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      For apartment condos in London Ontario, be it a highrise or a low rise (4 stories or less)? Would knowing:

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    • Demographics- Who lives here? What age group? Children?


    • Price- What are the average prices for the last 12-18 months?


    • Time- How long has this unit been on the market & how many times?


    • Area- Are there any planned construction nearby that will affect or destroy your views or traffic flows?


    • What is the percentage of owner-occupied units vs rental units?


    • What rules & restrictions are there?



    Over the years we have helped hundreds of condominium buyers and sellers, we are in these buildings weekly, some daily, so we know the better structures, the better values, the condo rules, regulations and most important, which ones may have some financial challenges shortly.

    If the demographics of a building are essential to you, along with planned developments that may obstruct your view or decrease your value, we know that too, and if we don’t, we’ll tell you straight up and find out for you, we do not guess when it comes to our client’s money.

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     Below are just a few of the apartment condo buildings in London Ontario.


    Included will be past sales, a brief outline of the building and some buyer and seller insider tips that will help you make a prudent decision.

       Under $200,000 


       $200,000 to $300,000


       $300,000 +

    Where Are Other Apartment Condos in London Ontario?

       I get asked every week ” What is the best condo building downtown or the best townhomes located?”

     The best for whom? What are your interests? Budget? Lifestyle?

                          where are other apartment condos in London Ontario?

     I can consult on the best price, quality, distance to work or school, safety and privacy but there is more to choosing a condo than that.

      So, how do most condo buyers go about choosing a condo?

    • Price?
    • Condition?
    • Location?
    • History of the building?
    • Drive all over the city?
    • Spend hours searching the web and MLS sites?
    • Spend hours and hours and getting either confused or frustrated?


      There is a better way!

     How better would you feel if you knew all of the above within an hour? Now all you would have to do is visit the condos you have chosen knowing BEFORE hand, see the history of the unit, all the prices in the building, condo rules, restrictions etc.?

     When you do narrow down the condo unit you want,  our 118 systematic step process kicks in that will ensure the price you pay is relative to the other sales in the building and no step is unturned to ensure your choice is the best for you and confirmed and double checked by your lawyer!

     In closing, if time, money and safety are essential to you, learn how buying a condo in London can be stress-free! Contact us at 519-435-1600.


    What Is Your Apartment Condo In London Ontario Worth?

      Apartment condominium prices have increased dramatically in London Ontario over the past 16 months, and all indicators are that price increases will continue. Is now the time to cash out on your apartment?

    What Is My Condo Apartment Worth?

       What Is The Right Price?

    The first step in selling anything is to find how much it is worth to a qualified buyer and then to establish the “Right Price.” The Right Price is the price that will make you happy and the buyer comfortable, and that price will help sell your apartment condo or house quicker, and for the most money possible.

    Contact us or call 519-435-1600, the more information provided, the more accurate the evaluation. All information you provide is secure and will be kept strictly confidential.

    For a detailed and accurate professional opinion, our evaluators will set up an appointment to meet with you at your apartment. There is no charge for this market value opinion, and you are under no obligation whatsoever, and you do not have to sign anything.

    Please allow at least 24 hours for our real estate research team to do their research; they have 13 avenues at their disposal to arrive at an unbiased opinion.

    Note: We do not spam, send unsolicited emails or junk, sell or trade our email contacts, we do not like it, and most do not. If for whatever reason you wish to unsubscribe or never hear from us again, let me know personally.

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    Why Some Apartment Condos Take Longer To Sell

    I should warn you before you read anymore that the comments I am going to make about why some apartment condos in London Ontario take longer to sell are out of frustration and exasperation and are no means to imply that the events that occurred will happen again. (Can pigs fly?)

    Frustrated in London

    My clients were interested in downsizing from their 2 storey home and were interested in seeing 2 bedroom units in this particular building all within $25,000 of each other in price. From $197,500 to $225,000.

    We chose a Thursday for the viewings and so on Tuesday morning, I proceeded to make arrangements for showings. Because we were interested in only this building, there were 6 listed for sale.

    One agent replied within an hour that the time scheduled would be fine, another two replied the next morning and one in the afternoon that it was ok to show the units. As I had not heard from the other two, I called their offices and used our appointment scheduler called Touchbase. One called back right away and said she was sorry, she forgot to confirm.

    The other agent I never ever did hear from, even after 3 attempts and I see, 2 weeks later, this condo is still listed for sale.

    The evening before the scheduled showings, I did some homework. I pulled up everything that was sold in the building over the last 2 years, called a past client (who had purchased from me years ago) in the building and asked how happy she was, any complaints, how was the property manager, how solid the condo corporation was and other pertinent questions that would enable me to inform my clients on the condo culture of this building.

    I pulled up the current taxes from the city for the units and only 1 out of 6 were accurate as per what was shown on the listing data form! I don’t mean by a few dollars, in one case $1732.00 difference!

    The condo fees shown for all 6 units had a difference of $131.16! How can that be? Subsequently checking on things and talking to the Property Manager, the difference in fees were about $7.00 per floor! Only one condo unit had an accurate current condo fee.

    Fair is fair, I thought, mistakes happen and I will be putting in clauses if my client does decide to put an offer in to verify all condo fees, taxes and any other discrepancies.

    wrong key

    On the day of the showings, I meet my clients in the lobby where lockboxes are that hold the keys for entrance to the building and individual units. My day is not starting out well, there are 9 lockboxes and only one is identified with the unit number? Opening up a few, there were some keys tagged with the unit # but some weren’t! My male client thought this was funny or was laughing at me because I only have 4 pockets on my pants and could only keep track of 4; he had 4 pockets as well so he helped!

    A couple of the units we saw were as per the listing data, appliances, room sizes and amenities, one unit was a disgrace, one unit the occupant would not let us in (nobody told me you were coming, she said) and 2 units were out to lunch in the price.

    So now we get back down to the lobby, play Russian roulette with the keys and lockboxes and say to my clients “ Well, what do you think?” with a straight face, I might add.

    Other than the usual comments like poor layout, overpriced compared to others, condition of the units, my clients just kept shaking their heads and asking themselves is this what they really want to do or move here?

    Obviously, they did not purchase anything that day but one week and 2 buildings later, they purchased a beautiful unit that they and I liked. They now know and my past clients know why I choose to work with just a few clients at a time because having to prepare properly before every showing because of lack of faith in the listing data, is time-consuming and for the buyer, creates a bit of mistrust in the MLS listing.

    Again, I want to reiterate that not all real estate agents were like some of the above and if you do list your condo, check weekly that the information on the listing is accurate. For two reasons, to ease the uncertainty of the buyer and prevent you from having your condo sit on the market while others are selling!

    Note: I wrote this 4 years ago and as pigs still have not learned how to fly, I had similar challenges twice this year already.