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Author Archives: Ty Lacroix

    How To Be Fearless When Buying a House or Condo in London Ontario and Area

    By Ty Lacroix | June 20, 2024

    Be Fearless When Buying a House or Condo in London Ontario and Area It’s crucial to recognize that the fear and anxiety you may be experiencing when making a significant financial decision is not only normal, but it’s also a protective alarm system that most humans have. You’re not alone! No matter how much research... Read More

    How Do You Price a Townhouse Condo in London Ontario To Sell?

    By Ty Lacroix | June 12, 2024

    The three biggest fears townhouse condo owners have when thinking about selling their townhouse in London Ontario and the area are: Price When and how long to sell With whom I have put together three links below that will answer those questions, they may not eliminate all the fear but will surely alleviate some! Read More

    Minimal Change in The May Real Estate Market in London Ontario

    By Ty Lacroix | June 5, 2024

    The May 2024 real estate market in London, Ontario, saw minimal change in sales or prices, as the charts below show. More homes came on the market to balance out the buyer/seller ratio, which makes sense as 44% of homeowners will have mortgages coming due in the next year and a half! The average sales... Read More

    44% of Mortgages Up For Renewal In The Next Year-and-a-Half, Should You Go Fixed or Variable?

    By Ty Lacroix | June 4, 2024

    For most Canadians, a mortgage is the most significant loan they’ll ever take on in their lifetime. Following the Bank of Canada’s historic rate hike cycle, the cost of borrowing money has put a significant strain on households from coast to coast to coast. Over the next year and a half, 44 percent of all... Read More

    Aging in Place, A Few Ideas That May Help!

    By Ty Lacroix | June 2, 2024

    In the next six years, almost a quarter of Canadians will be senior citizens. Instead of retirement homes, some are choosing to age in place. Read More

    What Could You Sell Your Apartment Condo in London Ontario For?

    By Ty Lacroix | May 30, 2024

    We’ve all seen the boring, everyday marketing that offers free valuations without seeing your apartment condo! Or “Free Home Valuation Reports” cards in your mailboxes or the dreaded cold call “I have a buyer interested in buying your condo.” A Comparative Market Analysis is a report that provides an anticipated sales price or price range for the... Read More

    What If We Removed The Word If I Real Estate?

    By Ty Lacroix | May 28, 2024

    Why do we, if ourselves, all the time? If I had done that or had said that, and; on and on it goes, so remove if in real estate if you can! This week alone, I heard the following.  Do you see that house on the corner? If I had bought it when I first saw it, I would have... Read More

    Spending Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on a Home? Get Every Nickle’s Worth!

    By Ty Lacroix | May 23, 2024

    Even a 1% saving on a home, be it it the price, the taxes, legal fees, moving expenses etc. , add up! How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying: “No, I Haven’t Read It: I’ve Been Meaning To!” Most house buyers only think about price, style and location. But there’s more than that! For most, buying... Read More

    Who Is Going To Buy Your Home In London Ontario?

    By Ty Lacroix | May 21, 2024

    One of the biggest downfalls I see when selling a house or a condo in London, be it through a real estate brokerage or a For Sale by Owner (FSBO) company, is that most marketers & Realtors  think that if they do the following: Put a for sale sign up? Put it on MLS or Kijiji or Face... Read More

    The Reality of Listing Your Home For Sale in London Ontario

    By Ty Lacroix | May 16, 2024

    Keep These Reasons In Mind Before Listing Your Home on MLS; Your Home Will Sell Quicker and For The Right Amount! There are many reasons why some homes take longer to sell or sell at all or at a reduced price! Below are a few caveats to remember before putting your home on the market.... Read More