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    Home Owners in London, How To Take Advantage of This Seller’s Market

    How can homeowners in London Ontario maximize the sale price of their house or condo in this hot London Ontario real estate market?

    The housing market in London Ontario is a Sellers Market

    Are you aware that desirable houses and condos in London are selling within days and at the asking price or more?

    Being prepared ahead of time before your home goes on MLS can be one of the best advantages you will ever have to get what you want.

    I do not mean testing the market with a price that a reasonable buyer would never consider, I mean, factually align your arsenal with quality information, such as up to date factual sales history( not what your neighbour said she got), the neighbourhood desirability and most important, is your home ‘show ready’?

    As well, what is the process if you did get an offer, or two or three?  It could be, in some cases, that the highest price offer may not necessarily be the best for you!

    What would you do if you did not receive an offer in 7 days?  Would you know the reason, or would your first instinct be to blame something or any one person?

    Being prepared will allow you not to make impulse decisions that could cost you.

    The most critical time for a new listing in London, Ontario, is two days before your home officially goes on MLS and the eight days after!

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