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Riverbend London Ontario Real Estate Market

Below Is a Summary Of Home Prices in the Riverbend Neighbourhood of London Ontario

The January 2022 real estate market in Riverbend London was slow regarding the number of properties sold, the reason being there were not many listed for sale! Three apartment condos at 2050 Linkway sold through MLS, two three-bedroom apartments, one for $828,00, the other $858,000. The two-bedroom sold for $869,000 (not a misprint). One townhouse at 2040 Shore Road sold for a record $865,501, and two houses sold, one for $899,000, the other $1,500,000!

Now what? Hold on, folks, if the current shortage of homes for sale continues, we will see substantial price increases even if interest rates rise 1-2%! Riverbend is an attractive neighbourhood, and there will be activity from those who require little to no mortgage financing. Stay tuned!

The Real Estate Market in Riverbend London Ontario is a Seller’s Market!

The real estate market in Riverbend London Ontario is experiencing a seller’s market. The inventory of houses and condos listed for sale is meagre, and if able, this may be the time to take advantage of the large numbers of buyers currently competing to purchase. You can see by the 2021 numbers above that results do not lie, and there are very few properties for sale in the neighbourhood.

There are several reasons to consider selling your home in Riverbend London within the next few months. First, the convenience of selling within seven to ten days always makes the process less burdensome. It is equally appealing for buyers who are seriously looking to purchase, and they come pre-qualified for financing. Buyers are also more flexible about a closing date to accommodate the seller’s preferred timing. Of course, a well-priced house or condo will generate multiple offers that typically net the highest price for you.

Don’t wait for the right opportunity; create it.

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