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    Apartment Condos London

     Apartment Condos London Ontario

    Buying a condo or selling a condo in London, Ontario, requires much more diligence than buying a house. Because it is a condo corporation, it is prudent for buyers to know the corporation’s finances, the rules and regulations and if there will be any special assessments in the future.

    We have helped hundreds of condominium buyers and sellers over the years. We are in these buildings weekly, some daily, so we know the better facilities, the better values, the condo rules, regulations, and most importantly, which ones may have some financial challenges. If the demographics of a building are essential to you, along with planned developments that may obstruct your view or decrease your value, we know that too, and if we don’t, we’ll tell you straight up and find out for you.

    All Apartment Condos London Ontario For Sale
    Here Are All The London Ontario Condo Apartments For Sale on MLS

    Here are some Apartment Condominium Residences in London, Ontario, with price history & amenities.

    London Ontario Sky Line


    Central London ( Downtown)

        North London

          South London


    Where Are The Other Apartment Condos in London, Ontario?

       We get asked every week, ” What is the best apartment condo building in London, Ontario, or where are the best values with lower condo fees and taxes? We wrote a condo buyer page to help you.

     Check these condo buyer tips out!            

    buying an apartment condo London Ontario

    Would An Extra $10,000-$20,000 For Your Condo Make a Difference?

    If you could get $10,000 to $20,000 more for your London, Ontario condo, would knowing what buyers are looking for or don’t care about make a difference?

    See our Home Seller 101.

    sold , another condo sold by Sutton Group Envelope Real Estate

    There are many condos for sale in London, Ontario and making yours stand out is what a listing Realtor does.

    Market-Based Pricing is a Must!

    When the initial list price for a property is too high for the current market, it guarantees that it will be on the market for an extended period. A consequence of ample time on the market is that potential buyers develop an unfavourable opinion of the home before viewing it. Rational or not, buyers often believe that there must be something wrong with the apartment.

     Knowing the target buyer

    Every condo building, the floor it is on, the view etc., has a target buyer. Identifying and marketing for the specific buyer that matches your apartment is crucial to a successful sale.

    The sale of your condo is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and there is no need for you to throw away thousands of dollars because of misleading information, lack of thoroughness or 1990’s marketing! It makes me want to hug a porcupine.


    We will make sure your condo will sell

    Selling a Condo in London Made Simple.

    How Much Is My Condo Worth?
    How Much Is My Condo Worth?

    Condominium Living Explained

    More and more Londoners are choosing to live in condominiums.  Be they apartment-style, a townhouse or a townhome. Empty-nesters,  singles, couples and families enjoy the freedom from routine maintenance like grass cutting, raking leaves, shovelling snow, in most cases, replacing roof shingles, windows or doors.

    Condos in London Ontario

    Owning a condominium in London, Ontario, includes sharing common areas with other residents and following by-laws and rules set by the condo corporation. It’s essential to understand how a condominium corporation is established and operates, so you know what to expect from condominium living.


    Condominium Types

    Ownership Rights & Responsibilities

    Buying, Renting or Selling

    Condominium Management

    Common Expense Fee


    Bylaws, Rules and Policies

    Meetings and Voting





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