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Buying a Home in London, Ontario, is Not a Problem, Because?

Buying a Home in London, Ontario, is Not a Problem; It Is a Situation! It is Circumstances!

do you know your home buying power in London Ontario
  • You don’t have enough money for a down payment; that’s your situation or circumstances.
  • Mortgage payments are too high; that’s a situation.
  • You can’t find a house you like in the area you like with all the things you want; that’s a situation.
  • Your spouse, mate, children, parents, or dog don’t want you to move; that’s not a problem, that is a situation.
  • As a real estate investor, you can’t make any money; that is not a problem, that is a situation.

Please stick with me for a minute. I am not being glib, but when most people say they have a problem, they either quit, sit on the fence or deny themselves the right frame of mind; they get angry, blame someone else, criticize someone or everyone and deny any responsibility for the situation they are in. Albert Einstein said that if you use the same mindset that got you into where you are now, that same mindset will not get you out!

The single parent who works two jobs, denying their comfort for their children, has a situation but is doing something about it, as is the young married couple, or the newly arrived family in Canada, saving and sweating for a better life, that is a situation because they are doing something about it and don’t see setting aside money every paycheque, busting their butts to feed their family as a ‘problem’ but an opportunity! They find a way, they don’t complain about their circumstances, they do something about it.

Stock market going down, your RSP taking a hit, that’s not a problem; it’s a situation, a circumstance that you have some control over, do something about it, and if you don’t know what to do, that’s on you!

Trying to lose ten pounds for the last ten years is not a problem; that is a situation; there are millions of articles on how to lose weight, so is it a problem or a situation? Or how most solve the situation is by buying bigger pants!

Is the weather a problem? The temperature? Our government policies, local, provincial or federal? 

“You shouldn’t give circumstance the power to rouse your anger, for they don’t care at all.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Note: If your situation or current circumstances elevates your commitment to improving your lifestyle for you and your family, isn’t that wonderful and better than denial of the truth?

Situations, circumstances, or so called problems are not solved by sticking your head in the sand
Situations, circumstances, or so-called problems are not solved by sticking your head in the sand.

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