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Monthly Archives: July 2020

    Why “if” Is Like a Four Letter Word in Real Estate in London Ontario

    By Ty Lacroix | July 18, 2020

     Why do we, if ourselves, all the time? If I would have done that or if I had said that, and; on and on it goes. This week alone, I heard the following.  Do you see that house on the corner? If I would have bought it when I first saw it, it just sold again for $86,000 more!   If... Read More

    As A Home Buyer in London Ontario, What Are The Four Pricing Strategies Home Owners Use

    By Ty Lacroix | July 14, 2020

       In real estate, four pricing strategies by home sellers and their Realtor have been in place since Adam & Eve had to go out and look for a place of their own!       Overpriced:    Every seller wants to maximize the amount they receive. They may have an inflated value of what their home... Read More

    The 3 Phases Of A Real Estate Career

    By Ty Lacroix | July 11, 2020

    There are 3 phases for most Realtors in their career: The beginning, the learning and the rewarding. I did not want to say 4 stages for we all know what the 4th stage is, frustrating, irritating, struggling, hurting and eventually, the big quit! Understanding each phase is critical in discovering your path in real estate, why... Read More

    June 2020 Home Sales in London Ontario Up 13.8% Over 2019

    By Ty Lacroix | July 7, 2020

    The London and St Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR) reported that 1,188 homes sold in the area through MLS up 13.8% from June 2019 and 11.7% more than 2018. June’s volume of residential real estate transactions was remarkable: Middlesex County and Strathroy had their best June ever, with 99 and 39 home sales respectively; St.... Read More

    Sunningdale London Ontario Home Sales First Half of 2020

    By Ty Lacroix | July 3, 2020

       The Sunningdale neighbourhood in North London is between Fanshawe Park Road West, Richmond Street, Sunningdale Road West and Hyde Park Road and includes Medway Park and Hyland Estates. In just a few minutes, you are in the Masonville shopping area and dining and the big box stores in Hyde Park. Easy access to the... Read More

    Byron London Ontario Real Estate Sales First Six Months of 2020

    By Ty Lacroix | July 2, 2020

      Byron London Ontario is in the southwest area of London, a very sought after neighbourhood is close to Springbank Park  (300 acres along a stretch of the Thames River and has 19 miles of trails.) and the Thames River.           Boler Mountain is a ski and mountain bike area known to the locals as... Read More