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Before Looking At Townhouses in London Ontario To Buy, 3 Important Points

     Looking At Townhouses in London Ontario To Buy? Three Important Points To Consider!

 Buying a property is not only an emotional experience, but it can also be time-consuming with a myriad of details that you or your Realtor may not have thought about or knew.

    Looking for townhouses in London Ontario

Over the years we have been involved in the sale of hundreds of condominiums, and from experience, we know that some buyers, (and their salesperson), caught up in the excitement of buying, tend to overlook the details. Their condo purchase then turns into an expensive process! These errors generally fall into three areas:

  • Over Paying
  • Losing out to another buyer
  • Not knowing the process, then losing patience.

 Here are a few choices you can choose to make the most of your purchase.

   good choices when buying a condo in London Ontario

 1. Making an offer without sufficient information. Is the seller’s asking price too high? Can you justify the cost? Without thorough research on the market and comparable condos, you are bidding blind.

I said thorough research and not an opinion and able to back up that research with hard facts.

2. Losing out to another buyer. If you were first to the table before other buyers, would the odds of buying what you want, at the price you want, increase? Would the availability, experience and skills of your Realtor increase your odds?

3. The buying process of a condominium is much more detailed than buying a single family home.  We know that if our clients understand the process and what is involved, who is involved and why their success rate increases along with their satisfaction that they made the right decision.

The above 3 points are common sense and quite simple to implement, and that is generally an issue, we humans allow our false perceptions, ego and blockages to override our senses!


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