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How To Get Great Results When Selling a Condo in London Ontario

To get great results when selling a London Ontario condo, be it an apartment or a townhouse, what do you think it takes?                

Marketing a condo for sale in London Ontario takes more than just plopping a ‘for sale sign’ (and only if your condo corp allows signs, some don’t !) in front of the building or getting a Realtor to put it on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), then, praying and hoping it sells!

In today’s market place, it takes innovative marketing to sell a condo for the price you want.

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  What do I mean?

Well… in this market, there are only so many buyers out there who are ready and able to purchase a condo. So, if you want results when you list a condo for sale, a wise Realtor will aggressively identify those potential buyers before other’s “get their hooks into them” and guide them into a different property.

The fact is, when you enter the market to sell a condo, you enter one of the most competitive businesses in existence… anywhere!  Competition is strong and if you’re not ready for it… your condo can sit and sit and sit, even in a seller’s market.  The first major key to effectively market your condo is to identify those potential buyers.

So, how do you or your Realtor identify those “hot” buyers before the competition?  This is where the “rubber meets the road”!  This is what separates the weak or the lazy from the shrewd, business-minded marketing professional you want to hire.

 Your Realtor Absolutely Should Have A Way to Attract Those Buyers!

An effective Realtor use every available marketing tool, technology, approach, contact or potential avenue to generate prospective buyers for your property!

One key element is they understand the value of “effective” marketing!  They realize that in today’s competitive market they can’t just splash their name out there and expect people to call… they have to craft their message… and give buyers a compelling reason to see your condo.

So, how does a good marketing Realtor you’re considering separate him or herself from competitors?

If you pick up any real estate magazine or flyer, all ads look virtually the same. There is 2 -6 homes in a little box and a huge picture of him or her and #1 this, #1 that, or a member of you name it organization. Or, (I can see your eyes rolling now!), they say stuff like honesty, integrity, we care etc.

Really? They better be honest, care and have integrity, it’s your condo and your money!   When someone tells you they are honest, tighten your butt and hide your wallet or purse!

making the right decisions when listing a home for sale

The best overcome this huge obstacle with a razor-sharp marketing strategy, (not the usual 2 bedroom, 2 bath, nice condo, nice floors, clean, good neighbourhood and close to shopping. Yawn! Put’s you to sleep, doesn’t it? 

Your condo has a story, it is your past and the marketing of your condo must reflect the feel and energy of your home, not necessarily the number of rooms, (most people who can afford to buy a condo can count!), combined with cutting-edge technology, to generate buyer after buyer!

Remember, the major key to generating a buyer for your condo is to attract the buyer first. So, if you want your condo sold … don’t settle for anything less!

 Two things you may want to consider  

1. How is someone you are considering to represent you going to make the phone ring with lots of buyers?

2. What’s going to give them the edge and get them to the “starting block” first?

Then comes the next question.  How sharp are your Realtor’s negotiating skills?  What kind of results have they produced for past clients?  This is so crucial!

Most people think that selling a home is like being a tour guide.  Show the buyer around, ask if they like it and write up the paperwork.  Well, if that’s all there was to it, any Realtor could sell your condo!  But, I can assure you many peoples’ condos just sit on the market because they chose the wrong person or they take the first offer that comes along!

   Your Realtor Absolutely Must Have Strong Fundamental Negotiating Skills! Do Not Be Misguided Into Thinking That Because They Are Associated With A Large Franchise or The Largest In The City That That Is What You Need.

 A buyer does not care whose sign or name is on the listing, they care about your condo and want the information now, accurately and without being pressured!

hustle and sell homes

So, how do you find out about your prospective Realtor’s negotiating skills?  Meet with them! Do they have testimonials from past clients?

So, in conclusion, really think these things through!  This is such an important decision.  Get prepared!  Really fire away with questions when interviewing.  Make them stand the test of fire… the best thrive on it!  They can’t wait to tell you all about the innovative methods that separate them from the unwashed who will plop a sign in the ground and act like that’s enough!  

In today’s market, it’s most definitely not enough.

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