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London Ontario Real Estate, Stress And Being Canadian

Head in the sand, who is responsible

I, like most, am inundated daily with newspaper headlines, TV evening news and morning radio news about the economy, health care costs, the tragedy of the day and on and on.

As Canadians, are we listening or are we putting our heads in the sand?

The reason I ask is that in a recent poll, here is what we are thinking ( or what the pollsters want us to think about what we are thinking):

Attention all news reporters: the sun is still going to come up tomorrow!

  • 78% of Canadians expect family incomes to either increase or stay the same during the next year.
  • 44% of Canadians think this is the best time to buy  London Ontario real estate.
  • In the United States, for example, the economy has caused Americans to experience 66% stress, ( Mr.Trump or ????),  Canadians only 35%.
  • 57% of Americans have anxiety with Canadian anxiety being 30%
  • 46% of Americans are losing sleep over the economy and Canadians only 40%
  • 32% of our neighbours to the south have suffered depression while 15% of Canadians experience depression.
  • 33% of the world cut their spending on mobile phones, in Canada only 22%.
  • 10% of Canadians reduced their internet spending
  • 17% cut spending on digital, satellite or cable TV.

So, in summary, do we Canadians not pay attention, are we stubborn, do we wear rose coloured glasses or are we just simply optimists who go on with our daily lives, doing the best we can and having confidence that the future can only get better?

Enjoy your day and if you can, help someone else enjoy theirs too!

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Ty Lacroix

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