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The Byron London Ontario Real Estate Market Numbers For 2023

The 2023 Byron London Ontario Real Estate Market Stats

Byron London Ontario Real Estate Houses & Condos
Houses Sold in December 2023, 12Apartment Condos Sold in December 2023 0Townhouses/Townhomes Sold in December 2023 1
Houses Sold Year To Date 184Apartment Condos Sold Year To Date 23Townhouses/Townhomes Sold Year To Date 62
Time on Market 24 daysTime on Market 26 daysTime on Market 21 days
Price Range $520,000 – $2,215,000Price Range $300,000 -$982,500Price Range $390,000 – $900,000
% to Asking Price 98.52%% to Asking Price 97.38%% to Asking Price 99.14%
Byron Area Data from MLS London St.Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR)

Why Are Days on The Market and The Percentage of Selling Price to Asking Price Important to Know?

For both home buyers and sellers, days on the market when a property is listed for sale expose many things. For the last twenty years, I have posted on my site and blogs the days on the market, and for most, it was like blowing in the wind, so what?

Here’s why:

  • A home that is appropriately priced sells within ten days or less!
  • A home that is marketed correctly sells within ten days or less!

You may argue that the floors in your home are covered with gold inlay or the home needs work; it does not matter; what a willing buyer is willing to pay matters. But you say you can wait and hope someone will pay your price; hope is not a strategy, just as hoping to win a lottery is not a strategy to build instant wealth.

When I pull up the days on the market for a London neighbourhood or a condo corporation and see the average days on the market, every time some sold within ten days and others in 30,60 or longer, and when you look at what they sold for, the longer they were on the market, they sold for less than the asking price, even in last year’s buyers’ market when anything sold!

Or, the pictures were poor or enhanced, a poor video or none, the description was boring or beyond belief, and the only marketing was a for sale sign! And then, trying to set a showing was a challenge or ignored!

For Buyers: Knowing the DOM (days on the market) will help you determine the lack of interest in someone making an offer (even though there were many showings) because of price, condition or marketing. The percentage of the selling price to the asking price for similar sold homes or neighbourhoods indicates the market values.

For Sellers: Every home in your neighbourhood, building or complex is competition. Being aware of the DOM and percentage selling price will save you quite a few headaches and worries!

Note: You may disagree or agree with me on the above, which is great about marketing; you have choices as well as I do. I would rather work with clients and be brutally upfront on the market, implode the false perceptions of some buyers and sellers and their advisors! And yes, I have been wrong sometimes, yet numbers do not lie; emotion over logic is the culprit!

More About Byron London Ontario

Byron London Ontario Neighbourhood Boundaries
 Byron boundaries are Wickerson Rd in South West London to the west, Southdale Road to the south, Commissioners Road to the north and Colonel Talbot Road to the east.
families love Byron
Great Family Neighbourhood

In this sought-after neighbourhood of London, the Byron core has a library, a fire hall, a legion, a Masonic hall, restaurants and dining, professional offices, medical, drugstores, an LCBO, jewellers, dry cleaners and a few eclectic retailers.

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