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Want The Inside Scoop As a Home Buyer ?

 If you are thinking about buying a house in London Ontario or area, do you feel you know everything there is to know about buying one?

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 Or, were you going to just wing it or have just any  Realtor drive you around and then you buy one? Sounds foolish, doesn't it? Yet, what do most people do? Yes, you are right!


Inside Scoop As a Home Buyer London Ontario


 How much would you save in money, stress or issues if you knew about the following?


  • Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or simply tired of searching for London area real estate on MLS?

  • Missing out on homes several times or perhaps spent wasted money on home inspections or other services?

  • Confused by the asking price and the ending sales price?

  • You’re not sure which London neighborhoods may be the best for you?

  • Getting accurate advice & information for the buying process?

  • Four Fears Most Home Buyers Have & What To Do About It


  • Four Important Questions To Ask Your Mortgage Lender Before You Sign Anything.

Guide To Buying a House London Ontario


  • I’m The One Buying The House, Who Are All The Other People Who Get Involved And Why?


  • When I Go To Buy A House, How Can I Protect Myself? Before & After?


  • New or Resale, What You May Not Know.


  • Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Car or Furniture Right Before You Buy a House.


  • Five Strategies To Never Ever Overpay For a House.


  • Getting a Home Inspection For A House, Who Do I Get & Are They Any Good?


  • How Credit Reports And Credit Scoring Affects How Much House You’ll Be Able To Buy


  • What Pricing Strategies Are Sellers & Their Realtor Using To Get You To Buy?

stop wasting money


  • A Proven Way To Avoid Frustration When Looking For Houses in London Ontario & Area.


  • How Can I Remember Each House When I’ve Seen So Many?


  • Five Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor At Every House You Visit.


  • Six Things Most Builders Hope You NEVER Hear.


  • 8 Signs That Could Mean Expensive (Hidden) Trouble


  • Avoid Being Beaten Out By Other Buyers Who Want The Same House As You Do.


  • A No Fail Guide To Finding A Mover That Won’t Take You To The Cleaners.


  • Ways You Can Save Thousands of Dollars In Interest And Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Sooner.


  • Why Just Any Lawyer Will Not Do


  • How Important Is a House Appraisal? Why Do I Need One? Who Pays For It?


   As you can see, we do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to helping you BEFORE you buy a house. You should see what we do when we help buy one!.

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