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Single Floor Homes London Ontario Are In Demand

Single floor homes in London Ontario, be it houses such as a ranch or a bungalow, or a one-floor condominium townhouse or a townhome are in demand. As with any city, some neighbourhoods are highly sought after and perhaps a few you may want to be cautious before purchasing!

Detached Town Home London Ontario

The demographics in London is changing quickly, and the desire to downsize or simplify is increasing, which affects real estate prices and availability.

Over the years working with hundreds of clients who went the one-floor route, we have designed a strategy that gave our clients what we call ” a market education.” In a short time frame, they became well versed on price, quality and neighbourhoods.

Making a prudent financial investment is much more involved than just “buying right.”

If you’re like most, the decision to move can involve several stresses and strains, and for 90% of us, it is the single largest financial transaction of our lives.

Not being thorough in any part of the process can cost thousands of dollars.

If our “market education” strategy is something you feel would be of value to you, let me know, I know it will open your eyes and perhaps soothe your expectations!

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