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London Ontario Neighbourhoods

  When looking at some neighbourhoods in London Ontario, have you wondered what prices are, what's for sale or what houses, townhouses or apartment condos have sold for?

 You can now and you do not have to give away your telephone number, email address, how many fingers you have, what colour socks you are wearing, nothing! It's yours, no strings attached!


 I believe that most people value quality factual information and the work it takes to provide that information, all our past clients have and you can tell by their comments that our work ethic, real estate skills & experience has made a significant difference in their lives.

Byron Downtown London Hyde Park
Lambeth Oakridge Pond Mills
Riverbend Summerside Sunningdale
University Western Ontario Westmount Wortley Village Old South 

  london Ontario                                      city of London Ontario

This City of London Ontario site breaks down the 42 neighbourhoods of London, population, the percentage of households that are home owners and incomes! 

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Our London Ontario Real Estate Resource is filled with homes of every style in every price range. Enjoy complete MLS listings search with full color photos, Google mapping, online showing request tools, and more.

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Environment & London Ontario

           How Does London Ontario Work?

    Sometimes in this busy world we lose track of the day to day inner workings of the city or town we live in and at times are only concerned about what the city does or does not do when effects us.

if you would like to know how London Ontario handles the following:

  • Air Quality

  • Greenhouse Gas emissions from private vehicles

  • Waste Management

  • Water Quality

  • Water Conservation

  • Average Daily Flow of Water

  • Residential Garbage Disposed in Landfill Sites

  • Waste Diverted Away from Landfill Sites

       Go to London Vital Signs  and now you know.

London Ontario Telephone Numbers You May Want To Know

If you are like me, when I want to call someone at London City Hall or the London Library or garbage pick up date, I scramble to find the phone number, or wait to turn on the computer and get the number. Below is a list that I felt you may want to know:

                             community information London Ontario

Civic Contacts      Community Information      


Animal Control                                                        519-685-1330

Building Permits                                                      519-661-4555

London Chamber of Commerce                                519-432-7551

Crime Stoppers                                                       519-661-8477

London Fire Department                                         519-661-4565

Garbage                                                                   519-661-5485

Library                                                                     519-661-5187

London Economic Development Corp.                       519-661-4545

Mayor's Office                                                       519-661-4920

Parking                                                                     519-661-4537

Parks & Recreation                                                  519-661-5575

Police                                                                       519-661-5670

Real Estate                519-435-1600 (I slipped that in, that's mine!)

Recycling                                                                 519-661-5803

Taxes                                                                       519-661-4540

Transit Services                                                       519-451-1347



Children's Hospital of Western Ontario                  519-685-8484

London Health Sciences Centre                               519-685-8500

Parkwood Hospital                                                   519-685-4000

Regional Mental Health Care                                    519-455-5110

St. Joseph's Health Care London                             519-646-6100



Bell Canada                                                               310-2355

London Hydro  (water)                                             519-661-5503

Roger's Cable                                                           519-646-3311

Union Energy (water heater)                                    519-686-7554

Union Gas                                                                 888-774-3111

So there you go, those numbers work! Now, I didn't add some of our great restaurants, watering holes, golf course, pilates class or mud wrestling, I thought I'd leave the adventure up to you.

Insider Tips When Selling a Home in London Ontario

 Over the years helping hundreds of home sellers successfully sell their home, we designed a series of check lists, a series on pricing, a series on the process and what to expect, from start to finish, the good and the bad. Our clients love it and I thought that you may as well.

 You see, we also work with hundreds of buyers as well and if you saw or knew what we see some sellers do or not do is amazing, and the unfortunate thing is, those sellers do not know they are not maximizing their sold price, their marketing and exposure of their home.

 This couple used our selling tips

   There are little subtle things that start to add up and if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your home to sell, not sell or unecessary problems that can occur!

 Before selling your home in London Ontario & area up for sale, learn how