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The 4 Rules For Selling a London Ontario Home Quicker & For More Money

As a Realtor who has been around the block a few times but still have some hair left, here are four rules that a house or condo seller should follow:

finding out there are mistakes in their real estate listing

•1.       Understand that your asking price will define the expectations and limit the number of buyers who see your home.  An unreasonably high asking price will create unreasonable expectations from buyers.

•2.       Understand that there is a finite number of buyers who may want to see your home.  Every appointment request that you refuse will significantly limit your Realtor’s chance of receiving an offer and increase the amount of time needed to sell your home.

•3.       Understand that every day your home is on the market is a day closer to a price reduction and failure to sell.  Housing data indicates that your home has a higher market value today than it will at any time during the duration of the listing agreement.

•4.     Understand that buyers typically view between four and 12 homes.  Your home needs to be in the first place to get them to make an offer.  If its price, condition, and presentation are not number one, you will not get an offer.

Follow these four rules and start packing!

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