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    Why Downtown London Ontario Condos For Sale Are in Demand

    There has been a pent-up demand for downtown London Ontario condos for sale for many reasons, being:


    • Retirees and downsizers can live comfortably and walk to amenities and still travel
    • As London is the second-fastest-growing city in Ontario, buyers are gravitating to downtown London
    • The City of London has aggressively been rejuvenating the core and by doing so, attracting restaurants and more service providers
    • The forks of the Thames River is nearby along with Victoria and Harris Parks and the walking paths along the river.
    • Condo apartments in London are still affordable
    • An additional of more quality apartment condos built and being planned.
    • Young mobile tech Generation X love the core

    In summary, these 7 reasons are only a few of the boxes ticked for choosing to live in downtown London Ontario

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    Ty Lacroix

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