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Apartment Condos London

Apartment Condos For Sale In London Ontario & Area, Prices & Condo Buyer Tips!

Buying  or selling a condo in London, Ontario, requires much more diligence than buying a house. Because it is a condo corporation, it is prudent for buyers to know the corporation’s finances, the rules and regulations and if there will be any special assessments in the future.

All apartment condos for sale in London, Ontario, on MLS and the surrounding area

We have helped hundreds of condominium buyers and sellers over the years. We are in these buildings weekly, some daily, so we know the amenities, the best values, the condo rules and regulations, and most importantly, which ones may have some financial challenges. If the demographics of a building are essential to you, along with planned developments that may obstruct your view or decrease your value, we know that too, and if we don’t, we’ll tell you straight up and find out for you.

We get asked every week, ” What is the best apartment condo building in London, Ontario, or where are the best values with lower condo fees and taxes? We wrote a condo buyer page to help you.  Check these condo buyer tips out!   

Condominium Living Explained

More and more Londoners are choosing to live in condominiums.  Be they apartment-style, a townhouse or a townhome. Empty-nesters,  singles, couples and families enjoy the freedom from routine maintenance like grass cutting, raking leaves, shovelling snow, in most cases, replacing roof shingles, windows or doors.

definition of condo corporations

Owning a condominium in London, Ontario, includes sharing common areas with other residents and following by-laws and rules set by the condo corporation. It’s essential to understand how a condominium corporation is established and operates, so you know what to expect from condominium living.


Condominium Types

Ownership Rights & Responsibilities

Buying, Renting or Selling

Condominium Management

Common Expense Fee


Bylaws, Rules and Policies

Meetings and Voting

 How important is saving money, stress or complications with your condo purchase or sale? Do not wing it, guess or perceive anything; get the answers to the following:

  • Four Fears Most Condo Buyers Have & How to Respect Those Fears & Handle Them?
  • Four Important Questions to Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before You Sign Anything.
  • I’m The One Buying the Condo. Who Are All the Other People Who Get Involved, and why?
  • When I Buy a Condo, How Can I Protect Myself? Before & After?
  • New or Resale, What You May Not Know.
  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Car or Furniture Right Before You Buy a Condo.
  • Five Strategies to Never Ever Overpay for a Condo.
  • Getting a Home Inspection for a Condo? Do I Need One?
  • How Credit Reports and Credit Scoring Affects What Dollar Amount You Can Borrow.
  • What Pricing Strategies Are Sellers & Their Realtors Using to Get You to Buy?
  • A Proven Way to Avoid Frustration When Looking for Condos in London, Ontario & Area.
  • How Can I Remember Each Condo When I’ve Seen So Many?
  • Five Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor at Every Condo You Visit.
  • Six Things Most Builders Hope You NEVER Hear.
  • 8 Signs That Could Mean Expensive (hidden) Trouble
  • Avoid Being Beaten Out by Other Buyers Who Want the Same Condo as You Do.
  • A No-Fail Guide to Finding A Mover That Won’t Take You To The Cleaners.
  • Ways You Can Save Thousands of Interest Dollars and Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Sooner.
  • Why Any Lawyer Will Not Do.
  • How Important Is a Status Certificate? Why Do I Need One? Who Pays for It?

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Below are links to some apartment condominiums in London, Ontario, including price history and some tidbits for prudent buyers and sellers! 

Here are some Apartment Condominium Residences in London, Ontario, with price history & amenities.

Central London ( Downtown)

19 King St London Ontario Apartments in Downtown
250 Pall Mall St London Ontario

 North London

1600 Adelaide street London Ontario
600 Grenfell Drive London Ontario Condo Apartments
570 Proudfoot Lane London Ontario
1510 Richmond Street

    South London

135 Base Line Road London Ontario Apartment Condos

Please Note That We Are Not Property Managers Nor Do We Represent The Condo Corporation Of Any Of These Condominiums, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers.


All Apartment Condos For Sale on MLS in London Ontario & Area

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Please Note That We Are Not Property Managers Nor Do We Represent The Condo Corporation Of Any Of These Condominiums, Nor are we Rental Agents, We Are Realtors Who Help Buyers & Sellers.