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    What Is The London Ontario Real Estate Market Like With All These Closures?

    I am asked every day: “How’s the real estate market in London Ontario & area?”

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    It’s day by day, hour by hour. Some of our buyers/sellers are telling me they want to hold for now, and I’m supporting that decision while we continue to communicate and keep them aware of what’s next. And some of my clients need to sell or buy right now, and they’re doing that with our protocols for safety and smart marketing, virtual showings and more.

    More importantly, keep safe and do what’s best for you, your family, those close to you and those in need.

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    Ty Lacroix

    Founder & Owner & Broker of Record of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Inc, a Grandfather, right handed, male, can't sing or dance well and have been called a workaholic

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