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Why The Inside Scoop For Home Sellers?


         Put Your House In London Ontario Up For Sale & Feel Better About It

 Inside Scoop

 When thinking about putting your house on the market, there are little subtle things that start to add up and if not checked in time, can mean the difference between your asking price & actual sale price and how much longer it will take your house to sell, or not sell!

 Before putting your house in London Ontario up for sale, learn how to:

  • Dress Up Your House To Sell For More Without Costing You Much Money or None At All.

  • Price  it Correctly The First Time

  • ​How Not To Limit  Market Exposure


  • Who Are The 4 Types of Buyers?


  • ​Know The Difference Between Market Value & Perceived Value & What That Will Mean To Your Bottom Line

  • What Are Your Legal Obligations? To Your Lender?  To Your Family?

  • ​How The Overall Market  May Affect Your Home Sale – Positive or Negative?

  • Can Negotiating Skills Make a Difference In Your Sale?

  • How To Handle Buyers During a Showing To Help Yield The Highest Price.

  • ​When Are The Best Times To Have Buyers Go Through?

  • Will I Really Save Money If I Go With One Of Those Low Commission or No Commission Companies?

  • What Questions Should I Ask a Realtor?


   Getting a thorough understanding of these points will give you 100% confidence in your decision to sell your home, also, 100% confidence in your Realtor!

  Now, how would you feel?


Get The Inside Scoop For Home Sellers

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