28 Apartment Condo Buildings In London Ontario

      Here are 28 Apartment Condominium Residences in London Ontario with price history & amenities.

    London Ontario Sky Line

     Under $300,000 


       $300,000 +

    Over the years we have helped hundreds of condominium buyers and sellers, we are in these buildings weekly, some daily, so we know the better structures, the better values, the condo rules, regulations and most important, which ones may have some financial challenges occurring in the near future.

    If the demographics of a building are essential to you, along with planned developments that may obstruct your view or decrease your value, we know that too, and if we don’t, we’ll tell you straight up and find out for you, we do not guess when it comes to our client’s money.

    Buying or selling a condo in London Ontario requires much more diligence than when buying a house. Your lawyer and your mortgage provider have more i’s to dot and t’s to cross, so will your Realtor. If you required surgery, would you go to your family doctor or a surgeon specialist or anyone who wears a white coat?

    Real Estate is no Different!


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    Where Are Other Apartment Condos in London Ontario?

       We get asked every week ” What is the best condo building in London Ontario or where are the best townhomes  & townhouses located?”

     The best for whom? What are your interests? Budget? Lifestyle?

                          where are other apartment condos in London Ontario?

     We can gladly offer our years of experience with the best price, quality, distance to work or school, safety and privacy but there is more to choosing a condo than that.

      How do most condo buyers go about choosing a condo? Is it:

    • Price?
    • Condition?
    • Location?
    • History of the building?
    • Drive all over the city hoping to find something?
    • Spend hours searching the web and MLS sites?
    • Spend hours and hours and getting either confused or frustrated or having to contend with salespeople with verbal diarrhea?

         There is a better way!

     How would you feel if you knew all of the above with precision? All you would have to do then is to view the condos you have chosen , knowing that thorough research has been prepared and sharable with you?

     When you do narrow down the condo unit you want,  our 118 systematic step process kicks in that will ensure the price you pay is relative to the other sales in the building and no step is unturned to ensure your choice is the best for you and confirmed and double-checked by your lawyer!

     In closing, if time, money and safety are essential to you, learn how buying a condo in London can be stress-free! Contact us at 519-435-1600.

    Would An Extra $10,000-$30,000 For Your Condo Make a Difference?

    If you could get $10,000 to $30,000 more for your London Ontario condo, would knowing what buyers are looking for or don’t care about make a difference? In a recent survey of 3167 Realtors, here are a few insights

    sold , another condo sold by Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate

    There are many condos for sale in London Ontario and making yours stand out is our job!

    Market-Based Pricing

    When the initial list price for a property is too high for the current market, it guarantees that the property will be on the market for an extended period. A consequence of extended time on the market is that potential buyers develop an unfavourable opinion of the home before even viewing it.

    Rational or not, buyers often believe that there must be something wrong with a property if it is on the market for an extended period. To avoid this, we use an exhaustive market-based comparison approach to ensure that your home is priced right from the start, allowing us to sell your property for the best possible price in the shortest time possible.

    When a real estate person suggests a list price for the sale of a home based on what the real estate person thinks the seller wants to hear instead of what the market will bear, then that real estate person is misleading their potential client. Time and money are wasted and listing a condo too high is a colossal waste of everyone’s time!

    Homes have a value, and there is accurate data that illustrates what that value is.

     Knowing the target buyer

    Every property has a target buyer audience. That audience is different for every property type, whether it is a downtown high rise condo with city views, or a one-floor detached townhouse adult orientated community.

    Identifying and marketing for the specific buyer audience that matches up with your property is crucial to a successful sale.

    The key is knowing what the selling aspects of a property are, how those appeal to different buyer audiences & the best way(s) to attract that buyer.

    Real Estate Words

    This is where skill really shows up. How many descriptions of properties have you read that says stuff like: ‘4 bdr, 3bath, dble.gr, five appliances, nice backyard, act fast, it won’t last’  Exciting?

    Or the wannabe Hemmingway’ Outstanding 4 bedroom magnificent adobe nestled among the verdant street landscape that will tug at your heart when you tear yourself away to care for your employees who love you” Makes me want to go hug a porcupine.


    The sale of your home is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there is no need for you to throw away thousands of dollars because of misleading information, lack of thoroughness or 1990’s marketing!

      Do You Want?

    • Your place sold?
    • A brokerage that invests a considerable amount of time & money marketing & exposing real estate to attract qualified buyers?
    • A brokerage that has at its fingertips a contact list of skilled trades, movers, cleaners & legal & financial professionals?
    • A brokerage that qualifies possible buyers before they get to see your home? (See our Dedicated Buyer Program. We attract capable buyers daily with the ability to buy!)
    • A brokerage that is not afraid to tell you the brutal truth and not just what you want to hear?

    We will make sure your condo will sell

    •  A brokerage that, before any property even gets near the active London Real Estate market has all their ducks in a row?

    Those extra few days, effort and diligence spent are to make sure your property is market-ready and saves home sellers days if not weeks waiting for an offer and that is worth every second of preparation it takes.

    How Much Is My Condo Worth?
    How Much Is My Condo Worth?

    What People Are Saying About Us

    What People Are Saying About Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate

    New or Proposed Highrise Apartment Buildings in Downtown London Ontario

          Downtown London Ontario Highrise Apartment Buildings

    Rezoning: It means the city will allow the developer to build on that site.

    Site Plan: A proposal from the developer on how the development will be built, considered the final major hurdle before construction, necessary to get a building permit.

    505 Talbot St.

    • Tricar Group
    • 29-storey, 200-unit luxury condo named Azure
    • Status: Complete

    515 Richmond St.

    • Old Oak Properties
    • 32-storeys, 175-units.
    • Status: Under construction.

    40 York St.

    • Tricar Group
    • 24 storeys, 212 units
    • Status: Under construction

    131 King St.

    • York Developments
    • 30-storeys, 266 units
    • Status: Approved by the city council. No site plan.

    809 Dundas St.

    • Paramount Inc.
    • Twin, 24-storey towers, 480 units
    • Will offer 25 affordable housing units for 25 years,
    • Status: Approved by the city council. No site plan.

    147-149 Wellington St.

    • Jam Properties Inc.
    • 18-storey residential building
    • 0.44 hectares
    • Rezoned. No site plan.

    195 Dundas St.

    • Danforth London Ltd.
    • Former London Mews at King and Clarence streets
    • $300-million, three-tower development
    • 700 units
    • The first tower: A 25-storey, 140-unit tower at 195 Dundas is the first of the three planned highrises.
    • Status: Rezoned. A site plan application has been submitted.

    391 South Street

    • Medallion Corp.
    • 19 and 23 storeys proposed for the SoHo area on the site of the former Victoria Hospital lands
    • The first phase of a proposed multi-phase development
    • About 600 units.
    • Status: Zoning approved. No site plan.

    479-489 Talbot St.

    • Rygar Properties
    • $300 million, 700-units.
    • A nine-storey building flanked by towers of 38 and 29 stories between Fullarton street and Dufferin Avenue.
    • On the site of the former Camden Terrace
    • Status: Rezoned. There is a site plan application.

    661 and 667 Talbot St.

    • Drewlo Holdings
    • 16-storeys, 236-units
    • Locust Mount Estate site.
    • Status: Rezoned. No site plan application.

    560-562 Wellington Street

    • Auburn Developments
    • 22-storey tower, 151 units
    • Wellington Street at Wolfe Street, across from Victoria Park.
    • Status: City staff recommended denying the application. It has been referred back to staff.

    96 Ridout St. S.

    • Tricar Group
    • 22-storey, 191 units.
    • Status: Zoning approved. No site plan application.

    455 Clarence St.

    • Landowner George Anastasiadis
    • 32-storey, 182-units.
    • Status: Rezoned. No site plan.

    183 King St.

    • Southside Group
    • 25-storey, 200-units.
    • Status: No zoning approved. No site plan. A dispute over building demolition.

    50 King St.

    • Middlesex County
    • 30-storey, 200-units.
    • Status: Rezoned. No site plan.

    Mid-size in the core

    Richmond and York

    • 36 unit apartment, on site of former New Yorker cinema
    • For Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU)
    • Status: Site plan is in, YOU is still fundraising

    356 Dundas St.

    • 69 affordable housing units
    • Status: Under construction

    The London Free Press reported the above on Saturday, November 24, 2018, here is the article