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The Difference Between a Home Valuation And A CMA

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out a home valuation or get one; almost every Realtor has “Free Home Valuations” all over their messages, all you have to do and they will gladly prance and parade to your residence for the primary purpose of hoping that you will sell your home with them. In my experience, 50% of these valuations are spot on, the rest, well, telling people what they want to hear or afraid to upset a potential seller or gathering all the glamour B.S. and dumping it on you trying to impress you with style is not helping you!

My interpretation of a CMA is the following:

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) helps determine a property’s correct selling price. Ultimately, the best possible price the market will bear is the correct selling price.

A market analysis is divided into three categories:

1. Comparable homes that are currently for sale

2. Comparable homes that were recently sold

3. Comparable homes that failed to sell

Looking at similar homes currently offered for sale; you can assess the alternatives a serious buyer has from which to choose. You can also be sure that we are not underpricing your home.

Looking at similar homes sold in the past few months, you can see a clear picture of how the market has valued homes comparable to yours. You can also see the days on the market for these to sell. Homes that sell for the correct price sell the quickest.

Banks and other lending institutions also analyze these sales to determine how much they can lend to qualified buyers.

Looking at similar homes that failed to sell or had price reductions, you can avoid pricing at a level that would not attract buyers.

In summary, free has no value; there will always be a price to pay, now or later. I don’t know who said this, but I love it: “Pay the price once and only cry once”!

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Ty Lacroix

"Not All Realtors Are The Same"! This website and content are for you and are designed and constantly upgraded with the latest real estate trends, how-to’s and what is for sale on MLS. All the so-called Gurus of marketing and branding say a Realtor and their Brokerage should have a bio to let people know about them. I have always felt bios were boasting, bragging, or trying to impress readers; I’ve always felt that our actions and results should impress and not be all talk and no action! As they say in Texas:” All hat and no cattle”! So here goes: We are a small brokerage by choice. Our primary focus is guiding home buyers and sellers to make good decisions. We believe selling real estate is a process, not an event or knee-jerk reaction; we sleep well at night and ensure our clients do as well! We are not for everybody, nor can we please everybody, nor do we tell people what they want to hear; I know that may be old-fashioned and boring but we are dealing with hundreds of your hard-earned money. Would you rather be happy, excited and bored or unhappy, excited and make a poor choice? About Ty Founder & Owner, & Broker of Record of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Inc., That's all I can say about me! You see, this is about you, not me; you do not want to hear blah blah stuff about awards, designations, or that we walk older adults across the street (I used to help old ladies cross the street, but as I got older I did not want my wife to think I was flirting) the reincarnation of Mother Teresa, walk on water or anything else to impress you. We let the numbers speak for themselves; success leaves clues!

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