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Realtors, Do You Know Where Your Source Of Business Comes From?

Do You Know the Sources of Your Business?

There are two sources that generate business, human resources or activities and financial resources or dollars you spend to generate business.  You must give thought to what the benefits are of sourcing your business.

Look at every transaction that closed in the last 12 months and determine the source of each transaction.

  • How many transactions came from an ad call?
  • How many transactions came from the internet?
  • How many transactions came from an open house?
  • How many transactions came from referrals?

By the way, these are just a few of the examples of what you need to explore in sourcing your business.Incidentally, in the course of sourcing, there were activities and dollars spent that “didn’t” produce traceable results, get rid of them … move towards those that did deliver a result.

If you need help in “sourcing your business” to help you earn more business, give me a call!


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