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Beware of Real Estate Experts

​Headlines: Bank of Canada interest rate pause could force landlords to sell properties: experts

Beware of real estate experts ad news headlines

What a crock of BS! I know I may ruffle a few feathers here; reality can be brutal.

In this article, ​Bank of Canada’s interest rate pause could force landlords to sell properties: experts in CTV News, I am not criticizing the experts; I am criticizing the real reason why landlords may have to sell; they were not true investors!

A true investor invests for the future and especially in real estate, time is an asset. When interest rates were low and real estate prices rising, the imaginary gold rush started. History does not repeat itself, humans do. Basing an income properties’ valuation on interest rates and cash flow is like being at a buffet table 10 minutes after closing.

Sure, the current interest rates are inflicting some financial discomfort for some borrowers, yet for borrowers with appreciating assets, ride the wave and attract qualified five star tenants, and be thankful you are not an amateur investor!

Rising Interest rates are a symptom that may force landlords to sell, not the cause!

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Ty Lacroix

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