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Sunningdale London Ontario Houses & Condos


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            one floor condo in Sunningdale in North London          A beautiful Sunningdale home in North London

    The Sunningdale neighbourhood is located in North London bordered by Fanshawe Park Road West, Richmond Street, Sunningdale Road West and Hyde Park Road and includes Medway Park and Hyland Estates.

   A very short drive to the Masonville shopping area and dining and the big box stores in Hyde Park. Easy access to the University of Western Ontario (UWO or Western), it's hospital and nearby  research centre.

    5 minutes to downtown London and quick access to great beaches along Lake Huron such as Ipperwash, Pinery Provincial Park, Grand Bend, Bayfield and Goderich.

  The houses and condos in Sunningdale  London Ontario are tastefully laid out with many enclaves and one of a kind homes.

 Sunningdale London Ontario Real Estate Market

  From January 1, 2018 to October 11, 2018, 73 houses were sold through our MLS system for a median 98.94% of the asking price and a median time to sell was 20 days!

 For Sunningdale London Ontario condominiums, 24 changed hands taking about 22 days and selling very close or above the asking price.

 You can get these sale prices and streets by scrolling below and downloading the reports.

   In 2017, 73 houses in the Sunningdale neighbourhood of London Ontario sold through our MLS system for a median 98.9% of the asking price and these were on the market about 32 days.

   54 condos, be they apartment or town homes were sold in 2017, averaging close to asking price and taking about 29 days to sell.

         Sunningdale London Ontario Map


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Sunningdale London Ontario Real Estate Numbers

Sunningdale London Ontario Real Estate

 In this so called information age, is there too much information? Could be, but I am alarmed by the amount of false information that is out there, especially when it comes to real estate.

  I speak with London home buyers and home sellers every day and the questions I get asked, the perceptions they have and in some cases, a real estate market belief system so strongly embedded that in time could be harmful to their financial wellbeing.

  If people hear the same thing, read the same thing or misunderstand something enough times, they believe it without asking the best question of all: "Is it true?"

 If someone was thinking of selling their home in Sunningdale or buying, would it not make sense to know the facts & make a decision rather than basing a decision on guesswork, false perceptions and emotional bravado?

Sunningdale London Ontario House Sales January 1 to October 11, 2018 On MLS
There were 73 of them that sold, wondering what they are selling for?
Sunningdale London Ontario Condo Sales January 1 to October 11, 2018 On MLS
There were 24 of them, including town homes, town houses and apartment style, these took about 22 days to sell!
Step by Step Seller Chart
Follow these steps from starting to think about selling your condo to receiving a cheque from your lawyer when you hand the keys over. Miss any of these steps and you may have a few challenges!
Step by Step Buyer Chart
This simple, one page process chart starts with you thinking of moving and ends with you moving into your new place, hundreds of our clients have followed these steps, if you do too, it will make your life much, much easier!
Sunningdale London Ontario 2017 House Analysis
This 3 page report includes the 73 sale prices for houses in the Sunningdale neighbourhood for 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.
Sunningdale London Ontario 2017 Condo Analysis
This 3 page report includes the 54 sale prices for condos in the Sunningdale neighbourhood for 2017, such as asking price and sales price along with how many days they took to sell and percentages.

Most Critical Time When Selling a House in Sunningdale in London Ontario

  When selling a house in London Ontario, The first 10 days are critical and will make the difference how quickly it sells and for how much!

          New real estate listing in London

The most important time for a new listing in London Ontario is 2 days before it officially goes on MLS and the 8 days after!

Why 2 days before? When you and a great listing Realtor prepare and assemble all the necessary marketing tools, the following happens:

  • The listing documents are completed accurately and thoroughly, no mistakes or missing information
  • All the pictures are taken, edited or retaken to show the home in the best way possible way.
  • Care can be taken to describe the home to prospective buyers.
  • All the marketing material is ready such as feature sheets, your "Buy me" binder, your webpage and cards!
  • All the websites are loaded, virtual tours are ready
  • You, the home owner can do the final touch ups or any cleaning that may be required.
  • The For Sale sign is up and any directional signs if needed are placed
  • Extra keys are cut

Day 1 to Day 8:  This is when buyers and their Realtor are searching the web for buying a home in London and certain streets for something new. When excitement is the highest. You can now:

  • Be ready for all showings, have all the marketing materials and home information ready for that one buyer who loves your home!
  • You have at least one weekend when historically home viewing is the busiest.
  • If no serious offers, the pricing may be wrong or if not enough showings, the marketing needs to improve  after 10 days!

                            Focus on marketing your London Home

Once day 11 starts, do something drastically to attract new buyers to your home!

  The way a transaction starts is indicative on how your sale will go, quickly or a long rocky road before you sell your home.                   

 Listing with a strong listing Realtor who has a reputation for being thorough will never do you any harm. Who uses the web  properly, has a follow up system and the finances to see your property through to the final stages.

Ensure that before the sign goes up and the listing gets to the MLS, everything from the lock box, listing brochures and presentations is in place and ready to go. Make sure your listing Realtor has a system to let you view the comments and feedback about your house on a special listing website . Do they have a check list (we have 201 items on it) that they share with you before it even gets on MLS?

Do not let others get in the way of selling homes .

In summary, the most important time for a new listing when selling a house in London Ontario is BEFORE it gets on MLS.


Some Things To Never Forget When Buying in Sunningdale London Ontario

   Is there anything you are forgetting when buying a home in Sunningdale London Ontario that you are aware of?

Buying a home, things to think about

  I know that when I meet buyers for the first time, be it first time buyers or 5th time buyers and we go through a checklist of the buying process, I hear this statement all the time; “You know, I never  thought of that!”

  • How much exactly have you been preapproved for a mortgage, is it in writing and at what rate and is that rate guaranteed and for how long?

  • What lawyer are you going to use? Do they specialize in real estate and what is their fee, not just their real estate fee but their disbursements! (You would be surprised of the stories I hear where that low fee did not turn out to be low! Yes, the fee was low, but additional charges such as filing fees, record keeping, and blah and blah fees add up!) Get it in writing; they are lawyers, which would be their advice to you!

  • When working with a Realtor, do you have to sign a buyer agency contract? Not sure or what is Buyer Agency? Have your Realtor explain buyer agency to you and if they insist you sign one before showing any homes, fully understand what you are signing and how long you are committed to that Realtor.  In most cases you don’t and won’t mind being committed, but what if your relationship is not working out!?Be very careful!

  • What about a home inspection? Do not leave that to chance or google the least expensive inspector on the web. Home inspectors in Ontario are not regulated and would you trust hundreds of thousands of dollars for a home inspection to save $100 or $200?. A few tips.

Those 4 are the more common misunderstood steps in the buying process  that home buyers have, and, the most expensive!

 Buying a home is the easy part, it is the lack of details, lack of information or the lack of experienced professionals to help you that will make you toss and turn at night.