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6 Questions To Ask For a More Rewarding Real Estate Career

6 Questions To Ask Yourself For a More Rewarding Real Estate Career

Grow Your London Ontario Real Estate Career

1 How flexible are your hours?  Realtors consistently rank flexibility as a reason they got into real estate, but as they got busier, working late nights and weekends can interrupt family time because they are available whenever a client calls.  What boundaries have you set for yourself? How will that affect your business? Income? Is time management an issue?

2 Do you offer value every day to your clients?  Real estate is one of the most significant financial decisions your clients may ever make; it is so easy to lose sight of this with the day-to-day activities, interruptions, disruptors, and servicing new and past clients. What systems do you have in place to offer value consistently?

3 What are some of the talents you have that nobody knows about?  If very few people know about you and your skills, you could be the best-hidden secret in the market place. Don’t hide!

4 Not happy with your income? This is similar to question 2. Did you know your earnings are consistent with the number of skills and value you provide to your clients? Where, how, and what skills do you need to increase your income?

5 Are you running your business or is the business running you? Your current real estate brokerage has a significant impact on a Realtor’s success rate, career growth and exit. Is your broker providing you with a win-win scenario, a financial exit plan, a mentoring or a leverage program?

6 Do you have one or two niche markets where you’re better suited?  Are you a general practitioner, “I’ll take on anything, any buyer or seller, anytime, anywhere,” Realtor? If so, enjoy the struggles, disappointments and frustrations and a yo-yo income. I know this is a very blunt statement; the brutal truth usually hurts. What niche markets can you go after? Do you know how?


More insights to ensure your London Ontario real estate career is rewarding!

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