Ontario?

Where do home buyers come from when buying a house in London Ontario?

Did you know that over 96% of homes sold in London Ontario have been previewed by buyers on the web, either through Realtor’s websites, MLS  or Social Media? That is a considerable number and why it is imperative when putting your home on the market to have a great web presence or three!


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 Below is How Buyers Are Attracted to Homes in London Ontario Before They Buy 

  • 59%  Salesperson contact
  • 27% For Sale Sign
  • 8%  Referred by a relocation service ( I work with three national companies)
  • 3% Bought for a combination of reasons
  • 1% Bought advertised property in a magazine or print ad
  • 1% Bought open house they saw
  • 1% For Sale by Owner

Knowing these numbers and how buyers find your home when there are others out there competing with you will enable you to make some wise decisions when it comes time to put your home on the market.

   Do not forget, exposure and traffic sell homes! If the exposure is not compelling, the house is not selling and or selling for the price you want or in the time you want.

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