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All Townhouse Condos For Sale in London Ontario & Surrounding Area

Townhouse Condos for sale in London Ontario and area

Good Things To Know About Townhouse & Townhome Condos in London, Ontario & Area

Are townhouses, townhomes, freehold or vacant land condos, and condominium residences not all the same? Detached freeholds? No they are not which is why the monthly fee varies, for clarity, in the London, Ontario and area, Realtors, builders and lawyers generally define them as the following:

  • Townhouse Condo: Can be attached or detached, single floor or a two or three-storey
101 Brookside Street London Ontario
  • Town Home Condo: Usually detached, more upscale.
bungalow townhome condos for sale in London Ontario and surrounding area
  • Free Hold or Vacant Land Condo: Detached, you own the land and are responsible for your roof, windows, doors, and you pay a nominal fee to the condo corporation for road maintenance and common grounds.
vacant land condo at 2087 Wallingford Ave London Ontario
Immaculate Curb Appeal

Take note that your lawyer and the condo corporation’s status certificate and the property you are buying or selling is defined quite clearly in all documents, and ownership is defined.

Detached Townhome Condos For Sale in London Ontario and area on MLS

Before Buying a Townhouse or Townhome: How much would you save in money, stress or issues if you knew about the following?

 Buying a condominium in London, Ontario is far different than buying a single-family home, though similar, you will want to know:

  • What are the condominium regulations? By-laws?
  • Are pets allowed? If so, is there a limitation on size or weight? Is this verifiable? Children?
  • The by-laws?
  • Who are the board of directors?
  • What do the condo fees include? Are you sure?
  • Financial stability of the condo corporation?
  • What date was the last onsite engineering study done?
  • Parking? Exclusive and safety?
  • I’m the one buying, who else is going to be involved?
  • When I Buy a Condo, How Can I Protect Myself? Before & After?
  • New or Resale, What You May Not Know.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Car or Furniture Right Before You Buy a Condo.
  • Four Important Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before You Sign Anything.
  • Five Strategies to Never Ever Overpay for a Condo.
  • Getting a Home Inspection for a Condo? Do I Need One?
  • How Credit Reports and Credit Scoring Affects What Dollar Amount You Can Borrow.
  • What Pricing Strategies Are Sellers & Their Realtors Using to Get You to Buy?
  • A Proven Way to Avoid Frustration When Looking for Condos in London, Ontario & Area.
  • How Can I Remember Each Condo When I’ve Seen So Many?
  • Five Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor at Every Condo You Visit.
  • Six Things Most Builders Hope You NEVER Hear.
  • 8 Signs That Could Mean Expensive (hidden) Trouble
  • Avoid Being Beaten Out by Other Buyers Who Want the Same Condo as You Do.
  • A No-Fail Guide to Finding A Mover That Won’t Take You To The Cleaners.
  • Ways You Can Save Thousands of Interest Dollars and Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Sooner.
  • Why Any Lawyer Will Not Do.
  • How Important Is a Status Certificate? Why Do I Need One? Who Pays for It?

Your lawyer has to be more thorough and do more work, your mortgage lender has more preparation, and your Realtor should have an in-depth knowledge of condominiums, fees, by-laws, rules and regulations.  You will also want to know the long-term financial responsibilities you may be responsible for when purchasing or selling a condominium.

A systemized approach to the buying process can help you steer clear of these common traps, allowing you to save money and time and ensure your purchase is prudent.Everything You May Want to Know When Buying a Condo in London Ontario!

Here are a few Condo sellers’ acceptable practices.

The demand for quality townhomes is strong, and with more buyers than sellers, prices are rising, and most good properties, if priced correctly, are getting multiple offers. The keywords ‘priced properly’ are paramount to ensure a smooth and quick sale and, of course, the marketing of your home.

Just putting a sign on the property and putting it on MLS is not enough to attract that discriminate and capable buyer for your unit. You can have the brightest billboard in the world, but stuck out in the desert where nobody can see it, what good is it?How To Sell Your Condo Apartment or Townhouse Condo in London Ontario For More Money.

Condominium Living Explained

More and more Londoners are choosing to live in condominiums, whether a townhouse or a townhome. Empty-nesters,  singles, couples and families enjoy the freedom from routine maintenance like grass cutting, raking leaves, shovelling snow, and replacing roof shingles, windows or doors. In some instances you may get more bang for the buck!

definition of condo corporations

Owning a condominium in London, Ontario includes sharing common areas with other residents and following by-laws and rules set by the condo corporation. It’s essential to understand how a condominium corporation is established and operates, so you know what to expect from condominium living.Condominium Authority of Ontario

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