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    The Characteristics of Sutton Group Envelope Team Members

    I was asked by one of my coaches what The Characteristics of Our Team Members were and below are my points:

    Roles & Responsibilities of our Realtors

    • Be a person of character. Always maintain ironclad honesty and integrity. Be consistent in everything you do.
    • Operate authentically and give value.
    • Lead by example
    • Work as hard as your team. Be willing to get your hands dirty.
    • Get things done. People like to be on a team that wins.
    • Follow through on your commitments.
    • Communicate transparently, directly, clearly and often.
    • Listen intently and sincerely.
    • Support your team rather than looking out for yourself.
    • Demonstrate care and compassion.
    • Defend your team, mainly when they are absent from the room.
    • Give credit and accept blame.
    • Take 100% responsibility for results, be they good, poor or average.
    • Be generous.
    • Resolve conflicts.
    • Remove roadblocks.
    • Be the best.
    • Live the values.

    Whenever a team member leaves, be it voluntarily or not, I always ask myself, what characteristics and values did I not thoroughly promote and train.


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    Ty Lacroix

    Founder & Owner & Broker of Record of Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate Inc, a Grandfather, right handed, male, can't sing or dance well and have been called a workaholic

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