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Westmount London Ontario Real Estate


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  For the Westmount London Ontario real estate market as of October 7, 2018, 134 Houses in Westmount were sold through our MLS system, with a median of 11 days to sell and a median sales price of near to the asking price.

 For condos in Westmount, we saw 48 condos change hands, from apartment condos to townhouses and these sold for a median 105.62% of the asking price and were on the market a median 9 days!

 As you can see, with houses & condos in Westmount selling within 11 days or less and for the asking price or more, buyers must be more in tune with the market and organized and for sellers, choosing the right Realtor will be a huge benefit in this market.

 Below you will see a breakdown of the houses and condos that were sold in 2017 and in 2018 so far on MLS,


   The Westmount London Ontario Real Estate neighbourhood has a combination of newer and older houses and condos  and actually 3 very distinct areas, being east of Wonderland Road to Andover, west part of Wonderland Road to a little past Barclay and south of Commissioners Road West.

  Westmount Mall has had a huge change from a retail shopping mall to a combination of medical/offices on the second floor and services & retail on the main floor & a Cineplex theatre.

 Further south of Southdale and along Wonderland Road South, are the big box stores, services, restaurants and recreational activities , a library and along Southdale West, the new YMCA is scheduled to open soon.

 Westmount has some great schools and churches for all denominations.

 As you can see, the Westmount neighbourhood is a convenient area to live in and with the extention of Wonderland Road South to the 402 make traveling west or east of London along the 401 much more convenient.

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map of Westmount London Ontario

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Westmount London Ontario Real Estate Numbers

Westmount London Ontario Real Estate Results

Our role as professional Realtors is to guide our clients and help them choose to make wise decisions.

  A principle that I believe in is that with all the misinformation that is available today, poor perceptions and false premises, real estate buyers & sellers need more than ever accurate data based on facts and then knowing how to use those facts to their benefit.

 Here are the real numbers on real estate in Westmount London Ontario, actual sale prices, not perhaps what someone told you!

Westmount House Sales Through MLS January 1 to October 7, 2018
There were 134 of them and averaged about 11 days to sell!
Westmount Condo Sales Through MLS January 1 to October 7, 2018
There were 48 sales,from highrise apartment condos to townhouses and town homes, what did your neighbour's sell for?
Step by Step Buyer Chart
Follow these steps from starting to think about buying a condo to getting the keys from your lawyer to be able to move in. Miss any of these steps and you may have a few challenges!
Step by Step Seller Chart
This simple, one page process chart starts with you thinking of selling and ends with you meeting with your lawyer and giving the keys to the new owners and you receiving a cheque! Hundreds of our clients have followed these steps, if you do too, it will make your life much, much easier!
Westmount London Ontario House Sales 2017
This 6 page report includes the 166 house sales in Westmount for 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
Westmount London Ontario Condo Sales 2017
This 4 page report includes the 84 condo sales in Westmount for 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.

Condos in Westmount London Ontario

There are some very attractive condo town houses and town homes in Westmount in London Ontario, here are just a few:

665 Commissioners Road W

680 Commissioners Road W

681 Commissioners Road W

93 Pine Valley Gate

163 Pine Valley Drive

211 Pine Valley Drive

Selling a Home in London & South West Ontario - There Are Two Ways

  From the early ages on to today, there are two ways to selling a house in London Ontario, the price approach or the traffic approach.

  Most real estate sales people have been taught and  are still being taught the price approach . You list a house at a certain price, if it doesn’t sell in a month they want you to reduce the price, and then another month,  they ask you to reduce the price again and so on! Then when the price gets so low, the vultures come out.


Unhappy home seller

  The second way to sell a home is the traffic approach. In other words, expose your home to get a lot of traffic (qualified buyers). That means effective websites, blogging, social media, direct marketing, an abundance of buyers already out looking and promotions to get new qualified buyers to see your home so they can buy it.

 You can have the prettiest, fanciest and nicest home in the desert or the jungle but if nobody sees it, nothing happens.

  Selling a house in London and South West Ontario  takes more than putting a sign on your property and pretty pictures on a web site

  How well and quickly  your home sells takes a combination of the traffic approach and the reality of the market !

 The brutal truth on how to sell your house or condo quicker & and not leave any money on the table is not for everybody.

 If I want:

  • my shoes repaired, I go to a shoe repair place
  • my car fixed, I go to a professional & qualified mechanic
  • my health cared for, I go to a doctor or a related health practioner, not the internet or watch medical TV shows or ask Dr. Google.

 If you want real estate advice & guidance, who do you go to? 

  • how would you know if they are any good?
  • how would you know if they can get the results you would like?
  • how would you know if they can negotiate for you and think about your bottom line and not theirs?
  • how would you know that well meaning and caring family members who are giving you advice, co-workers or friends are misinformed?
  • how would you know that what your neighbour said they sold their house for is correct?


  What Is My Point?

  We sell homes period! That is what we do. Want yours sold?

Buying a House in Westmount London Ontario

  Buying  a house in Westmount London Ontario is not as simple as shopping or driving around for a house or condo to buy, because there are actually two homes competing for your attention: the one that meets your needs, and the one that fulfills your desires.

looking to buy a house or a condo in London Ontario

  In one of the greatest financial books ever written, ‘The Richest Man in Babylon’,George Clason writes that there are two kinds of knowledge: the one kind being the things we learned and knew, and the other being the training that taught us how to find out what we did not know.

  I read this book yearly to refresh and remind myself of some real simple financial basics, and while very simple and easy to do, most do not follow, perhaps because it is so simple & easy!

  When it comes to buying a house or a condo in London Ontario, I see many people , professionals especially, while well educated in their profession (I hope), buy or sell real estate without finding out what they do not know.

  It is like a person complaining of a sore belly, goes to their doctor and tells the physician that Dr. Google says it is blah blah blah! The kind physician ( the one not rolling their eyes or thinking “Oh no,here we go again) will ask questions, identify the cause or the remedy and treat the problem.

  In real estate the same thing, wise, intelligent people listen to what their neighbour or co-worker say, read “how to save thousands when buying real estate’, or watch all those reality shows and then become experts in buying a house or a condo.

  Home sellers and their real estate representative love you, because you are the one who overpays for a home (yet brag that you got a good deal, yadayadayaa) or find out that the home has structural issues or a neighbourhood stigma .

  Getting back to The Richest Man in Babylon, why not let your ego sit down for awhile and find out what you do not know about buying or selling a home? In real estate we do not have a Dr. Google, but we have everyone who has ever bought or sold a home as experts on how to buy or sell a home.

  If I offended anyone by being blunt with the last paragraph, hopefully I have at least brought more awareness that perhaps you do not have all the answers and that a professional Realtor may be your greatest asset.

 You may think money dictates your decision and in some cases you may be right. But about 85% of the time, you would be surprised at the results you can get when knowing what the process contains.